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Posted on August 4, 2022 - Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Something that every gambler will love, no matter if they are a beginner or an expert, is some kind of betting reward that is given out for free by their favourite casino. In most cases, these rewards are given to players who are loyal to the casino or who meet some other kind of requirement.

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We are going to cover the type of betting rewards that exist in the industry and how you can take advantage of them in order to get free stuff and continue your gambling adventure with even more opportunities to win big enough to change your life.

When it comes to esports betting sites, there are plenty of betting rewards to go around in some kind of a bonus. There are plenty of bonuses to go around, and they can be found even on non-esports betting sites. In order to find yourself qualified for the esports betting reward, all you will usually have to do is participate in some League of Legends or CS2 gambling, and bet on other popular esports tournaments that the site might have great odds for you.

the best betting rewards

The Best Esports Betting Rewards

Considering the number of betting rewards available, there are some that you should consider over the others, as they are easier to get and they can be quite rewarding. For example, pretty much every gambling site will have some kind of esports betting bonus if you happen to wager hundreds or thousands of dollars on a single bet, but these are not the best esports betting rewards out there, as they are not acquirable by anyone, and they usually do not provide most value either.

Instead, you should focus on betting rewards like obtaining a monthly gift card, matching stake bonus, free bet series, deposit bonuses, winning first bet bonus, and our favourite, obtaining betting rewards through a point system. Some of these might be a one-time thing, while others can be repeated and taken advantage of to get as much value for your buck as you spend at an online casino.

1. Monthly Gift Cards

The common way to receive monthly gift cards as a reward for your betting effort is to stay loyal to the casino you are gambling at by meeting a certain hidden requirement in the system. This hidden requirement can be something like making a certain number of deposits, depositing a certain amount of money into the casino, or making a certain number of wagers.

If you are wondering what a monthly gift card can have, the answer is pretty much anything, and it usually depends on the casino. The most common thing are either free bets, spins, money, or some kind of percentage boost that will increase the rewards from your future bets if you manage to win.

rewards gift cards

2. Winning First Bet Bonus

Sometimes, betting rewards can be quite easy to miss out on, and one of such rewards is the one where you happen to win your very first bet in a casino. These rewards can be quite efficient, as certain casinos will double your winnings if you happen to win on the very first bet you make on their site.

3. Point Systems

One of the most intriguing betting rewards that are slowly getting implemented into casinos, especially ones that revolve around esports betting, is the point system. Every casino uses a different point system, but in most cases, points are gained by making deposits, making bets with a minimum stake, or betting on something that has odds of 2.0 or better. These points can then be redeemed for some kind of reward, and as you might have guessed, the rewards tend to be better the more points you tend to rack up.

This is by far one of our favourite systems, and if you are gambling on a site that has it, try and make bets that reward you with the most points while you are betting on your favourite esports teams. If you make good bets, the reward system can sometimes even feel like you are doubling your winnings, which is why it is such a fantastic implementation that pro gamblers can take advantage of.

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