Miniminter Net Worth 2024: Revealing How Much Money He Makes and His Sources of Income

Published: Sep 23, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Miniminter is a famous British YouTuber and we’re here to show you what Miniminter net worth is. After all, he’s part of the Sidemen and so he is sure to have made a fair amount of money.

So we’ve given you a brief background into how Miniminter got his start in being a gaming celebrity and we’ve also taken the time to reveal a few different ways that he makes his cash. So keep reading to see what the Miniminter net worth is right now!

Net Worth$7 million
Real NameSimon Edward Minter
Date of Birth7 September 1992
Twitch Followers1.8 million
YouTube Subscribers10.1 million

Miniminter Net Worth

Who is Miniminter?

Miniminter was born under the name Simon Minter on 7 September in the English town Hemel Hempstead. He went to school alongside another famous YouTuber – KSI – and while they initially took a dislike to each other, they managed to overcome their differences, and they soon became friends.

While Miniminter went to university, he ended up dropping out at roughly a similar time to when he started posting his own YouTube videos. This featured Miniminter providing commentary for his own FIFA gaming alongside real-life football matches and other games like GTA V.

It was Miniminter’s challenges that really increased his fame with his crossbar challenge becoming hugely popular and boosting his subscriber count to over 150,000. This brought Miniminter to the attention of the Sidemen – one of the UK’s leading groups of YouTube content creators – and he even moved into the infamous Sidemen House.

While Miniminter has his background in gaming videos, he has branched out into other areas such as lifestyle, gameshows and the kind of reaction videos that have helped the Sssniperwolf net worth become so impressive.

How does Miniminter make money?

Miniminter has shown plenty of skill in turning his love for gaming and having fun into a full-time profession. So here’s a quick look at the main forms of revenue streams for this much-loved YouTuber.

YouTube streaming

Miniminter has racked up a staggering three billion video views since launching his YouTube account in 2008. With over 1,700 videos uploaded, he’s clearly realised that providing more content is a great way to boost his income. Obviously, this all comes from AdSense, which is there to monetise all of the content viewed on the streaming platform.

At the time of writing this guide, Miniminter was the 47th most subscribed YouTuber in the UK. Much of this is due to his involvement with the Sidemen, and it’s going to be interesting to see whether he can match the W2S net worth now that both of them aren’t working with the Sidemen so much.

However, Miniminter has clearly shown that he can be adept at creating entertaining content about pretty much anything. After all, he has featured videos about helium challenges, released diss tracks and even speculated about how his subscribers could spend $20,000 in a single minute. All of this shows that Miniminter shouldn’t have any problem maintaining those impressive YouTube streaming statistics.

miniminter net worth
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Other streaming royalties

While the bulk of Miniminter’s income looks like it comes from YouTube via AdSense, it’s important to note that he is busy on other platforms too. For example, Miniminter has well over a million followers on Twitch, so he’ll be earning plenty of money from his gaming streams and other things on that platform.

Plus, Miniminter has also spent time being a co-host on the What’s Good Podcast alongside his friend Randolph. While the content of these shows is pretty random, it should help bring in the revenues from podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify. All of which should help Miniminter diversify his revenue streams even further.

How has Miniminter spent his money?

With many millions at his disposal, Miniminter has had plenty of opportunities to flaunt his wealth. Much of this has been spent on fancy cars like a Range Rover Evoque and a Tesla Model X. However, Miniminter has also spent money on moving into an apartment in Centre Point tower in London, as well as hiring important crew members like Jordz to help make his vlogs.

Keep it here for more about the Miniminter net worth

By now, we can see that the immense Miniminter net worth has made sure that he is one of the highest-paid gamers in the world right now. Much of this is down to his infectious personality and his hugely entertaining videos on YouTube.

Thankfully Miniminter has shown the kind of enthusiasm and determination to make a fair amount of money from his vlogs. Now he’s entering his 30s, it’s going to be interesting to see what Miniminter does next. So watch this space to see whether the Miniminter net worth can get even bigger!

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What is Miniminter’s net worth?

Miniminter’s net worth was valued by multiple sources at around $35 million in 2023.

How much does Miniminter make in a year?

Based on available information, including his 10 million YouTube subscribers, Miniminter makes over $1 million in a year.

What is Miniminter’s real name?

Simon Minter, also known as Miniminter, is a British YouTuber, content creator, and entrepreneur. He’s a member of the Sidemen.
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