Will We Ever See Fortnite And Epic Games Stocks Traded Publicly?

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Published: Mar 2, 2021 - Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

Well, no but you could potentially purchase Epic Games stocks if the company was publicly traded. However, there is no way you can track the latest Epic Games share price as the company is privately owned.

If you are someone looking for the top 5 sports and esports gambling stocks to bet on or you are interested in investing in esports and esports ETFs then it may not all be bad news for you. Recent developments have made potential investors wonder whether Epic Games stocks could be made available in the future.

Will Epic Games publicly trade? We don’t know for sure, but let’s take a closer look at the company behind arguably the most successful esport of recent times.

Epic Games

There is a reason why there are no Epic Games stocks and his name is Tim Sweeney. He founded Epic Games in 1991 in Cary, North Carolina and since then, the company has gone on to create more than 50 games, as well as a number of game development technologies, including the Unreal Engine.

However, it was their creation of the smash-hit success Fortnite that really brought the company to the attention of potential investors. The game proved immensely popular upon release and now boasts over 350 million registered users worldwide making it one of the top ten most popular games in the world today.

While Mr. Sweeney holds over 50% and the controlling interest in the company, he has sold 40% of that company to Chinese company Tencent Holdings. The largest video game company in the world acquired their interest back in 2012.

A number of other smaller investors have an interest in the company including Smash Ventures, Fidelity, Baillie Gifford, and Blackrock.

In its last funding round back in August 2020, the company was valued at $17.3 billion. Little wonder then that so many investors are keen to get their hands on some Epic Games stocks.

Earlier this year, those hopes for Epic Games stocks seemed to be a little closer with the news that the company had hired an investor relations specialist, with the potential for Epic Games to go public. While Epic Games moved to dampen down speculation on that a short time later, issuing a statement, investors are keenly watching for any signs of a forthcoming IPO or SPAC.

You can be sure that as soon as news of any potential Epic Games stocks are released, interest in acquiring them is going to be huge.


The hugely popular Fortnite has been a smash-hit success with gamers and has driven Epic Games to the next level within the gaming industry. Its famous Battle Royale mode features up to 100 players simultaneously and is the crown jewel of the game as well as being played most often.

Played across different formats, the game has been a smash hit success and features its own in-game currency V-bucks which can be used to buy a host of different items within the game.

How To Make Money With Fortnite

Betting on Fortnite

If you are a fan of watching Fortnite streams or playing the game, then the good news is that there are a number of esports betting sites that allow you to make bets on many of the top Fortnite tournaments and competitions that are now organised across the globe.

Enjoying Fortnite betting while watching the live stream of the action unfold is arguably one of the more enjoyable ways to try and make a bit of money while tuning in to your favorite stream.

Make your own Fortnite Streaming Channel

There is no doubt that Live Streaming is a huge industry nowadays with some of the biggest and best live streamers making six, seven or even eight figure salaries from their channels alone. With Fortnite being such a popular game with players and viewers, developing a popular live stream is another option.

Of course, that is easier said than done. With millions of streamers out there, you will need something innovative, unusual and eye-catching to make your mark with the Fortnite community. However, if you can achieve that and your stream starts to catch on, as the numbers of viewers and subscribers grow, so will the value of your stream and your potential earnings from it.

Invest in Fortnite-related stocks

While Epic Games is a privately owned company, China’s Tencent Holdings holds a 40% share of Epic Gaming and you can invest your money in this company through stocks and shares.

Another option for those with an interest in the stock market is the famous Japanese toy company Funko inc. The company, which sells a range of collectible items signed a deal back in July to produce a number of Fortnite-branded toys and collectibles.

Epic Games stocks may not be available, but some of the items you need to play their most famous game are developed by publicly traded companies. Turtle Beat Corp. are makers of high-quality headsets and they are commonly used by top Fortnite players when playing the game to gain an insight into the position of other players.

Good quality graphics cards will make the Fortnite experience all the more enjoyable and NVIDIA Corporation are another possibility when it comes to investment.


While there are no Epic Games stocks available at the moment, that doesn’t mean that the creators of Fortnite may not opt to go public in the future. However, given the rude state of health the company is in currently, there is no pressure on Epic Games to go public just yet.

But that does not mean that they will not look to do so in the future.



No, Fortnite, nor its parent company Epic Games, do not have stocks available for purchase at this present time.

Is Epic Games publicly traded?

No, at the moment Epic Games is a privately owned company. Founder Tim Sweeney owns over 50% of the company, with Chinese company Tencent Holdings owning 40%. The rest is owned by a number of smaller investors and investment groups.

Can you play Fortnite for money?

If you are good enough and become highly skilled at the game, there is a chance you can hone your skills enough to become an esports player and earn the right to compete in the different Fortnite esports tournaments being offered around the world.

Alternatively, Fortnite betting is a good way to try and win some cash if you are interested in esports betting. A number of top esports betting sites now offer extensive betting markets on Fortnite for customers.

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