GG.BET Becomes Official Betting Partner of Dota 2’s The International

Posted on September 2, 2022 - Last Updated on July 24, 2023

Today saw esports betting platform GG.BET making another groundbreaking announcement that it will be the official betting partner for several stages in this year’s The International esports tournament. It marks the first time that a betting company has sponsored the legendary Dota 2 pro gaming competition.

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The partnership between the GG.BET and PGL will see the betting company’s branding in place for the 2022 Regional Qualifier, the Last Chance Qualifier and the Group Stage. These stages run from 3 to 17 September, 8 to 12 October, and 15 to 18 October, respectively.

In addition to this, GG.BET will be creating exclusive content with a series of esports influencers and brand ambassadors in and around the main event itself. Alongside standard features like Dota 2 The International 2022 betting options, GG.BET will also be hosting extensive reviews, tips for the most hotly-anticipated matches, and no shortage of video exclusives. We can expect to see the generous The International-themed esports betting bonuses that we’re now accustomed to seeing from The International Official Betting Partner

GG.BET takes esports sponsorship up a gear

The GG.BET esports betting platform is already highly regarded among gamers, and it’s the brand’s close associations with pro gaming tournaments that have helped foster this belief. Over the past year, the betting company has formed partnerships with esports competitions ranging from the PGL Arlington 2022 contest and the PGL Antwerp 2022 tournament to the PGL Stockholm 2021 event.

But it’s not just esports tournaments that GG.BET is partnering up with. Recent years have also seen the brand sponsoring individual esports teams such as NAVI, as well as sponsoring streams and promoting influencers and casters.

However, the decision by GG.BET to actively sponsor a major tournament such as The International is a historic moment in the relationship between pro gaming and betting companies. The International is well-known as being the most lucrative esports tournament in the world, with its crowd-funded prize pool breaking the £38 million barrier in 2021.

How the partnership will raise GG.BET’s profile

GG.BET is primarily known as an esports betting platform. The brand has had to fight hard to counter traditional bookmakers from gaining a slice of the increasingly lucrative esports betting market. With GG.BET gaining a huge amount of exposure as a result of its partnership with PGL, it will certainly see an increase in the number of visitors it gets for Dota 2 betting and other esports bets.

In addition to this, GG.BET CEO, Dmitry Voshkarin, has stated that, ‘We will continue to organise unique shows, exciting contests, themed bonuses and prizes,’ in a bid to make the band much more attractive to those who have never bet on esports before.

With over 2.74 million concurrent viewers at peak viewership of last year’s The International, there is little doubt that the GG.BET branding will become much more visible. All of this means that there will be plenty more gamers who’ll be running to set up a GG.BET account over the next couple of months. Watch this space to see how 2022’s The International unfolds.

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