TheRadBrad Net Worth: How does TheRadBrad make money?

Posted on October 12, 2022 - Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Want to know what TheRadBrad’s net worth is? We thought you’d be interested! After all, this is one of the pioneers of video walkthroughs, and the chances are that you’ve already seen some of his YouTube footage. But how does TheRadBrad make his cash?

This is where we come in as we’ve taken a look over how TheRadBrad draws his revenues from some pretty interesting places. Obviously, those YouTube royalties are coming through, but TheRadBrad has also made a fair amount from things like sponsorship and merchandise. So join us to see what the latest is on TheRadBrad’s net worth.

Net Worth$9 million
Real NameBradley Lamar Colburn
Date of Birth10 February 1987
Twitch Followers13,000
YouTube Subscribers13.1 million

TheRadBrad Net Worth

Who is TheRadBrad?

TheRadBrad is simply one of the highest-paid gamers in the world. He’s basically the guy you go to if you want to find out the best way of playing a particular part of a game. So if you got stuck on something like Elden Ring, Halo Infinite or Resident Evil 8, then you could check out one of TheRadBrad’s video walkthroughs on YouTube, and you’d know what to do.

TheRadBrad is actually a regular guy called Bradley Lamar Colburn, who was born in Alabama in 1987 but moved to Atlanta to attend university. It was at this time that Colburn started posting videos on YouTube under the TheRadBrad name.

Such was the quality of his gaming videos that he started being sent games to feature on his channel before their actual release. This happened when Ubisoft sent him Watch Dogs 2 before its release, and such a matter quickly brought TheRadBrad to the attention of major publications like Rolling Stone and VentureBeat.

TheRadBrad has also posted a fair amount of reaction videos to trailers of new games, and he’s got legions of followers on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Steam channels. All of which make for a modern gaming celebrity.

How does TheRadBrad make money?

Like what we saw in our Ali-A’s net worth review, TheRadBrad makes most of his money by showing others how he plays video games. This means that he isn’t necessarily an esports star but instead relies on his communicative powers to help other people get more out of video gaming. Here’s an overview of how the TheRadBrad net worth got to be so impressive.

YouTube revenues

It’s fair to say that TheRadBrad makes most of his money from YouTube streaming revenues. With nearly six billion views since he started up his YouTube account in 2006, TheRadBrad has become one of the most famous gaming creators on the platform. So far, TheRadBrad has uploaded nearly 8,000 videos and is currently the 146th most popular YouTuber in the US. Current estimates are that TheRadBrad could bring in yearly earnings of anywhere up to $700,000 from advertising revenues derived from his YouTube streams.

Sponsorship deals

TheRadBrad has forged successful relationships with major video game developers, resulting in lucrative sponsorship deals. We’ve seen the likes of everything from Epic Games to miHoYo benefiting from their association with TheRadBrad. We’re pretty sure that these deals must have helped his bank balance accordingly.


TheRadBrad may not have gone overboard in merchandising, as we saw with Morgz’s net worth assessment, but he still manages to have a small online store where he brings in extra cash for sales of branded t-shirts and so on.

Check back for more about TheRadBrad’s net worth

TheRadBrad is one of the major video gaming celebrities of the modern era. If you have any interest in gaming, then the chances are that you’ll have stumbled across one of TheRadBrad’s video walkthroughs at some point.

What’s best is that it looks like he’s showing no signs of slowing down, as he was busy posting videos about games like Last of Us and Hard space Shipbreaker when we wrote this guide. All of this means that we will have to keep this page updated to keep tabs on the TheRadBrad net worth. So watch this space for more!

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