LoL Best Streamers | The best streamers of League of Legends

Who are the best LoL streamers? League of Legends is not the biggest esports in the world without a reason – it’s an incredibly involved game with a huge fanbase and more players than most games can dream of. A significant number of streamers also play… but not many have what it takes to become one of the best LoL streamers.

Here’s a list of some of the best, biggest, most-popular, and most remarkable that League of Legends streaming has to offer.

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10. Caedrel – Marc Robert Lamont

Image Credits | Riot Games

Caedrel was a former competitive LoL player, most famously known for playing in XL Esports in the LEC as a jungler. Before announcing his retirement from competitive league, Caedrel started working on the analyst desk in 2020.

Thanks to his fluent communication skills and great personality, he instantly became a fan-favorite among the LEC casters. Being a challenger player and former professional, Caedrel could bring in-depth insights into the players’ performances and explain their thoughts during games.

That eventually led to Marc starting his own stream on Twitch, slowly building his community while reviewing competitive games. His popularity also led to him co-streaming the LCK last year, and he officially became a content creator for XL Esports in 2022. If you want to get into the nitty gritty about League of Legends, then Caedrel is the streamer for you.

Twitch Channel: Caedrel

9. imls – Nick DeCesare

Image Credits | Riot Games

LS, aka “Last Shadow”, is probably one of the most known personalities in the League of Legends community. Back in the day, he used to be an LCK shoutcaster and analyst. During the last few years, he had been co-streaming both the LCS and the LCK, while also releasing patch notes rundowns on his Youtube channel. His popularity rose over the years due to his more “unconventional” takes as well as “malding” over mistakes professional players constantly made. On top of that, he made a name for himself with out-of-the-box drafts and strategies.

The peak moment for LS in 2022 was when he joined Cloud9 as the Head Coach for the LCS Spring Split 2022. Despite starting out well and showing that Nick’s drafts can work in competitive play, he ended up being released after 4 official matches.

Now that LS has returned to Korea, he has resumed his streams, focusing mainly on the LCK. While he might not be streaming as much right now, due to his fears of burnout, you can be sure he will be present at any important event in LoL. 

Twitch Channel: imls

8. Thebausffs – Simon Hofverberg

If you play League on a regular basis, you probably have already heard of Thebauffs. Simon is a German top laner, famously known for his Sion gameplay, where he would constantly splitpush in the side lane and take objectives on the map whenever enemies group up for a teamfight. His playstyle has become even more popular with the recent Hullbreaker meta, the perfect splitpush item for Sion.

For those people who might not know, Thebauffs used to be a sub in G2 Esports back in 2019. Now, however, he streams full time, showing off his new and innovative plays on the Undead Juggernaut. If you enjoy watching some great SoloQ gameplay on the Challenger Ladder, Thebauffs is your man.

Twitch Channel: Thebauffs

7. Doublelift – Yiliang Peng

Image Credits | Riot Games

Considered by many the best North American ADC of all time, Doublelift is now a streamer and content creator. While he doesn’t play competitive League any more, he still follows the LCS by co-streaming and playing with some of the pro players in SoloQ or Champions’ Queue.

Not only that, but he has also been participating in podcasts and discussions about the League of Legends esports scene, helping to grow the community as a whole. With that being said, although Doublelift doesn’t have a regular schedule, his streams are pretty long so you have plenty of time to join in and enjoy his gameplay.

Twitch Channel: Doublelift

6. TFBlade – Ashkan Homayouni

TFBlade is probably one of LoL Best Streamers and best non-pro players. His constant SoloQ grinds are what makes him special, as he managed to reach Challenger on many different servers. Recently, he has been playing on the Korean server, with an insane 75% win rate on the new account.

When you are watching TFBlade, you can be sure that the stream will always be lively and full of spectators, as he averages high numbers of viewers every time. The Iranian top laner loves to show off his insane mechanical skills, and carry his team to victory. If you really want to upgrade your gameplay and learn how to 1v9 in League, TFBlade will teach you how to do that.

Twitch Channel: TFBlade

5. Rekkles – Martin Larsson

Image Credits | @KarmineCorp

After mentioning Doublelift as the best ADC from NA, we cannot forget about arguably the most famous ADC in Europe. While Rekkles’ competitive records have not been extraordinary as of late, he still racks up high numbers during his streams.

The best thing about Rekkles is that he has a fixed streaming schedule on Wednesday and Thursday, so fans will always know when the Swedish ADC will be jumping on the Rift. His streams are very gameplay-focused, with little commentary and very soothing music. Watching Rekkles is one of the best ways to enjoy high-level competitive games.

It is a pity that a player of his caliber is not playing in the LEC anymore, but people are aware that Rekkles’ skills and gameplay are still worth watching. For the new generation of players, Rekkles will always be someone people look up to.

Twitch Channel: Rekkles

4. NoWay4u_Sir – Frederik Hinteregger

You probably won’t know NoWay unless you’re either a German player or a hardcore LoL player. Known as German Aimbot for his insane spell hitting accuracy on Xerath, he’s the biggest German LoL streamer on Twitch.

Noway not only streams but also plays competitive in Prime League, on No Need Orga, with other famous German high ELO soloQ players. He goes live quite often on Twitch so you will likely see him somewhere if you navigate through the LoL section.

His calm and collected personality have made him very popular in Germany, since he interacts with viewers in his native language. He mostly streams SoloQ in high ELO, as he has peaked at Challenger several times throughout the years.

Twitch Channel: NoWay4u_Sir

3.울프 (lol_woolf) – Lee Jae-wan

If you have been playing League during the SKT T1 golden days, you probably know who Wolf is. Formerly SKT T1’s support and a two-time World Champion, Wolf is now a streamer for the organization he has succeeded with.

Image Credits | Riot Korea

While he doesn’t have super high follower numbers, he has been co-streaming all the LCK action since the start of the split. Korean fans love him and the interactions, watching the LCK directly from his stream. His personality is very likable and he has a perfect personality to be an entertainer.

Unfortunately for most people, you must be subscribed to his twitch channel in order to watch his past streams. On the other hand, this adds exclusivity that viewers generally love having with their favorite streamers.

Twitch Channel: 울프

2. Faker

Image Credits | Riot Korea

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Faker on this LoL Best Streamers list. The GOAT (greatest of all time) will always have one of the highest viewership numbers across Twitch. Faker regularly streams his SoloQ gameplay, as most players are looking to learn the mechanics from the champion himself.

Despite recently speaking about quitting SoloQ due to some build-up frustrations over the quality of gameplay in high-ELO games, Faker will likely continue streaming his Challenger journey. While he doesn’t have a fixed schedule, he usually plays on his off days from the LCK.

Twitch Channel: Faker

1. Tyler1 – Tyler Steinkamp

League of Legends Best Streamers
Credit: @loltyler1 │Twitter

Well, no LoL streamer list is complete without mentioning Tyler1. Previously known as one of the most toxic players in the world and receiving almost two years of ban, he returned to Summoner’s Rift in 2018, when the ban was lifted. Since then, Tyler1 has reformed; despite settling on a loud and angry playing style, he became less toxic.

His charisma and great content allowed him to join T1 as a content creator, while simultaneously completing the challenge of reaching Challenger on every single role. At the end of February 2022, Tyler1 officially reached the goal, ending a grueling ranked journey started back in 2020.

Between his incredible skills and his well-known journey of toxicity and redemption, Tyler1 is easily one of the most popular and LoL best streamers out there.

Twitch Channel: Tyler1