VanossGaming Net Worth 2023: Unveiling How VanossGaming Makes Money and His Current Net Worth

Published: Sep 24, 2022 - Last Updated: May 5, 2023

Everyone knows that VanossGaming is one of the biggest YouTubers in the business, but not everyone knows what VanossGaming net worth is. This is where we come in. We’ll show you how much money the Canadian gaming celebrity has made and even break down where he gets all of his cash from.

After all, the VanossGaming net worth is based on much more than just his YouTube videos. We’ve seen him become a successful music producer, and he’s even been a creative director for some interesting video game releases. So join us as we see how the VanossGaming net worth got to be so impressive!

Net Worth$25 million
Real NameEvan Fong
Date of Birth31 May 1992
Twitch Followers7,000
YouTube Subscribers25.7 million

vanossgaming net worth

Who is VanossGaming?

VanossGaming is a popular YouTuber who most people know from his videos, where he features montages of him playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. While VanossGaming is of Asian descent, he was actually born and raised as Evan Fong in Toronto, Canada.

Fong went to college to study economics but decided to drop out early to keep on creating content for his YouTube channel. By 2014, VanossGaming had already become hugely popular, surpassing 10 million subscribers. This was enough to get VanossGaming signed to Jetpak – a promising multichannel network, and he even won a bunch of awards for being such a pioneering and authentic voice in the world of video game commentary.

Most of VanossGaming’s videos feature him and some friends chatting and laughing over his gameplay for titles like GTA V or Call of Duty, but he has started to diversify his output in recent years. This includes some reaction videos to topical events like the Depp vs Heard trial case. All of this suggests that we’ll continue to see plenty more content from VanossGaming in the coming years.

How does VanossGaming make money?

Like most of the highest-paid gamers, VanossGaming doesn’t actually make the bulk of his cash from actually playing games. Instead, it’s how he delivers content around gaming that keeps the money coming in. Let’s take a closer look at how VanossGaming makes his cash!

YouTube revenues

VanossGaming is a massive YouTube star, and he was once the second highest paid creator on the channel. At the moment, VanossGaming is the fifth most popular YouTuber in the whole of Canada, and it’s thought that his AdSense revenues could bring him anywhere up to $1.7 million per year. All of this is made possible due to VanossGaming’s unshakeable ability to create endlessly-entertaining videos. We should note that VanossGaming is such a star on YouTube that he’s even got voiceover work for series like Paranormal Action Squad. So while VanossGaming seems like a laidback kind of guy, he is definitely working hard when it comes to bringing in the money.

Sponsorship deals

VanossGaming has used his star power to forge some pretty impressive sponsorship deals with major game developers like Ubisoft. Plus, it’s worth noting that games like Monster Legends have featured prominently in his videos. While the amount VanossGaming earns from such sponsorship deals is rarely revealed, it should help keep the money rolling in.

VanossGaming Make Money

Music Production

VanossGaming hasn’t yet won any Grammys, but he is a committed musician who has released many records. Most of these come under his DJ name Rynx, but he has also remixed plenty of work for other artists. All of which should keep the VanossGaming net worth topped up with streaming royalties.

Gaming ventures

Such is VanossGaming’s expertise that he has been consulted as a creative director for games like Dead Realm. While this game wasn’t a massive success, it has opened the door for VanossGaming to work on other computer-animated projects like Alpha Betas.


VanossGaming has its own merchandise store online where fans can buy a range of branded products like T-shirts, shorts, hats, posters and so on. So like Typical Gamer’s net worth is propped up by merch sales, the same is definitely true for VanossGaming.

Keep it here for more about the VanossGaming net worth

We’ve shown you that VanossGaming has made an impressive amount of money for just talking over videos of GTA V. While he is still some way off PewDiePie’s net worth, VanossGaming remains one of the biggest YouTubers in the world.

What’s best is that VanossGaming has successfully transferred his funny and laidback style to everything from reaction videos to music production. All of this means that the VanossGaming net worth will probably get even more vast in the future. So watch this space to see more about how VanossGaming makes his money!

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What is VanossGaming’s net worth?

Many online sources estimate VanossGaming’s net worth to be somewhere between $25 million, some goes as high as $50 million.

What is VanossGaming’s real name?

VanossGaming’s real name is Evan Fong. He’s half Korean and half Chinese, who’s currently based in LA, California.

When did Vanoss reach 1 million subscribers?

VanossGaming reached 1 million subscribers in 2013, 10 million in 2014, and 20 million in 2017.
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