Dota 2 TI Schedule Explained: The International Stages & Dates


Welcome to our guide to the Dota 2 TI schedule! While this is one of the world’s biggest esports tournaments, the schedule isn’t as easy to follow as you may need it to be. 

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This is why we’ve created this useful resource that is designed to simply show you the basics of the TI11 schedule. Knowing which dates to put on your calendar and which games to bet on can really up your game. So keep reading to find out all about it!

TI11 Schedule Overview

We realize that the schedule for The International contains a lot of information. So here’s a quick overview of the key dates of this epic esports tournament:

8th - 12th OctoberLast Chance Qualifiers
15th - 18th OctoberGroup Stage
20th-23rd and 29th-30th OctoberMain Event

The basics of Dota 2 The International schedule

So you’ll probably already know that The International is the pinnacle of Dota 2 pro gaming. It’s a massive tournament that is organized by Valve and PGL, and it usually takes place each year. 

This year sees Dota 2 TI 2022 taking place in Singapore, spread across two venues. The Dota 2 TI dates run from 15th to 30th October 2022. It is the eleventh edition of the tournament, and it marks the first time that The International will be held in Singapore. The playoffs will be staged at the Suntec Singapore stadium before the finals weekend takes place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The Dota 2 The International schedule is packed full of games between 20 competing teams from all over the world. They will go head to head in different parts of the Dota 2 TI schedule, including a round-robin group stage and the double-elimination playoffs.

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How the Dota 2 TI schedule works for 2022

The schedule is actually just the end of many months of gaming that make up the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). Here, it follows a similar format to previous editions of the contest where teams are awarded points based on their performances in the various Majors and regional leagues. By picking up enough points, the teams will get to feature in the Dota 2 TI standings and compete for the Aegis of Champions. 

This year marks a slight difference to previous incarnations of The International. This is because the second and third placed teams from the qualifiers of each region will get to compete against each other in a Last Chance Qualifier. This will be used to decide the final two qualifying spots – bumping up the overall number of teams from 18 to 20.

dota 2 ti schedule

Who takes part in the Dota 2 TI schedule?

We’ve already noted that this year’s The International features 20 teams. Of these, 12 teams have already qualified through the DPC leaghues. Here are the 12 invited teams who have already booked their place at this year’s The International:

  • OG
  • Team Spirit
  • Beastcoast
  • Team Aster
  • Thunder Awaken
  • BOOM Esports
  • TSM
  • Tundra Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Fnatic 

Following this, there are a further six teams who made it through the Regional Qualifiers. This means that only one extra team will appear in the Dota 2 TI schedule from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South American, China and Southeast Asia. Here are the regional qualified teams for this year’s The International:

  • Soniqs (North America) 
  • Hokori (South America)
  • Entity (Western Europe)
  • BetBoom (Eastern Europe)
  • Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Talon Esports (Southeast Asia).

Finally, there is the Last Chance Qualifier which effectively acts as a wildcard giving just two more teams their chance to aim for Dota 2 glory. These games take place from the 8th-12th October. At the time of writing, the teams competing in the Last Chance Qualifier are:

Group AGroup B
Natus Vincere (NaVi)Infamous
Polaris EsportsTeam Liquid
Tempest Wildcard Gaming
Vici GamingXtreme Gaming

Group Stage: Where the Dota 2 TI games really get going

The International really kicks off with the Group Stage that runs from the 15th to 18th October. This features all of the 20 teams, who are divided into two groups of ten teams each. It follows a single round-robin format where each team has to play the other just once. 

Once all of the games have been played, the highest-placed teams in each group will go through to the Upper Bracket in the Main Event.

The Main Event of The International

Now things will be getting really interesting. This is because the Main Event sees the competition getting ever more intense as the competing teams are whittled down to the best-performing 16 teams. Here, the Main Event matches will be held in two bursts that take place between 20th and 23rd October and 29th and 30th October.

The sixteen teams are divided into two Dota 2 TI brackets. This means that there will be the eight best-performing teams fighting it out in the Upper Bracket, and the eight remaining teams aiming for survival in the Lower Bracket. 

Each bracket features a double elimination round which runs in a way similar to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final of something like the football World Cup. The only difference here is that there is a Grand Final at the end, where the winner of the Upper Bracket takes on the winner of the Lower Bracket. Just so you know, while the Grand Final is a best-of-five game, all of the other games in the Main Event are best-of-three.

Which Dota 2 TI games should you be betting on?

There are literally dozens of thrilling Dota 2 matches to look forward to in The International. From the opening games of the Last Chance Qualifier all the way up to the Grand Final itself, you’re always sure to get plenty of Dota 2 TI betting entertainment. However, there are always a few games that will raise the adrenaline levels even further. Here’s a quick overview of the key games to look out for:

  1. Opening Last Chance Qualifiers: This year we see the first-ever Last Chance Qualifiers kicking off on 8th October. While it won’t be the start of The International proper, it promises to give us a taste of the gameplay we can expect to get. Key games to look out for include fascinating open-day bouts between T1 and Liquid, NaVi and Polaris, as well as what’s expected to be a brutal encounter between Xtreme and Liquid. All of which should give us a good idea of who could make it through to the Group Stage.
  2. Last games of the Last Chance Qualifiers: This is where each team gets their very last chance to stake their claim to feature in the Group Stages. As such, we can expect games like those between Secret and Polaris, TI and VP, and Tempest and Nouns to throw up plenty of fireworks.
  3. Crunch games in the Group Stage: It’s too early to know who is going to be in the two groups that make up the Group Stage, but we’re expecting to see plenty of fascinating encounters here. While most of the TI11 betting odds will be on the likes of PSG.LGD and OG to make light work of the Group Stage, it should give underrated teams like Fnatic and Evil Geniuses a real chance to cause an upset. A great way to take advantage of some unexpectedly long odds!
  4. All to play for in the Group Stage: It’s those final games in the Group Stage where we could see tempers really starting to fray. This is where some of those surefire favorites may find that they are suddenly falling short and have to throw everything at their opponent. Keep your eye on how last year’s winners, Team Spirit, are doing in the final game of the Group Stage as things could get very interesting!
  5. Every game in the Main Event: Let’s face it, few things are more interesting that betting on Dota 2 The International live in the Main Event. After all, these are all elimination games, which means that each team has to win their best-of-three series. Otherwise, they’ll be thrown out of the tournament. Can Gaimin Gladiators prove the doubters wrong and make it to the Grand Final? Will Beastcoast make good on their promise to be this year’s ‘dark horses’? Only one way to find out and that’s to watch the Main Event of this year’s The International!
  6. The Grand Final: OK, now things get really serious. The Grand Final is where the winning teams from the Upper and Lower Brackets go head to head in a best-of-five game to decide who earns eternal Dota 2 glory. The past few years have seen some truly epic Grand Finals with Team Spirit, OG and Team Liquid all putting in some legendary performances. We’re pretty sure that this year’s Grand Final is going to go one better – particularly as there’s expected to be a prize pool of over $30 million up for grabs!

Making a TI11 schedule for your betting

Having a decent schedule for The International isn’t just good for your viewing entertainment, as it’s also essential to get organized when it comes to betting on this legendary esports tournament. Here are just a few reasons why our schedule can work wonders with your Dota 2 bets:

  • Budget your bets: If you’re anything like us, you’ll be planning on putting down bets all the way through The International. This is why it’s smart to take a good look at our schedule and plan how much of your budget you’re expecting to wager on each game. This way, you will be able to survive the occasional losing bet and still have some of your budget left by the time the grand final rolls around.
  • Know which bonuses to get: Lots of betting sites have bonuses that you’ll be able to use for betting on The International. However, it’s important to note that most betting bonuses have time limits that can last anywhere between 24 hours and a couple of months. So make sure to check our schedule to ensure that the bonus that you’re thinking of getting doesn’t expire before you get chance to use it.
  • Research your teams: It’s fair to say that not every Dota 2 team has got an equally easy path to the Grand Final. After all, those teams in the Last Chance Qualifiers have way more games to play than those teams who’ve automatically earned their places in the Group Stages. Plus, some groups and brackets may be easier than others. So do some research into the fixtures that each team has got lined up in the schedule to see who has the best chance of going all the way.

Your guide to the Dota 2 The International schedule

We hope that we’ve helped you make some sense of the slightly complicated Dota 2 TI schedule. No one is going to expect you to keep all of the dates in your head, and so it’s probably a good idea to bookmark this page. 

Doing so would mean that you’re always within easy reach of the T11 schedule so that you don’t miss out on the biggest Dota 2 TI games. Plus, there’s nothing like a good Dota 2 TI schedule to help you plan your esports bets more methodically. So keep it here to get the latest updates on the Dota 2 The International schedule.