Cashback VS Rewards | Which Bonus Should You Choose?

Posted on August 4, 2022 - Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Casinos tend to have all kinds of promotions, but it is most common for them to offer cashback, rewards, or perhaps even both at the same time. While the values between these two differ from site to site, the way they work is more or less the same.

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What is cashback?

One of the best things that a player can experience while gambling is to win something when they also lose, and cashback is exactly that. It is a promotion that will return a portion of the amount that a player used on a bet which they then ended up losing.

Some sites happen to have an infinite cashback, where you will be receiving a percentage back from all the bets, and some tend to have a capped amount that a player can receive in the form of cashback in a certain time frame.

For example, the cashback on Bet365 is £50 (which is about 60 USD) each week. If that is something that seems tempting, perhaps you should check out how to create a bet365 account and start taking advantage of that fantastic cashback.

Another important thing about cashback is that certain sites will have it limited to a certain type of betting. For example, on esports betting sites, it is not uncommon to have cashback for CS2 betting, but for non-esports gambling sites, cashback might be limited only to games like slots or sports betting. cashback insurance bonus

What are rewards?

Every casino tends to have different rewards, and they usually work in one of two ways. Players will gain reward points by either making deposits, playing certain games, making bets on certain bots, or using a promo code.

Because rewards are such a broad term, they can provide pretty much anything to the player. For example, if you check esports betting, the reward comes in the form of a first deposit bonus, as well as some free spins on slots that are not a part of the esports section.

The most common type of rewards is those that we already mentioned, where players continue making deposits and reloading their accounts. This is often referred to as being the members of the loyalty club, and a good example of this can be found in our Betway review as that site offers this exact system.

Cashback VS Rewards – Which one is better?

When it comes to the ultimate question for cashback VS rewards, every person will base their answer on their preference depending on the site that they are gambling at. Some people that gamble more casually will probably prefer cashback, as they will immediately receive some kind of return from their betting experience.

On the other hand, those who usually go deep up the loyalty club and get lots of rewards will probably prefer that system over the cashback, as cashback will usually be capped to a certain amount per week while rewards are usually not capped.

cashback vs rewards

As we mentioned earlier, the type of rewards also plays a major role in the cashback vs rewards debate because if the rewards are nothing but free spins on slots, those who are not fans of slot machines will probably not care too much about these rewards, while those who play slots only will absolutely love it.

It is generally the best if the site uses both types of promotions, where players receive some kind of capped cashback from their betting and gambling while also receiving some kind of rewards if they make deposits and try out certain games or bet on certain activities.

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