W2S Net Worth 2024: How Does W2S Make His Money and What Is His Current Net Worth?

Published: Feb 3, 2024

Everyone knows that W2S is one of the most outrageous YouTubers in the world. As such, you’ll probably want to know what the W2S net worth is. This is where we come in, as we’ve been analysing W2S’ dramatic career path over the past decade to see how he makes his money and how much cash he has. We can even show you how W2S spends his money while we are at it!

Above all, W2S is simply one of the new breeds of YouTubers who have somehow made a serious amount of money despite not doing much except messing around and carrying out pranks. We do not doubt W2S’ ability to play games like FIFA, it’s just that he seems to capture people’s attention with his hyperactive sense of humour. So how has W2S managed to do this? Join us as we take a close look at how the W2S net worth got to be so immense!

Net Worth$4.0 million
Real NameHarry Christopher George Lewis 
Date of Birth24 November 1996
Twitch Followers1.1 million
YouTube Subscribers16.3 million

W2S Net Worth

Who is W2S?

Considering the sheer size of the current W2S net worth, the guy had pretty humble beginnings. Born in Guernsey in 1996, few people would have imagined that Harry Lewis would eventually become one of the highest-paid gamers.

Growing up in the Channel Islands meant that W2S would be stuck with the ‘inbred’ image that still haunts him today. Thankfully, an early interest in gaming and football gave him an escape route from life on the islands. He first got into gaming because he got a Nintendo GameCube, and his footballing skills got him a call-up from Rangers – not the big Scottish football team.

In his early teens, Harry set up his own YouTube channel where he did various things like vlogging and playing instruments. However, when he combined gaming with humour, things took off. He created the ‘wroetoshaw’ channel as a tribute to his favourite football players – Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw – and eventually became known as W2S for carrying out a bunch of stunts such as promising to give away an iPad to any subscribers – even though the iPad wasn’t his.

From here, W2S became a part of the Sidemen. This is the UK-based group of YouTubers who’ve gained a following of over 130 million due to their anarchic sketches, challenges and video game commentaries. These have opened up the gateway to a very sizeable W2S net worth.

How does W2S make money?

Let’s just say that W2S doesn’t make his cash in the ways that lots of other famous gamers do. If you look at something like the Faker net worth, you’ll see that the money comes from winning pro gaming tournaments as well as lots of sponsorship deals. Similarly, the likes of PewDiePie have earned their wealth through being something of a global gaming celebrity.

Instead, the W2S net worth is similar to the Sssniperwolf net worth. This means creating an endless series of YouTube videos about having fun. Most of W2S’ antics are just too crazy to court any major sponsorship deals and his gaming is simply too erratic for him to be snapped up by any major pro gaming teams.

Because of this, we can see that W2S simply earns most of its cash through streaming revenues. While he does have a fair amount of content on Twitch, YouTube is W2S’ main source of income. W2S has been in the top 10 of the most popular UK YouTubers in the past decade, and while his output is relatively modest, his antics ensure that lots of people watch his videos.

W2s Worth Spent
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It’s thought that popular YouTubers will get paid around $7 for every 1,000 views they get on the streaming channel, and when you consider that W2S has already clocked up well over four billion views, it’s easy to see how he got to be so rich.

How is the W2S net worth spent?

Let’s just say houses and cars. W2S has already bought many properties everywhere, from Guernsey to London and his car collection is no less impressive. This has seen him buying a chrome-wrapped Range Rover, an Audi A4 and even Lamborghini Gallardo. Not bad for a kid from Guernsey!

Keep it here for more about the W2S net worth

It’s fair to say that W2S will keep growing and growing. So keep it here for more updates about how this chaotic YouTuber keeps adding to his astounding wealth!

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What is W2S’s net worth?

In 2024, W2S’s net worth is valued at around $4.0 million by multiple online sources.

What is W2S’s real name?

W2S’s real name is Harry Christopher George Lewis. He was born on November 24, 1996 and currently lives in London.

How much does W2s make in a year?

Guernsey YouTuber W2S, which stands for Wroetoshaw, earns an estimated salary of $1.5 million per year.
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