LoL Best Streamers | The best streamers of League of Legends

League of Legends is not the biggest esports in the world without a reason – it’s an incredibly involved game with a huge fanbase and more players than most games can dream of. A significant number of streamers also play… but not many have what it takes to become one of the best League of Legends streamers.

Here’s a list of some of the best, biggest, most-popular, and most remarkable that League of Legends streaming has to offer.

10. Jankos – Marcin Jankowski

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: © │ Instagram

With much of the LoL streaming scene centered around either Asia or North America, Jankos is a top European streamer. Known as one of the best Jungle players in the world, Jankos is also one of the oldest members of pro League play – he’s been playing since 2013, even though he’s only 25 now.

Associated with teams like Team Roccat, H2k-Gaming, and G2 throughout his career, Jankos is a great streamer to watch for European League fans. He also offers plenty of appeal and tips for new players that want to pick up on the Jungler position.

Twitch Channel: Jankos

9. Caps – Rasmus Borregaard Winther

League of Legends Best Streamers

Former G2 player Caps has several things going for himself – not only was he incredibly successful as a pro player, with wins in Summer and Spring split events with Fnatic, but he also received a most valuable player title in the 2018 Summer Split.

In 2019, he switched to G2, before becoming a streamer after another season. He’s now known for his particular stream style – he’s one of the funniest League of Legends streamers on Twitch. He’s dedicated, skilled, and incredibly fun to watch since he experiments with positions and playstyles constantly.

Twitch Channel: Caps

8. KayPea – Kelsie Pelling

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: © kaypea │ Twitch

Unlike a lot of female Twitch streamers, KayPea does not rely on her looks to draw a following. Though often accused of it, she is well and truly one of the best LoL streamers on Twitch and you can bet on her deserving her spot on this list. She’s a mid laner who mainly plays mages and plays them quite well.

As for her stream itself, she’s a positive streamer that deals well with losses as well as successes. Particularly beginners can really enjoy her stream because it’s easy to follow and pleasant to watch. She also has a history of playing FPS titles, giving her an incredible edge for long-range attacks in LoL.

Twitch Channel: KayPea

7. Yassuo – Hammoudi Abdalrhman

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: © Yassuo │ Twitch

While popular, Yassuo’s playstyle is quite similar to that of Tyler1. In other words, he’s fairly loud, fairly rude, and absolutely not for kids. That said, his stream is always fun and engaging to watch, and manages to draw huge audiences. Looking for a top-tier player with the odd telenovela-worthy rage-out? Yassuo has you covered.

As his username suggests, he originally mained Yasuo before diversifying to other heroes and playstyles. He remains one of the best Yasuo players you can find though, with player highlights that can make even pros gasp in skill envy.

Twitch Channel: Yassuo

6. TFBlade – Ashkan Homayouni

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: © TF Blade │ YouTube

This Iranian Top laner is one of the best non-pro League players on all of Twitch. Not only has he taken the top Challenger spot in several different servers, he actually once managed to have three separate accounts take the top 3 challenger ranks in the NA server – an insane accomplishment for a non-pro player.

His streams are always popular and lively, easily cementing his spot as one of the best LoL streamers you could come across. As a solo queuer, he isn’t shy to go for the odd bit of trolling now and again, while mainly focusing on showing off his incredible skills.

Twitch Channel: TFBlade

5. Voyboy – Joedat Esfahani

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: @Voyboy │Twitter

Voyboy doesn’t just stream for his community, he streams with them. He’s known for being incredibly involved in the League community and actively participating in improving it. Of course, he’s also well-informed on the game and changes in it.

If you’re looking for a streamer that’ll keep you up to date on the latest updates, upgrades, patches, and more, Voyboy is your, well, boy. He regularly presents meta changes and the like to his viewers, helping them understand what may otherwise just be patch notes. You can always bet on LoL streamers like him to show a positive, energetic stream if you tune in.

Twitch Channel: Voyboy

4. Faker – Lee Sang-hyeok

League of Legends Best Streamers

Faker is one of the best-known LoL streamers out there, if only because of his history as a pro player. He’s one of only two players ever to win three LoL World Championships, along with a list of other accomplishments too long to list.

The only negative thing about his stream (for non-Korean speakers) is that it’s in Korean. There are translations available, and his skills alone are well worth watching for players at any level really. And people do – despite not streaming in English, he’s managed to break Twitch records for concurrent viewers before, not to speak of the LoL odds he has affected throughout his career.

Twitch Channel: Faker

3. Imaqtpie – Michael Santana

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: Dailymail

Former pro player Imaqtpie is one of the best LoL streamers out there – he used to play on team Dignitas and now instead streams mainly as a Support and Bot laner. Known for his laid-back streams and incredible skills, he’s a must-watch for League fans.

There’s plenty to catch up on in regards to older materials as well – Imaqtpie has been streaming on Twitch since 2014, making him one of the most well-established LoL streamers on the platform. Given how early he found his start, he no doubt inspired Leagues (get it?) of other LoL streamers to follow in his footsteps.

Twitch Channel: Imaqtpie

2. Sneaky – Zachary Scuderi

League of Legends Best Streamers

This former Cloud9 player has the perfect pedigree for being one of the best LoL streamers out there – after all, a history of being a pro player on a team like C9 is nothing to scoff at. He’s even won some titles, such as the 2013 NA LCS and 2014 Spring NA LCS with Cloud9. Now he just streams – and he does it very well.

Being a bottom laner, he focuses his streams almost exclusively on that, and his videos are usually quite educational for newer players. As an added point o interest, he’s had his Twitch betting on what he’ll do next when it comes to his outfits. In addition to his streams, Sneaky is also a cosplayer, often wearing female LoL character costumes. A must-view for LoL fans.

Twitch Channel: Sneaky

1. Tyler1 – Tyler Steinkamp

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: @loltyler1 │Twitter

Well, no LoL streamer list is complete without mentioning Tyler1. He’s anything but well-liked, in fact, was known as being one of the most toxic players in the world and embraced this title whole-heartedly. Since then, however, he’s had quite the redemption journey, complete with bans.

Now he’s settled on a loud and angry playing style with far less toxicity – and it’s incredibly popular. Between his incredible skills and his well-known journey of toxicity and redemption, Tyler1 is easily one of the most popular LoL streamers out there.

Twitch Channel: Tyler1