TimTheTatman Net Worth 2024: How Much Does He Make Monthly?

Published: Mar 30, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

TimTheTatman has been in the streaming and gaming industry for many years and his less confrontational and more PG-rated approach to streaming has seen him become a favourite with many fans over the years and grow impressive net worth.

Originally, Tim Beter started gaming as a child, but after graduating, he started playing and streaming games alongside his job as a social worker to try and supplement his income. He played a variety of games online and his personality quickly saw him grow a decent sized fan base.

However, it was the boom of the game Fortnite in 2018 that changed TimTheTatman’s fortunes massively. He went from being a popular streamer to one of the best paid as he became one of the most popular streamers for the Battle Royale game, and as such the amount he started earning as his subscribers increased massively, also shot up. Currently, he is also considered one of the best Call of Duty streamers.

If you were betting on Twitch streamers to make the move to another channel, you’d probably not have TimTheTatman in the list of favourites, but in September 2021 he did just that, signing an lucrative exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming, which is where he now streams.


Net Worth:$8-$10 Million
Real Name:Timothy John Beter
Date of Birth:8th April 1990
Profession:Streamer/Gamer/Content Creator
Twitch Followers:7 million
YouTube Subscribers:4.91 million

What is TimTheTatman Net Worth Now?

TimTheTatman in room

Unlike many streamers and content creators, where the calculations for their net worth can vary tremendously from source-to-source, when it comes to a figure for TimTheTatman Net Worth, most sources tend to agree.

A generally good estimate is that TimTheTatman is now worth between $8 million and $10 million at present and that net worth is increasing as he grows in popularity on his streaming service and thanks to his new exclusivity deal with YouTube gaming, which he signed only back in September 2021.

Given the conformity across the different sources, it seems a solid bet that those figures are solid and certainly, when you add up how much he makes from sources that you can identify and get relatively accurate figures from, that value of between $8m and $10m seems to be about right.

How Does TimTheTatman Make Money?

TimTheTatman in Complexity

TimTheTatman makes his money each year ostensibly through streaming himself playing a wide variety of games. Over the years he has turned his hand to Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Fall Guys, Call of Duty: Warzone but in truth it is his gaming exploits when playing Fortnite from 2018 that first really saw him explode onto the scene.

His friendly, non-confrontational style has seen him become one of the most popular Twitch and YouTube streamers, although his time on Twitch came to an end in September 2021 when he revealed he was making the switch to YouTube Gaming (a deal which will have certainly seen him earn a large amount of money, especially when you consider he was one of the highest paid Twitch streamers at the time).

A member of Complexity Gaming, TimTheTatman could also generate further income from his tournament performances, but he isn’t one of the highest paid gamers in terms of tournament winnings and it is his streaming that is the primary source of his net worth.


TimTheTatman on stream

A great proportion of TimTheTatman’s net worth is generated through his streaming. His popularity makes him one of the most popular streamers to watch for a number of games and he now has millons of followers across different streaming platforms, although he now streams on YouTube Gaming thanks to an exclusive deal he signed with the provider back in September 2021.


As is the case with most streamers, TimTheTatman will also receive a number of donations from his fans and subscribers which will convert into a nice cash amount at the end of each month. The amount he receives from donations will be relatively small in comparison to his monthly earnings from streaming or sponsorship, but it will still run to thousands of dollars.


When considering what an accurate TimTheTatman net worth would be, a significant proportion of that has to come from advertising revenue. With over 40 million views every month at present, an average of over 1.3 million per day, that means TimTheTatman pockets over $50,000 per month from YouTube advertising alone.

However, with a significant presence on Twitch, plus his new deal with YouTube Gaming and his channel there, the likelihood is that TimTheTatman will earn more than that from advertising on his channels alone.


TimTheTatman’s popularity and his child-friendly style of streaming has certainly made him a darling with sponsors and over the years, he has earned a considerable amount from sponsorship deals with a huge variety of companies.

This includes lucrative deals with HyperX, MLB-Twitch, HermanMiller, Chipotle, SourPatchKids, Bud Light, LG and Razer to name but a few.

Quite how much TimTheTatman earns from these sponsorship deals is hard to ascertain, much depends on the length of the deal, but it is not unusual for a streamer or gamer’s yearly income see a huge contribution come from sponsorship deals.


TimTheTatman also has a merchandising line available through his website which will generate him additional income each month.

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What is TimTheTatman’s net worth?

Based on his success as a streamer, YouTuber, and content creator, many estimate TimTheTatman’s networth to be around $9,000,000.

How much does TimTheTatman earn a month?

TimTheTatman’s monthly earnings range from $50,000 to $80,000 through subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and advertisements.

How many subscribers does TimTheTatman have?

In 2023, TimTheTatman had 7 million followers on Twitch and close to 5 million subscribers on YouTube.


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