CarryMinati Net Worth: Uncovering Ajey Nagar’s Earnings and Sources of Income

Published: Sep 16, 2022 - Last Updated: May 8, 2023

Everyone will want to know what the CarryMinati net worth is. After all, this Indian YouTuber has raised the game of roasting, and his comedic skills have earned him millions of followers. So we’ve created this resource where you can check in to see what the CarryMinati net worth is right now and see he’s still on his way to becoming a titan of modern-day streaming.

Chances are that you’ll know all about CarryMinati thanks to his massively successful YouTube vs TikTok – The End video. However, there’s much more to this guy than just his comedic skits. So join us to get the answer to that question of, ‘How much does Ajey Nagar earn?’ once and for all!


Net Worth$4 million
Real NameAjey Nagar
Date of Birth12 June 1999
Twitch Followers826
YouTube Subscribers38.4 million

Carryminati Net Worth

Who is CarryMinati?

So, CarryMinati is actually a guy called Ajer Nagar, who was born in Faridabad, India, on 12 June 1999. He began posting his videos on YouTube as early as when he was just 10 years old and this mostly involved him uploading his recorded video game footage with his commentary over the top.

As time went on, Nagar’s videos got ever more outrageous, and he quickly gained attention for his mimicking of famous Indian actors like Sunny Deol. Millions of followers would watch the newly-christened YouTube channel, CarryMinati, as the streamer would post videos of him playing Counter-Strike and roasting other gamers.

Such was CarryMinati’s success that he added another YouTube channel called CarryIsLive that featured live streams of his gaming. However, his YouTube video of May 2020 called ‘YouTube vs TikTok – The End’ really brought him to global attention. While the video was removed because of homophobic language, it helped make CarryMinati one of the world’s most famous streamers.

From here, CarryMinati has gone on to be profiled by influential magazines like Time and Forbes and even made cameos in hit movies like Runway 34. All of this shows exactly why so many people want to know what the CarryMinati net worth is. So take a look below to see exactly how this streamer makes his money.

How does CarryMinati make money?

We’re always fascinated to see how these gaming celebrities make their money. After all, how the SSSniperWolf net worth is created is very different to the Faze Rug net worth. This isn’t massively surprising seeing as the pro gaming phenomenon is still relatively young, and there are new avenues of revenue being opened up all of the time.

So while CarryMinati may on the surface have started out like any other gamer, he has managed to monetise his gaming skills and personality through some pretty innovative ways. Here’s a quick look at how CarryMinati makes his money:

Streaming royalties

With millions of followers on YouTube, it’s fair to say that CarryMinati earned quite a lot of streaming royalties. Such an income has only grown as CarryMinati has boosted his public profile. The fact that the streamer has recently interviewed famous actors such as Tom Cruise, Henry Cavil and Tessa Thompson is going to do no harm in terms of his viewing figures.

Performance revenues

CarryMinati has shown himself to be much more than just another gamer. As well to his formidable comedic talents, CarryMinati has released hit music videos such as Yalgaar which has already garnered over 280 million plays on YouTube. Obviously, such musical successes will add to his revenue streams in the form of publishing royalties.

As well as this, it looks like CarryMinati is set to forge himself a career in the world of acting. Recent reports suggest that the streamer will make his acting debut in one of Ajay Devgn’s next films, and so CarryMinati could easily become the next star of Bollywood.

Sponsorship money

Like most of the other highest paid gamers, CarryMinati makes a significant proportion of his income from sponsorship deals. There have been many of these over the past few years including a particularly lucrative partnership with Arctic Fox, with whom he promoted the so-called ‘Gamer Backpack’.

How Much Does Ajey Nagar Earn

How does CarryMinati spend his money?

Now that we’ve established the basic CarryMinati net worth, it’s time to think about how this YouTuber spends his cash. Well, like most celebrity gamers, CarryMinati hasn’t been shy about throwing his money around on some pretty expensive automobiles. After all, he recently spent a lot of cash on a deluxe Toyota Fortuner car. CarryMinati has also been careful to invest in a number of sizable properties across India, including his new luxury family home in Faridabad, Haryana.

Not that it’s all about the bling. This is because CarryMinati has carefully put aside some of his vast wealth for various charity endeavours. These include some specially-organised live streams that raise funds for victims of cyclone Fani and the devastating flooding that hit Assam and Bihar in 2020.

 Keep it here to find out the latest CarryMinati net worth

It’s no surprise to find that CarryMinati earns a massive amount of money. After all, this streamer is still the number one YouTuber in the whole of Asia, and he’s revealed that he’s also pretty good at everything from rapping to acting and beyond.

So can CarryMinati sustain this incredible run of success? There’s no doubt that the global infamy of his ‘YouTube vs TikTok – The End’ video was a bit of a one-off, and lots of people will be curious to see whether he can repeat this success.

Obviously, controversy is never bad for a public profile, and the PewDiePie net worth wasn’t exactly harmed when that YouTuber hit the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. So we’re going to keep following CarryMinati’s career to see whether his relatively new-found respectability as an actor helps or hinders his financial profile. All of this means that you should definitely watch this space to find out the latest CarryMinati net worth!

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What is CarryMinati’s net worth?

CarryMinati is estimated to be worth around $4-5 million dollars, with some sources going as high as $10 million.

How much does CarryMinati earn a month?

With 39 million subscribers on YouTube, many estimate CarryMinati’s monthly income on the platform to be around $20,000 to $50,000.

Is CarryMinati a billionaire?

While he is a very successful and popular YouTuber, CarryMinati is not a billionaire based on available information and estimates.


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