Headlines Of Legends: LCS MVPs Revealed, Another NBA Player Takes A Shot At Esports, And More

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In this week’s edition of leading headlines from esports and esports betting, we have two North American League of Legends teams cementing their spots at Worlds, a new esports owner, and much more!

LCS MVP awards announced


We’ve been calling for Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg to win the NA LCS MVP this split, and it’s now official!

The race was extremely close between Bjergsen and fellow teammate Peter “Doublelift” Peng. In fact, the two shared first place voting on all but three ballots. Bjergsen has now claimed three of the last six NA LCS MVP awards (2014 Spring, 2015 Spring, 2016 Summer).

Bjergsen is without a doubt worthy of all the accolades. Since moving over to the NA LCS, he has been a dominant force in the mid lane who’s feared worldwide.


While the NA LCS MVP race was a tight battle of teammates, the EU LCS voting crowned G2 Esports’ Kang-yoon “Trick” Kim in a landslide victory. This is the second straight split that Trick has earned MVP honors.

It was a foregone conclusion that someone from G2 was going to win the award, with Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriquez coming in as a solid runner-up. Trick has the respect (and fear) of the entire EU LCS for what he can accomplish in the jungle.

You can read through the full list of ballots here.

Three’s a charm: Another NBA player buys an eSports team

Following in the footsteps of Shaquille O’Neal (co-owner of NRG eSports) and Rick Fox (owner of Echo Fox), another NBA player has jumped right into the esports world. Jonas Jerebko, a seven-year veteran and Boston Celtics big man, has purchased the down-on-its-luck Renegades franchise.

While Jerebko now owns the rights to the Renegades franchise, the only team currently under contract is the recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that participated in the recent ELEAGUE tournament. The franchise has since explored the possibility of adding a Call of Duty team.

Renegades previously owned an NA LCS spot in the 2016 Spring Split by qualifying through the Challenger Series.

The Renegades organization was forced to sell its spot after breaking numerous rules, including the involvement of a banned owner. That spot was purchased by EnvyUs for a rumored $1 million.

Renegades is based in Detroit and was originally referred to as the Detroit Renegades. Jerebko previously played for the Detroit Pistons for five years. He will now look to restructure the leadership of the organization while expanding into other esports ventures.

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Fabbbyyy fielding contract offers from other teams

It seems the breakup between Jovani “Fabbbyyy” Guillen and Team Liquid was just as stunningly quick as their brief honeymoon phase. Fabbbyyy’s free agency tweet was sent shortly after the team announced that Phil “Jynthe” Vu would be the starter in their North American Regional Finals against Team Envy starting this past Saturday.

Somewhere on the other side of the globe, former TL ADC Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin has to be chuckling. Piglet was replaced by Fabbbyyy mid-way through the 2016 NA Summer Split and then subsequently placed on the Team Liquid Academy (a Challenger team) roster.

Fabbbyyy had a great start to his career, making numerous dynamic plays on Ashe and Jhin.

However, his play began to plateau before really tapering off at the end of the split. He had trouble with CLG’s bottom lane in their most recent series in the playoffs, resulting in his benching mid-series. Jynthe previously had zero professional experience before stepping in.

Fabbbyyy will now have to wait and see if any NA LCS teams are interested in giving him a tryout.

Team SoloMid is crowned North American Champions

That’s right, TSM fans! Your team has reclaimed their rightful throne after CLG spent the past few splits keeping the seat warm. TSM was crowned the North American League of Legends champions, picking up the trophy and a first place seed at the upcoming World Championship.

TSM was clearly the best team throughout the Summer Split, dropping only one series to Phoenix1. Their mechanical skill and deep understanding of the current meta has allowed them to excel this split.

Cloud9 were formidable opponents and familiar adversaries, and they put up a valiant fight. This series was decided on a few crucial plays (like Meteos’ missed dive in Game Three that gave Bjergsen two kills).

While Bjergsen was picking up his MVP award for the Summer Split, it was TSM’s jungler, Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, who won series MVP for the NA Summer Final. His ability to get the mid and bottom lanes going and provide plenty of information on the map position of Meteos allowed his team to excel.

Counter Logic Gaming will return to Worlds

There may have been no bigger fans in the Team SoloMid versus Cloud9 final than members of the Counter Logic Gaming organization. The fate of CLG returning to Worlds was once again in the hands of Doublelift (as he so pleasantly let the crowd know) and TSM, but this time in a more indirect manner.

With a TSM win, CLG would have the second highest seed from North America thanks to the championship point system. CLG acquired enough points throughout the season and from their win over TSM during the Spring Split finals to place second.

If Cloud9 were to win, TSM would earn the second highest seed at Worlds for NA. CLG would have been demoralizingly sent to play in the North American regional tournament in order to make it back as the third seed.

CLG has not played great as of late, struggling to find ways to win throughout the Summer Split. They were swept by TSM in the semifinals during the playoffs before losing 2-3 in the third place matchup against Immortals.

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