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Published: Apr 27, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 3, 2024

Our Dota 2 predictions are useful analyses that can greatly speed up your time when doing research in order to better understand what the esports betting opportunities are in a given tournament or a set of matches. These include critical information related to teams and their playstyle, statistics, strength, recent results, recent roster changes, and much more.

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The Real Value Betting Predictions

Whenever you’re being offered a Dota 2 prediction for a match, that prediction is the result of an analysis that includes pretty much everything you’d have to search for on your own if you wanted to make an informed decision.

If you’re a fan of the game, you probably follow people on Twitter and read the latest news and updates. But Dota 2 requires you to know the professional scene at an even deeper level and keep track of who’s done what, not only in the past few months but sometimes even years into the past.

Dota2 Betting Predictions
Mars – one of the playable heroes in Dota 2. Image Credits | Dota 2

Before Placing Those Bets

Let’s assume you want to place a bet on Dota 2. Apart from reading a Dota 2 betting guide to get a better idea of what the options are and what you need to do to engage with this type of gambling, you’ll want to be as informed as you can before you make a prediction.

With that goal in mind, you will try to learn as much as you can about each match that you may want to bet on, in order to make an assessment:

If you only have to do this for one match, the process will take around 15 minutes. But what if you’re trying to analyze a lot of matches in a Dota 2 tournament in order to discover what the best opportunities are? That’s where betting tips become useful.

Understanding the Process

We gather the information, filter some of the best betting opportunities, and do the analysis for you. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re right in the absolute sense of the word. Even if the analysis indicates that one team should win, upsets are still possible. But at least you know what the statistics indicate when making your decision.

If you go against the statistics, you do it understanding the context in which your decision is made and you’re aware that you are practically betting on the underdog. Or, if you have access to even more detailed knowledge or analysis, you may be able to discover something small we haven’t thought of, something that changes everything and gives you an edge.

No matter what the case may be, Dota 2 predictions are always useful to read in order to get a second opinion. Even when you’ve already made up your mind, hearing what other people have to say could help. If their analysis is right, you can better understand your own analysis. And if it’s incomplete, that can also point you in the right direction. The whole point is to get as much knowledge as possible with the minimum amount of effort, in order to make a better decision.

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Making Dota 2 predictions on The International

Dota 2 betting gets a lot more interesting when you do it on massive tournaments like the Dota 2 TI 2022. After all, this is the esports contest with the largest prize pool in the world and so it always encourages some top-level pro gaming entertainment. W

e’ve created this short list of tips you can use to take your Dota 2 The International betting to the next level.

Dota 2 Betting Tips and Predictions
The Aegis of Champions, awarded to the winner of Dota 2’s The International. Image Credits | The International/Twitter

Here’s what you should consider when making your Dota 2 predictions:

The Basics of Dota 2 Predictions and Analysis

When it comes to Dota 2 predictions and guides, you need to know several key things.

Here’s a brief Dota 2 betting guide to get you up to speed:

For instance, let’s say that team A is playing against team B and the odds are: 1.60 – 2.20. If you’re predicting that team A will win and you wager $10 on that prediction, your profit will be 60% of the amount you wagered. So you’re getting back $16. If you’re betting the same amount but on team B, you will make a profit of 120% or $12. So the total amount you get back for a correct prediction in such a case is $22.

Dota 2 Predictions
Team Spirit winning The International 2021. Image Credits | The International/Twitter

About Dota 2 Gambling and Betting Sites

When trying to choose an esports betting site for Dota, these are the four things you should pay attention to these days:

  1. Legality: If the bookmaker cannot legally operate in you’re country, you may run into trouble because of the bank transfers. Often times, their esports betting site will not even allow you to sign up.
  2. Welcome Bonus: The welcome esports betting bonus is important because potentially, you could receive a lot of free money to bet with. Some bookmakers will double the amount of your first deposit, up to a few hundred Euros/Dollars.
  3. Live Betting: Live betting is crucial for those who like to really enjoy themselves while watching esports tournaments. Many people use esports betting as a way of spicing up their tournament viewing experience and live betting can greatly enhance that process. Furthermore, if you have a good understanding of the game, you can often make some great betting decisions by simply watching the action and predicting what’s going to happen 5, 10, 20 minutes down the road.
  4. Deep Betting Markets: These are an absolute must for any serious bettor. If your knowledge of the game is good enough and you know a lot about the professional scene, the possibility of specialising in making certain kinds of bets becomes extremely valuable. But you can only do that if the bookmaker offers you numerous options for every match that you might want to bet on. If the only option is to predict the winner of that match, that’s very frustrating for an experienced bettor with in-depth esports knowledge.
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