The Best Dota 2 Items to Build

Published: Jan 7, 2022

Most new players will tell you that they find it challenging to pick the right ones amongst various unique items in Dota 2.

In total, there are over 200 items in Dota 2, but your hero can only have 10. The difficulty of picking the right ones can be overwhelming, especially since there are many different outcomes.

Early Game Items (7 – 15 minutes into the game)

Here are a few essential items to pick up in the beginning stages of the game. These items will ensure you are off to a good start and provide you with a better chance to make it to the late game.

Despite being reduced in its health regeneration, the Chipped Vest is a powerful early item in the game. It still provides passive HP regen, and it can also restore 20 attack damage to creeps and 30 damage to enemies. This item is also completely passive, which means it is easy to use. It can help heroes struggling with HP in the early game, giving them a faster way to farm neutral camps.

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Vambrace is another item that quietly performs its job. This item is a non-flashy item that does its job well. It is also great for those focused on the core aspects of the game. Using Vambrace is similar to being with Power Treads, and It gives Heroes the ability to swap attributes based on the situation.

These items are popularly used even in the Dota 2 esports scene. Some other good items like Trusty Shovel, Keen Optic, Essence Ring, and Fae Grenade all have unique perks. However, Vambrace and the Chipped Vest are great starting picks and are neutral for most Heroes.

Mid Game Items (25 – 40 minutes into the game)

When the game has dragged on to around 25 minutes, certain items might give you an edge over enemies. The right decisions and actions in the mid-game are crucial to winning games, and here are some recommendations.

The Paladin Sword is probably the most broken item mid-game. Apart from its amp of healing and spell life steal by 14%, it provides +20 attack damage and +16% life steal. It also grants extra spell life steal, +8% on Heroes and +1.6% on creeps. These effects help the Paladin to stack seamlessly with other lifesteal items. Recommended Heroes for using the Paladin Sword are Lo, Lifestealer, and Medusa.

Another valuable mid-game item that’s worth mentioning is the Flicker. It provides the user with a passive +35 movement speed, which means replacing the boots to give the user space in the inventory slot.

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Aside from disjointing incoming spells and projectiles, the item also grants an active that teleports the user forward for a distance of 200-600. It also grants the user a basic dispel, which can be used after the teleport.

Elven Tunic, Titan Silver, Timeless Relic, Penta-Edged Sword, The Leveller, and Spider Legs are other excellent choices in the mid-game. These are all items that have been used by popular teams in esports, giving them an edge over opponents with the right decisions. Observing the use of items can also help when discerning the winning team for esports betting.

Late Game Items (70 or minutes into the game)

The Apex tier 5 item is a great addition to any late-game lineup. It grants +70 Primary Attribute to the user, and it features a variety of great attributes, such as Agility, Resistance, and Speed.

For example, this item will also grant a Drow Ranger with Apex with over 11 armor, 70 attack speed, and 70 damage as a bonus. Not to mention, it will give her immense agility thanks to the stats from Marksmanship’s ranged bonus. It’s great for making Heroes tankier and is an excellent pick for heroes such as Meepo, Riki, Morphling, Terrorblade, and Sven.

The late game is when any wrong decision can lead to an immediate loss, and the right items are crucial for victory. A few other choices are Pirate Hat, Stygian Desolator, Mirror Shield, and Book of the Dead.

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