StarCraft Brood War Betting: SC Markets, Odds, & Tournaments

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There had to be StarCraft Brood War betting as early as 1998 when hundreds of thousands of people—both inside and outside South Korea—were playing the newly released game in one massive hysteria. Why has this fun, gripping title persisted through the decades, and why should you bet on it today? After all, there are many bouncier video games out there with better graphics, viewership, and player base, right?

The answer has equally something to do with real-time strategy (RTS) games being so intellectually and mechanically challenging and StarCraft being a legendary RTS example.

StarCraft Brood War Betting Sites

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Betting on SC Brood War: Tips and Strategies

starcraft brood war betting

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re not updated with the current status of the StarCraft Brood War betting scene, you may want to know about the markets you’ll find in most StarCraft Brood War betting sites these days. They include:

  • Winner – Bet on the player who will destroy all enemy buildings and win the series. Note that nearly all professional StarCraft Brood War games use either the best of five or the best of seven format.
  • Map Winner – Bet on the player who will win on a single map. Unlike bets on the Winner market, bets on the Map Winner market will be settled after a map has been decided.
  • Map Handicap – Bet on a player with a handicap, which can be an advantage (+1.5, +2.5, +3.5) or a disadvantage (-1.5, -2.5, -3.5).
  • Correct Score – Bet on the exact score the game will end in. For example, in a best-of-seven series, the final score could be 4-1, 4-2, or 4-3.
  • Total Maps – Bet on the total of maps that will be played in a series. This can range from 4 to 7 matches in a traditional best-of-seven series and 3 to 5 matches in a best-of-five series.

With StarCraft Brood War odds being limited, there’s really not a whole lot of StarCraft Brood War betting tips to talk about other than studying which player:

  • Has a better command of their race (Terran, Zerg, Protoss)
  • Is likely to adapt to unwelcome situations the quickest.
  • Has better macro and micro skills, as reflected by the metric “actions per minute” or “APM,” can also provide good insight.

If you want to see more markets without leaving the StarCraft franchise or the RTS genre, we highly recommend that you get familiar with StarCraft 2 betting as well.

StarCraft Brood War Tournaments

starcraft brood war betting sites

StarCraft Brood War the extension pack has long been synonymous with StarCraft the game in many esports betting platforms—perhaps as the result of the need to bring its diverse StarCraft audience into a single room.

That said, here’s a list of the most recent StarCraft Brood War tournaments:

  • AfreecaTV StarCraft League Remastered Season 15 – February 2023, South Korea
  • CWCL Season 6 – February 2023, Latin America
  • Copa Latinoamericana StarCraft – March 2023, Latin America
  • China-South Korea Race Tournament (GRS Season 6) – April 2023, China
  • KCM Race Survival 2023 Season 2 – April 2023, South Korea
  • China Seasons League 2023 Summer (CSL Season 9) – May 2023, China

The best esports betting sites never cease to offer newer StarCraft Brood War odds and events. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

How to Watch StarCraft Brood War Esports

starcraft brood war odds

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

If you want to place bets for StarCraft Brood War, you also probably want to watch StarCraft Brood War matches. The problem? StarCraft as a title is largely anchored in China, where Twitch and YouTube aren’t accessible. This is why the bulk of the StarCraft action isn’t easily seen by fans in other regions.

Fortunately, StarCraft Brood War betting sites, like MyStake, have an in-built live stream feature that filters StarCraft matches to only show the ones that can be broadcasted to their customers. Read about this operator in our MyStake review to learn more about what the site has to offer in terms of promos and service.

If you just want to be inspired by the best StarCraft Brood War player in the game, go to the Falcon Paladin YouTube channel and witness the top 1% of SC players duke it out (with great commentary).

Why Bet on StarCraft Brood War?

StarCraft Brood War came out in 1998 and soon solidified itself as the archetype in the RTS genre. And as with all archetypes, the game continues to be true and timeless decades later.

The game is very complicated. But by watching it and betting on it, you give it a chance and eventually open the door to an enjoyable experience. Think of high-pressure situations and masterful tactics all packed into a 10-minute game.

To start now, head to our Pinnacle review and learn to set up your account in minutes.

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StarCraft Brood War Betting FAQs

Can you bet on StarCraft Brood War?

Yes, you can bet on StarCraft Brood War by finding esports betting sites that offer markets for Brood War matches.

Where can I bet on StarCraft Brood War?

Some of the best and most popular StarCraft Brood War betting sites in the industry include GG.Bet, MyStake, and BC.Game.

Which betting markets will I find for Brood War?

Nowadays, most bookies set StarCraft Brood War odds only in selected markets, such as Winner, Map Winner, and Map Handicap.

Why do people like Brood War more than SC2?

Bettors who like old games may prefer Brood War more than SC2 due to its rough texture and legacy.


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