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Published: Mar 16, 2022 - Last Updated: Feb 21, 2023

When Overwatch 1 was released in 2016, it quickly became one of the most popular games on the planet, which was not a surprise, as it was made by Blizzard, one of the most reputable gaming companies at the time. Over the years, Blizzard’s reputation slowly declined, but fans did not care much about the company if the games they were making were good, which is why people were hyped when Overwatch 2 was announced on November 1st, 2019.

Naturally, people expected the game to be released somewhere next year, at least in a beta state, but that did not happen. In 2021, people expected the same, but the word on Overwatch 2 was nowhere to be found. Of course, those who watched the competitive scene know that there was an early client of Overwatch 2. Still, it was not significantly different from the current game, which slowly started to grow on the fans, and the doubt of Overwatch 2 ever coming out was increasing.

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However, when everyone thought that Overwatch 2 was dead, Blizzard finally announced that Overwatch 2 beta is finally coming, and people are officially able to sign up for it right now! With this quick recap out of the way, here are the things you can expect in Overwatch 2 besides the transition from 6v6 to 5v5 that has already been rolled out in Overwatch tournaments!

You get to keep everything!

One of the biggest controversies that kind of killed Overwatch 1 was the rumor that Overwatch 2 would not allow players to take any content from the original game to Overwatch 2. However, that has been completely debunked, as the official site states that you get to carry everything over. That means all your skins, player icons, sprays, emotes, and everything you unlocked. This is fantastic news, and it will probably spark up Overwatch 1 until Overwatch 2 releases.

You will not need Overwatch 2 to play PVP with Overwatch 2 players!

A lot of people wondered about Overwatch 2 if you would need to buy the game if you are interested in the PVP portion of it only, and the great news is that you will not! By getting Overwatch 2, you will mostly be buying the PVE content that is going to be released with the game. In addition to all the Overwatch heroes, you will get to play new heroes and maps if you own Overwatch 1 too!

A new hero

It has been quite a while since a new hero was introduced to Overwatch, and with the Overwatch 2 beta, players will have the opportunity to play as Sojourn, a former captain of Overwatch. At the moment, we do not know anything about her abilities, but she will be fully playable in the beta, which is not too far off.

Image Credits | Blizzard

New maps and game mode

One of the newest additions in Overwatch 2 is the mode called Push. In this mode, a robot spawns in a central location of the map, and teams contest to take control of it. While controlling the robot, the objective is to get it toward the enemy base. Any team can take control of the robot at any time, so it is a back-and-forth type of game mode, something that we didn’t have in Overwatch before.

When it comes to the new maps in Overwatch 2 beta, we will get four of them:

  • Circuit Royale – an escort map
  • Midtown – a hybrid map
  • New Queen Street – a push map
  • Colosseo – a push map

Various hero reworks

While Overwatch has a lot of extraordinary heroes, a lot of them are very situational, and they are not fun to play all the time. That is precisely why certain heroes are getting a rework, to make them more viable for various situations, which will allow those who enjoy playing a single hero only to have more fun in the game if they are a casual player.


One of the most significant changes in Overwatch 2 is that Doomfist will switch from the DPS role into a Tank role. The reason behind it is that his kit kind of already makes him feel more like a tank anyway, and balancing him will be easier. Of course, if it doesn’t work out and the community dislikes it, the changes could see a revert. Unfortunately, esports betting enthusiasts cannot place their bets if the rework will be reverted in the future, but you can still bet on good Doomfist mains winning the games.


One of the first heroes that players could play as in Overwatch 1 and has already been reworked in some ways is getting reworked once again. The ability to self-repair is going away, and instead, he will receive a new ability that will shoot an attack that can bounce between areas before sticking to a player. His primary weapon is also much slower, but the biggest change is to his ultimate ability where he will turn into artillery where the camera changes to the top and lets him use three precision strikes on enemies below. His transform also has a movement option, and even if it is slow, players can move around and rain bullets from his mini-gun form.


Many people are big fans of Sombra, but her designs have been a hit or miss throughout Overwatch history. In Overwatch 2, her hack cooldown is dramatically reduced, but it will also silence enemies for a maximum of one second. On the other hand, hacked targets will receive 50% more damage from Sombra, and they will be visible through the walls for the whole team. Her ultimate is getting a massive change as it will take away 40% of the enemy players’ health, which has a vast engage potential. Oh yeah, she can also hack people while in stealth, which might be a bit overpowered.


There is not much information on Orisa and her rework, but it is known that she is going to be reworked in Overwatch 2. We will have to wait for the beta to come out to discover what those changes will be.

Final Words

The last thing that Overwatch 2 beta is going to add is a new ping system, which not much is known about at the moment. If you would like to participate in Overwatch 2 beta, all you have to do is check out the official Overwatch 2 site, log into your battle.net account, and press the “JOIN BETA” button on the page.

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