Tarik Net Worth: Analyzing How Tarik Makes Money and His Current Net Worth in 2024

Published: Feb 3, 2024

Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA to Turkish parents, Tarik is an esports star who rose to fame playing Counter-Strike for many of the world’s top teams. He has competed at the international level for both Turkey and the USA, though his main focus now is on his social media content rather than actively gaming.

As he rose to stardom, Tarik, real name Tarik Celik, developed a reputation for being a vocal and often sarcastic gamer with an aggressive style of play.

Now an iconic presence in the global CS2 community after becoming one of the world’s highest-paid gamers, he has competed in over four of the top teams and continues to draw in huge audiences for his Twitch and YouTube content. In August 2022 he became a content creator for Sentinels and also hinted that he would be available to play Valorant for them if required. Read on to find out more about Tarik’s net worth!

Tarik Net Worth$1.9 million
Real NameTarik Celik
Date of Birth19 February 1996
ProfessionGamer (CS2), Content Creator, Streamer
Twitch Followers2.9 million
YouTube Subscribers904,000

Tarik Net Worth

Who is Tarik?

Tarik “tarik” Celik began his competitive esports career while still in middle school, competing online in leagues like CAL. When he progressed to high school age, he created a series of Counter-Strike deathmatch servers called the FragShack. These became very popular and helped Tarik to really establish his name in the Counter-Strike community.

Around this time, Tarik’s character as a gamer became clearer to his audience. He became known for his aggressive, entertaining style of play, but also for his sarcastic brand of humour. As his career developed, he began streaming on Twitch under the alias ‘NoShirtTV’. This helped take his unique style to an even wider audience of fans.

Tarik took another major step forward when he qualified for the MLG 2015 LAN tournament with the ‘NetCodeGuides/mouseSpaz’.

He featured for the original CLG CS team, and he streamed the quarter-final while eating cereal in what appeared to be a walk-in closet rather than a proper gaming room. Tarik went on to collect many top honours, including first place at the ESLO One New York in 2019. He also took first place in 2018 at the ESL Pro League Season 8 North America and the Zotac Cup Masters.

How does Tarik make money & his net worth?

Although Tarik enjoyed a very successful career in CS, winning many titles, competitive gaming is not now his main focus. Instead, he is viewed as a master content creator and generates most of his revenue from YouTube and Twitch streams and posts. Content creation is his main role with Sentinels.

It would be unwise to rule out a return for competitive gaming for Tarik, however. Part of his deal with Sentinels is that he is available for action on their Valorant roster, should the need arise.

Although he made his name in the ranks of CSGO, Valorant is actually the game that Tarik has streamed most and is one of the best VALORANT streamers. Tarik reportedly earned $788,602 in prize money between 2014 and 2022, from his success as a professional CS player. He also earns from sponsorship deals.

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What is Tarik’s net worth?

Tarik Celik, called as his IGN “Tarik,” was a professional CS player with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

How much did Tarik make in CS?

Tarik’s total earnings during his professional CS career was estimated to be around $800,000.
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