PGL Arlington Major Betting Guide 2022 | Format, Schedule, Teams & Odds


August will be an incredible month for anyone looking to do some serious Dota 2 betting, as this is when the second Dota 2 Major of the Dota Pro Circuit is scheduled to take place. PGL Arlington Major Betting starts on August 4th and concludes on August 14th, which gives us ten days of non-stop Dota 2 action.

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Eighteen of Dota 2’s best teams will be competing for a whopping $500,000 prize pool and a hefty chunk of DPC points. The tournament will take place in Arlington, Texas and feature a live audience and an incredible talent crew so that you can expect a terrific show!

Tournament Format

The PGL Arlington Major follows an identical tournament format to the previous Dota 2 tournaments of the DPC 2022 season. It starts with the group stage, where the 18 teams will fight for survival and the top playoff seeds. The playoffs will commence immediately after, where the remaining qualified teams will begin to climb the bracket in hopes of reaching the grand final apex.

Group Stage

The group stage is where the eighteen teams will clash in a series of single round-robin best-of-two matches. This format favours aggressive plays and offers less breathing room for the teams, so expect some pretty hectic matchups with great PGL Arlington Major Odds.

The top four teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the 5th and 6th teams will advance to the lower bracket. The rest are eliminated.

PGL Arlington Major Group Stage Format
Image Credit: PGL/Twitter


The playoffs are where things slightly change and the best-of-three double-elimination format is introduced. The only exception will be the grand final match, where the finalists will play a slightly longer, best-of-five match.

This is usually the stage of the tournament where things reach a critical point and the show really takes off. As the playoffs progress, it also becomes much harder to form accurate Dota 2 betting predictions, since all we’re left with are the best of the best that Dota 2 has to offer.

PGL Arlington Major Schedule

The PGL Arlington Major is slowly shaping up to be one of the best esports tournaments of the year. With all the tickets already sold out and the talent lineups announced, there’s no doubt this will end up being a massive success.

As we already mentioned, the tournament starts on August 4th, but the full PGL Arlington Major Schedule is not yet clear. The tournament organiser, PGL, has revealed all 18 teams from the six Dota 2 regions competing, but we’re still in the dark about the exact group stage matchups and the playoffs that will follow.

Still, this isn’t too bad as we enjoy a little bit of mystery when it comes to these big Dota 2 events. It helps build the suspense and keeps us at the edge of our seats, not to mention that it adds an extra layer of excitement when it comes to PGL Arlington Major Betting.

Participating Teams

There are a lot of teams competing in the PGL Arlington Major, eighteen of them in total. So to make it a bit easier to navigate through the list and perhaps find some potential PGL Arlington Major Betting picks, we’ll categorize all 18 teams by their respective regions:

  • Western Europe – Tundra Esports, Team Liquid, OG and Entity
  • Eastern Europe – Outsiders, Team Spirit and Natus Vincere
  • China – Xtreme Gaming (withdrew due to visa issues), PSG.LGD, Team Aster and Royal Never Give Up
  • Southeast Asia – BOOM Esports, Fnatic and Talon Esports
  • North America – Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew
  • South America – beastcoast and Thunder Awaken

These are all of the teams and their respective regions, and as you can see, it’s quite the list!

Image Credits: PGL/Twitter

Favourites vs Underdogs

Since it would be nearly impossible to cover every single team here and do them justice, we’ll simply point out some of our favourites, but also a few underdogs you should keep an eye on in this tournament.


PSG LGD PGL ArlingtonRight off the bat, we must mention the Chinese powerhouse that has been dominating the Dota 2 sphere for years – PSG.LGD.

These guys are simply amazing and their track record backs it up. They’ve been dominating the current DPC CN division and have recently picked up another trophy in the Riyadh Masters 2022 and pocketed $1,500,000.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, you’ll be shocked to hear that they’ve also attended nearly every single The International tournament Valve ever hosted, but there also seems to be a curse following them as they never managed to win a single one either. This, while incredibly frustrating for PSG.LGD, also seems to be one of their biggest driving forces. They’ll never quit until they win TI, and they’re deadly serious about it!

With that being said, we expect PSG.LGD to aim for the top here. If you’re looking for some of the best PGL Arlington Major Odds, you’ll find them with PSG.LGD. They’re a safe Dota 2 betting pick in almost every situation and we believe they’re the top contenders for the PGL Arlington Major title.


OG PGL Arlington Here’s another household name in Dota 2. The OG crew have been around for many years and they’re still one of the most successful teams in the scene, if not esports as a whole. Being back-to-back International winners, OG commands a lot of respect and is always a threat regardless of who they face.

They have a fresh new roster that’s performing extremely well. And even when a tough situation presents itself, they can always sub in legends such as Ceb and N0tail, as they did in the recent ESL One Stockholm 2022, where they ended up winning.

While this isn’t the same exact OG lineup that claimed two Internationals, they still carry the same spirit with them. We believe they have a great shot at repeating their ESL One Stockholm 2022 miracle run and shocking the fans once more. Definitely keep an eye on them.


Last but not least, we’ll go with an underdog pick for the tournament. Beastcoast, the sensation from South America, have been doing great in the current DPC season.

Despite being a relatively young esports organisation competing among giants, they managed to make a name for themselves. They’ve been consistently placing high in the DPC SA rankings and playing great Dota. Among other achievements, they made an appearance in The International 2021 and, more recently, landed in the 5th – 6th spot in the ESL One Stockholm 2022.

When it comes to PGL Arlington Major Betting, they’re a situational pick. We don’t expect them to win here, and we’ll be pleasantly surprised if they do, but we do believe they have some real upset potential, especially if cornered.

PGL Arlington Major Odds

Now, when it comes to the PGL Arlington Major Odds, there’s only one choice: GG.Bet. They’ve been at the forefront of Dota 2 betting for quite some time now and have established themselves at the top of the esports betting food chain.

Also, became the exclusive betting partner of PGL Major Arlington, which further solidified its spot as the go-to betting provider for this event. If you want the best PGL Arlington Major Odds, this is where you’ll find them!

Outright Odds

The full PGL Arlington Major Betting odds are still not live, but we’ll make sure to update them as soon as they are. Until then, we’ll give you a list of GG.Bet’s outright odds, from 28th July, for this tournament.

Team Spirit8
Team Aster8.2
Tundra Esports8.4
Royal Never Give Up13
BOOM Esports14.5
Evil Geniuses15
Talon Esports17
Team Liquid18
Thunder Awaken21
Natus Vincere23
Quincy Crew31

How to Bet on the PGL Arlington Major 2022

Now that you’ve learned about the Dota 2 best teams in the event and seen the outright odds provided by GG.Bet, it’s time to put those betting strats to use! Of course, preparation is key in these situations, so make sure you open a GG.Bet account, in case you haven’t already. It’s quick and easy and will cost you nothing.

Next, we’ll hit you with a few general tips for PGL Arlington Major Betting. First, don’t put all your eggs in one basket – diversify! When it comes to high-profile Dota 2 events such as this one, it’s almost impossible to predict who will win. The teams are all great in their own rights, and with such high stakes, all of them will push themselves to their limits. Find a couple of teams that you believe are outperforming and focus on them, aiming for safe bets above all else.

If you want to play it a bit risky, then look for specific situations, such as the end of the group stage or the lower bracket playoff matches. Sometimes an underperforming team will score an unexpected win or two if they have nothing to lose, so finding these situations will be of key importance.

Lastly, make sure to enjoy the tournament! We know the thrill of scoring a winning bet, but Dota 2 esports tournaments like this only come once in a while, so it’s important to enjoy them while they’re here. Take a day off, grab some snacks and relax.

How to Watch the PGL Arlington Major 2022

You’ll be able to catch the Dota 2 action live on the official PGL Twitch stream here:

Enjoy the Show!

We’re finally at the end of our journey. We’ve covered the tournament format, schedule and the teams competing. Additionally, we’ve provided you with some of the best GG.Bet Dota 2 odds for the PGL Arlington Major and given you a few tips and tricks.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait for the show to begin. Whether you’ll be watching from home or you’ll be one of the faces in the front row seats in Arlington, we hope you enjoy this one and have a wonderful time.