The Best League of Legends Streamers

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Published: Apr 1, 2024 - Last Updated: Apr 2, 2024

League of Legends is not one of the biggest esports in the world without reason – it’s an incredibly involved game with a huge fanbase and more players than most games can dream of. A significant number of streamers also play… but not many have what it takes to become one of the best LoL streamers. Who are the best League of Legends streamers?

Top 10 Best League of Legends Streamers

Here’s a list of some of the best, biggest, most popular, and most remarkable that League of Legends streaming has to offer.

RankTop LoL Streamers
#9울프 (lol_woolf)

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10. Thebausffs – Simon Hofverberg

Top 10 League of Legends Streamers
Image Credits: INVENGLOBAL

If you play League on a regular basis, you probably have already heard of Thebauffs. Simon is a German top laner, famously known for his Sion gameplay, where he would constantly split push in the side lane and take objectives on the map whenever enemies group up for a teamfight.

His playstyle has become even more popular with the recent Hullbreaker meta, the perfect splitpush item for Sion.

For those people who might not know, Thebauffs used to be a sub in G2 Esports back in 2019. Now, however, he streams full-time, showing off his new and innovative plays on the Undead Juggernaut.

If you enjoy watching some great solo queue gameplay on the Challenger Ladder, Thebauffs is your man. He’s one of the best League of Legends streamers when it comes to entertaining, for-fun gameplay.

9.울프 (lol_woolf) – Lee Jae-wan

league of legends streamers wolf
Image Credits | Riot Korea

If you have been playing League during the SKT T1 golden days, you probably know who Wolf is. Formerly SKT T1’s support and a two-time World Champion, Wolf is now a streamer for the organization he has succeeded with.

While he doesn’t have super high follower numbers, he has been co-streaming all the LCK action since the start of the split. Korean fans love him and the interactions, watching the LCK directly from his stream. His personality is very likeable and he has the perfect personality to be an entertainer.

Unfortunately for most people, you must be subscribed to his Twitch channel to watch his past streams. On the other hand, this adds exclusivity that viewers generally love having with their favourite streamers.

8. IWDominate – Christian Rivera

top lol streamers
Image Credits: Riot Games

Previously an infamous pro player who was once banned from the game’s competitive landscape, Christian “IWDominate” Rivera has emerged as one of the best LoL streamers in recent years.

Initially finding decent success streaming his solo queue adventures, which would often bring out his ‘toxic’ in-game persona, the former Dignitas player came into his own when he began co-streaming live esports matches.

Now he’s known as one of the best and most entertaining livestreaming analysts, having a huge hand in popularizing China’s LPL within the Western hemisphere and has gained huge popularity in the process. If there’s an important LoL tournament, IWDominate will be streaming it.

7. Faker – Lee Sang-hyeok

best lol streamers faker
Image Credits | Riot Korea

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Faker on this LoL best streamers list. Playing for one of the best League of Legends teams, the GOAT (greatest of all time) will always have one of the highest viewership numbers across Twitch. Faker regularly streams his SoloQ gameplay, as most players are looking to learn the mechanics from the champion himself.

Despite recently speaking about quitting SoloQ due to some build-up frustrations over the quality of gameplay in high-ELO games, Faker will likely continue streaming his Challenger journey. While he doesn’t have a fixed schedule, he usually plays on his off days from the LCK and is one of the best League of Legends streamers.

6. NoWay4u_Sir – Frederik Hinteregger

top lol streamers
Image Credits: Picture Alliance/DPA

You probably won’t know NoWay unless you’re either a German player or a hardcore LoL player. Known as German Aimbot for his insane spell-hitting accuracy on Xerath, he’s the biggest German LoL streamer on Twitch.

Noway not only streams but also plays competitively in Prime League, on No Need Orga, with other famous German high ELO SoloQ players. He goes live quite often on Twitch so you will likely see him somewhere if you navigate through the LoL section.

His calm and collected personality has made him very popular in Germany since he interacts with viewers in his native language. He mostly streams SoloQ in high ELO, as he has peaked at Challenger several times throughout the years.

Twitch Channel: NoWay4u_Sir

5. Baiano – Gustavo Gomes

Top 10 League of Legends Streamers
Image Credits: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Another name likely unknown to many English-speaking LoL fans, Gustavo “Baiano” Gomes has become one of the most-watched League of Legends streamers in recent times. Formerly a support player in Brazils’ CBLOL, after drawing a close to his playing career Baiano founded the streaming group Ilha das Lendas. The group comprises several streamers and former pros and its coverage includes talkshows, gameplay and LPL, LCK and CBLOL co-streaming.

The Brazilian has also used his huge platform for good, running CBOLÃO amateur tournaments in 2023 that raised 250,000 reais (~$49,800) for cancer charities.

4. Tyler1 – Tyler Steinkamp

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: @loltyler1 │Twitter

Well, no best League of Legends streamers list is complete without mentioning Tyler1. Previously known as one of the most toxic players in the world and receiving almost two years of ban, he returned to Summoner’s Rift in 2018, when the ban was lifted. Since then, Tyler1 has reformed; despite settling on a loud and angry playing style, he has become less toxic.

His charisma and great content allowed him to join T1 as a content creator, while simultaneously completing the challenge of reaching Challenger on every single role. At the end of February 2022, Tyler1 officially reached the goal, ending a gruelling ranked journey that started back in 2020.

Between his incredible skills and his well-known journey of toxicity and redemption, Tyler1 is easily one of the most popular and best LoL streamers out there.

3. Kameto – Kamel Kebir – Best LoL Streamers

Image Credits: Kameto YouTube

One of the most popular French-speaking streamers in any category, Kameto made the groundbreaking step of converting his streaming fanbase into a diehard set of ultras following his Karmine Corp esports organisation. Often co-streaming their LEC matches to tens of thousands, or more, viewers, Kameto created the blueprint for streamer organisations.

He even went so far as to run in-venue events for his team while they were still in the LFL; a tier-2 league based in France. Those events saw thousands of fans turning out to support the Blue Wall and it was only a matter of time before the team ended up in the LEC.

Now with his organisation in Europe’s top competition, Kameto has taken full advantage of the new platform and continues to co-stream matches to a huge. Though their first LEC roster failed to live up to expectations, Kameto’s dedication ensures that KC will have a legion of loyal fans regardless of results.

2. Ibai – Ibai Llanos Garatea

Image Credits: Ibai Twitch

Spain’s answer to Kameto, Ibai “Ibai” Llanos has set up an esports entity of his own with KOI. The road to the LEC was more rocky for the Spaniard, however, after an initial merging with Rogue, which saw the former-LEC winning organisation rebrand to KOI, ultimately ended with financial issues plaguing the relationship.

A subsequent merger with MAD Lions, now MAD Lions KOI, has bred much more success – his followers have become passionate supporters and the team’s opening LEC split with a rookie-filled roster brought a second-place finish. Ibai co-streamed the entirety of the team’s journey live at the LoL tournament.

His close relationship with former Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique has also seen Ibai break into the sporting mainstream. He’s interviewed all of the biggest names in Spanish football and was on-site to livestream Lionel Messi’s unveiling when he joined PSG in 2021. He was even invited to the GOAT’s house for his leaving dinner when he made the move.

1. Caedrel – Marc Robert Lamont

Caedrel Marc Robert Lamont one of the best LoL Streamers
Image Credits | Riot Games

Caedrel is a former competitive LoL player, most famously known for playing in XL Esports in the LEC as a jungler. Before announcing his retirement from competitive League, Caedrel started working on the analyst desk in 2020.

Thanks to his fluent communication skills and great personality, he instantly became a fan-favorite among the LEC casters, quickly rising to his status as one of the best League of Legends streamers. Being a challenger player and former professional, Caedrel could bring in-depth insights into the best League of Legends players‘ performances and explain their thoughts during games.

That eventually led to Marc starting his own stream on Twitch, slowly building his community while reviewing competitive games. His popularity also led to him co-streaming most major leagues and his popularity skyrocketed as he co-streamed Weibo Gaming and top laner TheShy’s run to the 2023 World Championship final. Now a content creator for Fnatic, he continues to remain the most popular League of Legends streamer co-streaming esports action from regions around the world.

Twitch Channel: Caedrel

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