Is League of Legends Dying?

Is this the end of the line for League of Legends?

Today, there are few titles in the gaming industry more prolific than League of Legends. Since 2009, this immensely popular MOBA game has been a highly visible and exciting staple within the world of esports. As it rose from the offshoots of a DOTA team, League of Legends grew like wildfire. However, we’re here today to ask one simple question: is League of Legends dying?

Is League of Legends dying?

It has been more than ten years since League of Legends was released in full – a long ten years. In that time, professional players have come and gone, tournaments have been held, and updates have been made. Although, while a mobile variant was released in 2020, the base game will never receive a sequel, according to developers Riot Games.

So, where does that leave League of Legends?

The End of the Line

Theoretically, there’s no need for League of Legends to even have a sequel created. It’s a non-exhaustive title that has remained in something of a status quo for more than a decade. While there are quality of life improvements, new maps, and new champions to explore, the base game itself doesn’t need to be changed.

Does this impact the question, is League of Legends dying? Initially, you might think that it would, as almost every video game franchise in the world goes through something of a lifecycle. There’s the first release, a follow-up period for the title, then a sequel or another iteration will be announced and subsequently released.

That isn’t the case with League of Legends.

However, that hasn’t stopped the active player count getting larger with each passing year. In 2011, it was estimated some 11.5 million players took to the stage in League of Legends every month. By 2014, that figure had climbed to 65 million. And then, by 2021, it was estimated that around 115 million gamers were actively playing League of Legends every month.

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Is League of Legends dying? At face value, those figures seem to suggest it isn’t.

Is League of Legends Dying in Korea?

Now, that might seem like a fairly random question. However, there is some method to the madness here, as typically, Korea is one of the most popular countries in the world where League of Legends players are concerned. In fact, some of the best League of Legends players of all time originate from Korea.

Therefore, it stands as a great response to the all-important question: is League of Legends dead?

Statistically, even today, Korean players have earned more than any other nationality in League of Legends esports tournaments. In 2018, mainstream Korean television channels famously began broadcasting League of Legends events. Furthermore, reports show that in the iconic Korean PC Bangs that litter the country, League of Legends is by far the most popular game played.

To put it simply, Korea has always been a forerunner in the esports industry, both as a competing nation and a developing nation. It has often led the charge with many platforms, and League of Legends is right up there as one of the greatest. Therefore, no, League of Legends is not dying in Korea – nor anywhere else, as far as we know.

Is League of Legends Wild Rift Dying?

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It’s only fair that we address the latest development out of Riot Games where League of Legends is concerned. Is League of Legends dying? No – but what about the mobile variant, which by nature is going to be less successful than the desktop version?

In late-2021, Riot Games announced the Horizon Cup, a brand new tournament focused specifically on Wild Rift. This prestigious event would be held in Singapore, boasting a $500,000 grand prize – one of the biggest in League of Legends.

While Wild Rift would never be as popular as League of Legends, Riot Games refused to let it die. In a swift and proactive motion, the developers secured a huge burst of excitement for the mobile MOBA platform. Although, while the event was set to be an international tournament, it wasn’t penned as a World Championship for Wild Rift.

What About League of Legends Esports?

There are many who will tell you that League of Legends is esports. It’s one of the most popular esports platforms, and it boasts some of the highest viewership figures across the industry. In almost every aspect, from League of Legends betting to streaming number on Twitch, LoL dominates the market.

If you’re asking, is LoL dying, look no further than the vibrant, diverse, and highly populated esports scene. In 2019, according to Esports Charts, the League of Legends World Championship racked up around 1.04 million average viewers. However, in 2020, this number grew to 1.11 million, which increased to nearly 1.3 million in 2021. Average viewership is expected to climb further for LoL Worlds 2022.

With each passing year, more hours are watched, more bets are placed, and more money is made available for prize pools. These days, a staggering number of esports fans tune in to watch League of Legends competitors battle it out on the biggest stages in gaming.

As the growing subscriber, follower, and viewer counts show, League of Legends certainly isn’t dying.

The Future of the Franchise

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If you’re asking, is League of Legends dying in 2021, there’s a one-word answer.


Is League of Legends dying in 2022? No.

In fact, as time goes on, League of Legends will likely get stronger, especially as more attention and money is poured across the esports industry as a whole. The entire landscape is set to undergo massive growth, and League of Legends is one of the platforms that will drive that growth.

After all, aside from DOTA 2, there really isn’t any competition for League of Legends. It’s at the top of its game, and the tournaments and competitors are some of the best in the world. With that in mind, perhaps it’s now time to turn your attention to a little LoL Worlds betting.

What better way is there to celebrate this revelation than by placing a few bets on the ever-strong League of Legends?