Epikwhale Earnings | How Much is FaZe’s Fortnite Star Worth?

Published: Jun 10, 2024

How much is Epikwhale earning and what is his actual net worth? – His highest placement in 2024, and at the time of writing was 1st place at FNCS 2024’s 1st North America Qualifier for the 2nd Major with teammate Clix. The podium continues to be just out of reach, however.

Shane "EpikWhale" Cotton
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EpikWhale Stats

Net Worth:$1,861,000 (Approx.)
Real Name:Shane Cotton
Date of Birth:August 3rd, 2002
Profession:Fortnite Player
Twitch Followers:647K
YouTube Subscribers:228K

Who is EpikWhale?

Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton is still lighting the Fortnite world on fire with FaZe Clan (currently). He had a slew of impressive Top 3 finishes spread across four competitive seasons, including a Top 3 in Fortnite’s Solo World Cup, netting him a juicy 1.2 million dollars.

EpikWhale’s rise to fame

EpikWhale got his Fortnite start in 2019, under the Kungarna banner. By July of that year, he would get picked up by NRG Esports, when larger esports names were taking notice of Epic’s latest hit.

Competing under NRG, Cotton would finish the Fortnite World Cup Solo finals in 3rd place. Team Solo Mid (TSM) would provide him a new mantle to compete under from June 2022 until the March of 2023. Whilst the majority of his 1st place finishes came under the NRG mantle, the move to TSM started off well with a 3rd and 1st finish at Gamers8 for Zero Build and Build tournaments alongside teammate Malibuca.

In July 2023, he joined FaZe Clan and competed alongside Cody “Clix” Conrod until May 2024. He is currently looking for a Duo partner.

How does EpikWhale make money?

EpikWhale’s competitive earnings already put him among the higher earning esports athletes, and were achieved just off of his podium finish in the Fortnite World Cup and a few other events. However that’s not his soul source of income.

As a signed pro for several years that has been on 3 top teams, its likely he fetches a competitive salary at FaZe Clan despite all the reported financial troubles.

As a YouTube content creator with over 220K subscribers, and views anywhere from 4k to 40k per video, the YouTube revenue stream is steadily churning. On top of any sponsorships he takes on as an individual for his YouTube channel, and any that he does as part of FaZe.

On the streaming side, the “Whalers”, his Twitch Sub community, are nearly 2000 strong. As a Twitch Partner he likely has access to Twitch’s 70:30 split, but even if he somehow didn’t have access to that, a conservative estimate from Twitch alone at a 50/50 revenue split of just Tier 1 and Prime subs would be over $4700 USD a month, subject to fluctuations of course.

EpikWhale FaZe
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Estimated Net worth

EpikWhale’s net worth is likely around $1.2 million.

This calculation takes into consideration previous winnings, salary estimates and publicly available stats from things like Twitch Subs.

Future Prospects

FaZe Clan’s penchant for taking care of Fortnite streamers makes them a good home for Shane. This season, he hasn’t been putting up those huge finishes as often like full time pros. but he’s keeping an entertained audience every time he competes, streaming his POV to the fans.

There is plenty more competitive FNCs to play in 2024. Even if his season is a bust, its likely that his future negotiations may be as a partnered streamer and EpikWhale will still entertain us for years to come.


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