Thunderpick Races Guide: How to Win Thunderpick Races


On this page, read about the Thunderpick Races – discover what these races are, how you can compete in them, and what kinds of prizes you can win.

We will even give you some handy tips so that you can get a better chance of winning a slice of that daily prize pool. All you need to take advantage of the Thunderpick Races.

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Thunderpick Races: The Basics

thunderpick races

  • Races are a daily competition that takes place on the Thunderpick crypto gambling site.
  • Here you take part in the daily race where you compete with other players to win a share of the prize pool.

You can take part by betting on esports or sports or even playing casino games.

  • Each wager you put down will earn you Race Points.
  • If you finish the day as one of the top 150 players, you could get rewards with a slice of a $3,000 prize pool.
  • Simply put, the more you play each day, the more you can win in cash prizes from Thunderpick.

Acquiring Race Points

  • You’ll only get your cash prizes if you manage to accumulate enough Race Points from your gameplay.
  • Thunderpick uses the following kind of formulas to calculate how many Race Points you’ll receive from your wagering:
CategoryCalculation & ModifierExample
Esports & Sports BettingYou will get Race Points determined by your wager amount multiplied by the odds multiplied by the category modifier:

  • Pre-match betting: 0.4

  • Live betting: 0.3

  • Combo betting: 0.65

If you wagered $10 on live CS2 odds at 2.50, you’d receive 7.50 Race Points.

However, if you wagered $10 on pre-match CS odds at odds of 2.50, you would get 10 Race Points.
Casino Gaming
This works the same way as the Esports and Sports Betting category only that your Race Points will simply be your wager amount multiplied by the category modifiers listed in the next column.

  • Thunder Spin: 0.22

  • Thunder Crash: 0.15

  • Slots: 0.05

  • Blackjack: 0.01

  • Poker: 0.05

  • Roulette: 0.01

  • Craps: 0.05

  • Lottery: 0.1

  • Cards: 0.03

  • Casual: 0.12

  • Live game: 0.1

  • Baccarat: 0.01

  • Bingo: 0.05

  • Game show: 0.05

  • Other: 0.05

If you wagered $10 on slot games, you would receive 0.5 Race Points.

However, if you wagered $10 on roulette, you would only receive 0.1 Race Points.

How to Play Thunderpick Races

It’s so easy to take part in the Races competition at Thunderpick.

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do:

  1. Login to your Thunderpick account and navigate to the Races page.
  2. Click on Start Betting to join the race.
  3. Now just bet on sports and esports or play casino games and watch your Race Points accumulate.
  4. You can check on your progress on the Races page where the ranking of the top players will be updated every five minutes. Keep your eye on the time counter that displays how long is left to the end of the race
  5. At the end of the day, the results of the race will be revealed on the Races page.
  6. If you are among the top 150 players, you’ll get your prizes sent as a cash bonus that must be claimed within seven days.

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Key Restrictions on Playing Thunderpick Races

While Thunderpick is pretty generous in how you can enjoy its Races competition, there are some of the following key limitations to understand:

  • Availability: Obviously, you will only be able to play in the Races if you have a Thunderpick account, and you will also need to have made a deposit.
  • Odds requirement: Only sports and esports bets on odds of 1.30 will contribute towards this Races competition. Plus you should know that if you wager on odds of over 20.00, the odds will be capped at 20.00 as part of the race points formula calculation.
  • Minimum risk wagering is now allowed: For example, you can’t play red and black at the same time on roulette and get points for the competition.
  • Bonuses: Any wagering made with bonus funds won’t earn you Race Points. Definitely something worth thinking about if you picked up any promo credit as part of the Thunderpick VIP club.

thunderpick race competition

Check Back for More About Thunderpick Races

This guide has found that Thunderpick Races are yet another excellent competition on the hugely popular crypto gambling platform.

If you’ve read our Thunderpick review, you will know that this brand is no stranger to putting on some excellent promos, and we love the simplicity of Races.

So make sure that you sign up to Thunderpick, start playing and then see if you can win a cash prize.

Open a Thunderpick account and claim your bonus
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