Red Tiger Launching Crypto-Themed NFT Megaways Slot

Published: Sep 7, 2021 - Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Red Tiger is one of the online casino industry’s most popular developers. Since 2014, the European and Asian-based organisation has created and pushed out dozens of high-performance slots and table games. Now, the company is capitalising on the wildfire popularity of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Tomorrow, on the 8th of September, Red Tiger will be launching a highly-anticipated crypto-themed slot titled NFT Megaways.

It’s a little-seen theme among the most popular slots online, but it comes with great promise. This particular variant utilises Red Tiger’s existing Megaways platform, which makes up a few different titles. For example, the company has also developed What The Fox! Megaways, Pirates’ Plenty Megaways, and Well of Wilds Megaways. Given the firm foundation behind NFT Megaways, it stands to reason that it’ll be hot and trending in no time.

Enter The World Of Cryptocurrency

Image Credit: Red Tiger

These days, many more platforms are offering bettors the ability to bet with cryptocurrencies. As digital currency rises rapidly in popularity, so too do the platforms surrounding it. There are many esports casinos, hybrid betting sites, and traditional bookmakers that give gamblers an opportunity to move away from fiat currency.

It’s a whole new world out there, and it’s a volatile, lucrative, and exciting one. Now, it seems that popular games developers are moving into the area as well, with Red Tiger’s impending launch of NFT Megaways. Although, there is something of a difference between a cryptocurrency and an NFT, which this slot is named for.

An NFT is a ‘non-fungible token’, a unique entity hosted on the blockchain that can potentially boast incredible value. We’ll not get into the technical nature surrounding it, but NFTs are becoming hugely popular right now. It’s a shrewd move on Red Tiger’s behalf to not just name a game after NFTs but to theme the entire thing around them as well.

According to Red Tiger:

The first of its kind, NFT Megaways brings you a crypto pixelated world to get lost in. You have the chance to be a part of a unique world…

Like NFTs themselves, NFT Megaways promises to offer a unique experience for each player.

Jump Into The Casino

By nature of the game, there are many online casinos that will host NFT Megaways. It isn’t hosted directly through Red Tiger’s platform but spread widely among the industry on a range of third-party platforms. For example, when the game launches, you’ll find it in casinos like Unibet, Betfair, or Betway, but wherever you choose to play, you’ll be playing the same game.

Early promotional content for NFT Megaways has revealed that it boasts high volatility and more than 200,000 ways to win. Furthermore, it offers a relatively high RTP of 95.66% – not the highest, but still likely to be a frequent winner. As you play NFT Megaways, you’re also likely to unlock some free spins which multiply as you play for longer.

NFT Megaways launches on the 9th of September – good luck!

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