Is CSGO Dying?

The Truth in 2023


CSGO was first released way back in 2012, and in the last decade, it has arguably become the leading esports game. However, in the last ten-or-so years, the game has remained relatively the same, boasting an ‘if-it-ain’t-broke’ ecosystem that doesn’t necessarily need to be changed. If we look at the lifecycle of games, it stands to reason that, by now, the player base would have started to move on, but CSGO seems to still be a popular title. Now, we’re looking at the game in 2023 and asking the question, is CSGO dying?

Traditionally, a new video game will be announced, released, updated, and then eventually, it’ll die out or be replaced by another game in the series. However, despite existing for more than ten years, CSGO has never received a follow-up title or even any dramatic changes. We’ve seen updates and fresh content, along with countless esports tournaments and skin packs, but fundamentally, it’s still the same game.

It’s time to get into the statistics, facts, and figures, and see exactly where CSGO is in 2023. And, through this discussion, we’ll definitively answer the question, is CSGO dying?

Is CSGO Dying?

Will CSGO Ever Die?

Let’s be honest for a moment – CSGO has created a remarkable legacy over the past decade. It has been the leading esports game for many years, and it has given way to the creation of a ‘skins market’ worth billions of dollars. It’s one of the most betted on esports games in history, and the tournaments within its ecosystem are quite simply legendary. It’s a hugely valuable platform that has given rise to some of the most recognisable esports competitors ever.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of the industry you look at – CSGO arguably tops or ranks highly in every respect. For instance, CSGO betting, which has infiltrated almost every betting platform on the internet. There is a huge and ongoing scrabble to sponsor CSGO organisations, and merchandise sales in the CSGO world top almost every other esports title out there. There’s such a strong performance on all fronts that it might seem silly to ask if CSGO is dead in 2023.

But will CSGO ever die?

Firstly, we took a look at, an aggregate platform that offers player information for any game hosted on Steam. At the time of writing this article, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is sitting pretty in the number one spot, effortlessly beating down some of the biggest and most popular games in the world. If we access historical data, we can see that CSGO hit an all-time high peak concurrent player count in April of 2020, and since then, it has remained relatively consistent.

is csgo dying steamcharts
Image Credit: SteamCharts

Furthermore, CSGO’s peak concurrent player count in September 2022 was the highest it has been since April 2021 at a whopping 1,100,366 players. That certainly isn’t the performance of a game that could be considered to be dying. By sheer numbers alone, CSGO is the most popular game in the world at the moment.

Was CSGO Player Count Rising or Falling in 2022?

As we approached the end of 2022, it seemed that CSGO was getting increasingly popular. Taking data from the popular statistics platform, Statista, we can see that CSGO has experienced a pattern of substantial growth between 2021 and 2022. While there was a mid-year dip, the figures were once again on the rise, bolstered by some extremely popular esports tournaments that typically take place through mid-to late-summer.

csgo is dying statista
Image Credit: Statista

There’s no way CSGO is dying at the moment – there are simply too many players for that concept even to be considered factual. Clearly, the stats above show a growing CSGO player count in 2022.

Are CSGO Esports Still Popular?

CSGO’s esports scene has been a leading driver of the industry for many years. It has essentially worked to lay the foundation that many other platforms have grown from, and even today, a decade after launch, it remains the most popular esports game in the world. There’s very little direct competition to CSGO, aside from VALORANT, which was first introduced in 2020. This is essentially a carbon copy of CSGO, but it’s a hero shooter as opposed to a standard FPS title, and it boasts bright colours and more diverse mechanics.

Many people have found themselves asking recently, will VALORANT kill CSGO, but we’ll answer that in a moment.

As we’re talking about the esports industry, we’ve pulled data from, a one-stop shop for esports data and statistics. According to this platform, CSGO is the all-time 2nd-place title for total prize money, and it’s also in 2nd-place for the number of tournaments overall. In terms of peak viewership, CSGO comes in 5th, having secured 2.7m views during the PGL Major Stockholm in 2021. There’s still a huge amount of popularity and power behind the average CSGO tournament.

If we look at to gauge social performance, we can see that CSGO is still performing incredibly well on Twitch. This is where almost all CSGO esports are broadcasted, and millions of users tune into the action on a regular basis. At the time of writing this article, CSGO is the 7th most popular title on Twitch, up from its 12th-place position when we checked its performance one year ago.

It’s still an insanely popular game for both viewers and players, further suggesting that, no, CSGO is not dying.

csgo dying twitch
Image Credit: TwitchTracker

What’s The Verdict? Is CSGO Dying?

There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that, right now, CSGO is dying. There are incredibly strong numbers coming out of the CSGO scene, and across all aspects of the esports industry, it’s one of the most popular games to exist. There’s a reason why some of the best CSGO teams in the world are some of the richest gaming organisations on the planet, after all. Ultimately, CSGO has a dramatically loyal fanbase, a thriving esports betting landscape, and almost no competition.

At the moment, there’s nothing to suggest that CSGO will slow down anytime soon. In fact, it appears to just be getting stronger with time…