League of Legends Live Betting

The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Live LoL Matches

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Are you ready to elevate your League of Legends live betting experience? In-play wagering offers a whole new level of excitement and potential for profit. Imagine being able to place bets on the outcome of a match while it’s still in progress, and being able to adjust your bets as the game unfolds. Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of this dynamic and fast-paced betting option. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about live betting on League of Legends.

What is Lol Live Betting?

League of Legends live betting is a form of betting where you can place bets on the outcome of a match while the match is still in progress. This means that you can watch the match live, and adjust your bets as the game unfolds. This type of betting allows you to take advantage of the dynamic nature of the game and offers a higher potential for profit compared to traditional pre-match betting.

You could place a bet on a team to win a match before the match starts, but with live betting, you can place a bet on a team to win a specific round or even predict the next player to get a kill. Some League of Legends betting sites offer a wide variety of live betting options, such as the number of kills, assists, and even the first team to destroy a specific tower.

league of legends live betting
Bet on some of the biggest tournaments while they’re live. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

How Does Live Betting Work for LoL?

If you are an avid League of Legends player and grasp the basic concepts of LoL betting, wagering glide won’t pose any problems. Instead of betting on the outcomes of a game that is yet to start, you wager in real time on a match that is underway. The mainstream betting markets are still available, so you can bet on the winner of the game or series and even tinker with handicaps and spreads.

You can’t wager on specific game objectives since bookmakers can’t adjust the odds fast enough. This means that the overall number of betting markets is significantly diminished. On the flipside, you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities, especially if you watch LoL esports live stream. Most esports books offer these streams for free straight on the platform, so you can take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that live betting requires a bit more knowledge of the game and a good understanding of the teams and players involved, as well as the ability to make quick decisions. It is also important to keep an eye on the LoL betting odds and look for any discrepancies, as this can indicate a potentially valuable bet. The goal is to find the best value in the odds available, each time you place a bet.

Pros and Cons of League of Legends Live Betting

Punters who venture into the uncharted territory of should know what to expect. These are the main arguments in favour and against live betting, so you can make an educated decision


  • Live betting allows players to engage with the match in a new way, which makes the experience more exciting
  • Veterans can take advantage of unique opportunities if they have the ability to capitalize on sudden and unexpected changes.
  • Players can react quickly to in-game events and adjust their bets accordingly to benefit from higher ads compared to those available pretty much


  • Live betting carries more risk than pre-match betting, especially for recreational punters who don’t have enough experience.
  • The streams are intentionally delayed to keep the playing field level, so the odds don’t reflect the most recent in-game changes and the latest LoL live score.
  • It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of live betting and lose focus, therefore betting larger amounts and even more than you can afford.
league of legends live betting
Try betting on LoL Worlds (Image Credit: Riot Games)

What’s the Best Time to Place a Live Bet on LoL?

There is no such thing as the best time to bet live on this game since it all depends on the individual player’s preferences and strategies. Some players may prefer to place their bets early in the match, while others may wait until later on when the outcome is more certain. Veteran punters prefer to wait until the early stages of the match to see how the teams are performing and to get a sense of their strategies.

Casual and recreational players frequently wait until the later stages of the match, when the outcome is more certain and the odds may be more favourable. This can be a good option for players who are not confident in their ability to predict the outcome of the match. Given the volatile nature of in-play wagering, it is particularly important to exercise caution and stick to your bankroll. You must make sure that your budget can survive the inevitable bad beats.

Which Bookmakers Are Offering Live Betting on LoL?

Many online bookmakers offer live betting on League of Legends matches. It is easy to find a bookmaker that offers live betting on LoL since any quick internet will yield solid results. When choosing a bookmaker for live betting on LoL, it’s important to ensure that it is reputable, licensed and regulated, has a wide variety of markets, and offers competitive odds.

It always makes sense to choose a veteran esportsbook such as Betway, which had the chance to prove its worth. League of Legends betting at Betway paves the way for a greater variety of betting markets on major and niche events. This is also a good choice if you want to place anti-post wagers on upcoming tournaments and take advantage of competitive odds.

You may want to check for extra features like live streaming, cash-out options, and mobile compatibility. It’s essential to note that online sports betting is not legal in all countries, so please make sure to check your local laws and regulations before placing any bets. You can lawfully bet on League of Legends at bet365 in many countries where this licensed and regulated bookie operates.

What’s the Best Strategy for Live Betting on LoL?

Any League of Legends live betting strategy should balance the need for competitive odds with risk management.

For beginners, it is particularly important to have a good understanding of the teams and players involved in the match. One must research the teams’ recent performance, player statistics, and overall tactics to implement any strategy successfully.

One way to handle this is to wait until the early stages of the game to see how teams have started. If a team stacked with late-game champions falls slightly behind during the first 10 minutes, the odds on it to win will increase. This is the perfect time to take advantage of values that are significantly better than what is offered pregame, without risking too much.

First blood is important but other early kills can be offset by turret plates, early dragons and the destruction of early towers. LoL live betting can be profitable when betting on favourites that make a few errors early on and falls slightly behind in gold. However, don’t get greedy and assume that the better team can offset seemingly insurmountable deficits for the sake of high odds.