Betway LoL Betting Guide – Bet on League of Legends at Betway

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Want to enjoy some Betway LoL betting? We think that you should. After all, the Betway League of Legends betting platform is so good that we simply had to create this guide all about it. This will reveal what kinds of LoL odds Betway has, and we’ll give you the lowdown on everything to do with esports bonuses, live streaming and much more. So, join us to see what Betway LoL betting is all about!

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Can You Bet on LoL at Betway?

Of course you can! After all, the Betway esports betting platform is one of the best in the business, and there is no way that it would leave the world’s biggest esport out of the picture.

Top LoL T0urnaments Featured at Betway

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We found that you can enjoy excellent LoL betting odds at Betway on all of the game’s major and minor tournaments. It doesn’t matter whether you want to bet on LoL Worlds or something like the LPL All-Star competition, as Betway will have you covered.

The Best Betway LoL Betting Markets

Not only does Betway give you great odds for LoL, but it also gives you lots of different ways to bet on this iconic battle arena game. The precise range of LoL betting markets will vary according to the tournament that you are betting on, but you should expect to be able to bet on many of the following markets:

  • Match winner
  • Tournament winner
  • Map winner
  • Correct score
  • Handicap bets
  • First blood
  • First baron/dragon slayed
  • First tower/inhibitor destroyed
  • Most kills/quadra kills/penta kills

How to Bet on LoL at Betway

You can enjoy some Betway League of Legends betting in just a matter of minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for Betway: We’ve got a guide that shows you how to create an account at Betway right here.
  • Make your deposits: You do so with a variety of trusted payment providers
  • Go to the esports section: There is a link for this at the top of the Betway site
  • Click on League of Legends: You should find this under the All Esports tab
  • Select the odds: This will add the odds to your bet slip and now you just have to enter your stake and submit your bets

Get an Esports Bonus for Betway LoL Betting

One of the best things about the Betway League of Legends betting platform is the fact that you can get a great esports bonus on it. This Betway welcome bonus gives all new customers a handy amount of betting credit just for making a simple qualifying bet.

All About Live Betway League of Legends Betting

Betway lets you bet live on all of its featured LoL games. You’ll also get to enjoy dozens of live betting markets. What’s best is the fact that you can even watch live streaming as long as you are logged into your Betway account.

Pros and Cons of Using the Betway LoL Betting Platform

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Still not sure about whether to use Betway or not? Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Large online bookmaker: Size matters in betting as it means that you can often find better odds at larger bookmakers, and this is something also reflected in the maximum withdrawal from Betway.
  • Great odds: We found that Betway has some of the best odds for pretty much any LoL game in the world.
  • Live streaming: Essential for making accurate LoL bets.


  • Not a specialist esports betting site: You will have to carry out a few clicks to actually find your LoL bets at Betway.

Conclusion – Is Betway the Best LoL Betting Site?

We have shown you that betting on LoL at Betway is great fun. This is because Betway clearly works hard to give you great odds and backs it up with lots of goodies like esports bonuses and live streaming.

Plus we have to remember that Betway is committed to the esports scene and this can be seen in its sponsorship of many of the biggest pro gaming teams. So, get your LoL predictions ready and enjoy some League of Legends betting at Betway!

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