Dota 2 The International Standings 2022


In October 2022, The International 11 will get underway. The Last Chance Qualifiers will start on October 8th. This means that you’ll be able to view the official Dota 2 TI standings for the main event as it unfolds.  

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But why are standings important? What impact can they have on you, the fans? Here, you can find a full breakdown of how checking out the standings can impact your experience. Historically speaking, the mid-tournament standings can help predict where teams will fall in the final, so it’s worth your time to take a look.

What are standings in Dota 2 The International?

When we talk about Dota 2 TI standings, we mean the listings that compare each of the teams and their positions in the tournament in order of how many series they have won, lost and drawn. The purpose of this is to show how successful (or not as the case may be!) a team is in the tournament. 

At Dota 2’s The International 2022, the standings usually appear differently depending on where the tournament currently is. In the group stage, the 20 teams are split into two. The top 8 teams will then advance into the upper bracket for the playoffs, whereas the middle 8 will have to fight it out in the lower bracket. The bottom 4 teams will be eliminated completely from the tournament.

dota 2 the international standings
Image credit: Valve

Group stage standings

During the group stage, the standings are displayed in a simple table format. This is usually followed by three numbers in a 0-0-0 format.

  • The first number shows the number of match wins.
  • The second number shows the number of draws.
  • The third number shows the number of losses.

It should go without saying that wins are worth more points than draws. 

Playoffs stage standings

In the playoffs, however, the standings are displayed as brackets. This way, you can see which teams played, the score and who moved on to the next tournament stage.

The International 11 2022: Something new

This year, TI is in its 11th iteration. After a disappointing number of tournament cancellations over the last couple of years, this will be the first International since 2019 where crowds will be able to watch the event live from the stadium in Singapore, and the Dota 2 The International standings will be there to help you keep up! 

Valve is seemingly mixing things up a little this year, too, as 20 teams will be competing, compared with just 18 in the last few renditions. Only 2 spaces were left to earn with the Last Chance Qualifiers, and two teams from each region will be fighting it out.

With the return of reigning champions Team Spirit and Dota 2 TI teams OG and PSG.LGD, the competition is sure to heat up really soon. However, some new teams are looking to make their first appearance, much like Team Spirit was in 2021. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the Dota 2 TI standings!

dota 2 ti standings team spirit
Image credit: The International via Twitter

History of TI: The biggest tournament in esports

Dota is one of the most popular esports out there. It might not have the highest viewing numbers, but it’s really up there! Dota 2’s The International standings have always played a key role in fans being able to track the success of their favorite teams. 

Traditionally, the tournament has a group stage, which takes the form of a single round robin followed by the playoffs as a double elimination bracket. The top teams from each group advance through the upper bracket, giving them a small amount of protection from elimination. 

Checking out the previous winners, it seems like we’re in for another EU champion. However, this may be the year that Dota 2 TI favorites PSG.LGD don’t choke heading into the final! 

Prize pools: Another esports record

For the competing teams, it’s not just about raising the Aegis in victory at the end of the tournament. The prize pools play a significant role in helping squads that top the Dota 2 TI standings advance their roster to the next year. 

Although it is rumored that this year’s pool will be a little smaller than the last few years, don’t let that fool you. It certainly isn’t sustainable for the Dota 2 TI prize pool to grow every year and last year’s $40 million pool holds the record for the largest in esports history. The prize pool comes from Valve and money earned through the battle pass. This year, the pass is 19 weeks long, much more than any previous ones! 

TI10 Finals Standings: Eastern EU underdogs took the crown

2021’s TI played out like a rom-com. Team Spirit, an almost unknown Eastern EU team beat China’s largest org PSG.LGD in a nail-biting best-of-5 series that went to the very last game. It was such a turn-up that Dota 2 The International standings were the only thing that convinced many people that it was real!

Here are the top 5 teams:

TeamFinal StandingsPrize Pool Share
Team Spirit1st$18,208,300
Team Secret3rd$3,601,600
Invictus Gaming4th$2,401,100

It was a huge disappointment for OG fans hoping that the only two-time champions would end up with a “three-peat”. However, after the 2020 cancellation and another year of hard boot camping, it wasn’t meant to be. 

TI9 Final Standings: One for the books

TI9 was one of those tournaments that went down in esports history. That year was, and remains, the only year that a team has taken home the Aegis twice, let alone consecutively. OG stormed through the upper bracket and took a 3-1 series against Team Liquid. This is why keeping your eye on the Dota 2 TI standings can make such a difference – they predicted OG’s victory from the outset! 

TeamFinal StandingsPrize Pool Share
Team Liquid2nd$4,462,908
Team Secret4th$2,059,804

Standings: A great place to monitor outcomes

As we head into TI season, it will be impossible to watch every single game, not least because a lot of them happen simultaneously during the group stage. Checking the Dota 2 TI standings is a great way to keep up to date with the outcomes of every series. 

Knowing how Dota 2 TI betting odds work can only serve to enhance the experience too. If you’ve ever thought about betting on esports, now’s a great time to start.