Madden Betting – Bet on Madden 24 the Right Way


Madden betting has become more popular than ever thanks to the thickening competition in its inclusive professional league. With $6 million in total prize pool monies and an established Madden Championship Series – there are serious opportunities at hand.

If you’re looking to bet on digital sports, Madden NFL is one of the best games to get started with.

Best Madden Betting Sites and Bonuses

Want the best Madden betting experience? Here are the top Madden betting platforms to register on:


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How to Bet on Madden

The best esports betting sites on our recommended list cover the fairest odds linked to the Madden betting markets below. If you’re unfamiliar with Madden NFL—much less Madden gambling—it’s time you learn about the kind of betting you’ll find.

  • Moneyline Betting – The moneyline, where you bet on who wins the game straight up, is the simplest of all Madden betting markets. If the moneyline is set at -240 for one player, you must bet $240 to make $100. If the moneyline is at +200, you must bet $100 to win $200. The player with the negative number is always the favorite.
  • Point Spread Betting – If the spread is at -7 for one player, it means the bookies expect them to win by at least 7 points. For your bet on that player to win, they must cover the spread and win by more than 7 points. Winning by exactly 7 points results in a push.
  • Props Betting – Prop markets, or “props,” are an assortment of bets that aren’t based on the spread or the outcome of the game but on specific events that may happen during the game. The most popular prop bet includes which player will score the first touchdown.
  • Over/Under Betting – Placing your Madden 24 wagers on the over/under market means you’re betting on the total score of the players either reaching above or below the bookie’s given number.

Simulated Madden and Madden Esports

Before you submit your bets for Madden, note that there are two kinds of Madden games offered by bookmakers: simulated and competitive:

  1. Simulated games are played by computers and can be an interesting alternative during the offseason. To ensure fair play, the Madden odds are calculated based on player statistics.
  2. Competitive games, on the other hand, are played by humans. These are the fast-paced, widely viewed games held within Madden’s professional league.
Image Credits: EA Games

Best Madden Betting Apps

If you prefer betting on Madden whilst you’re on the go, you’re going to need to make sure you have one of the best Madden betting apps downloaded. Like using best apps for Counter-Strike, you can bet from wherever is convenient and it’s easier to monitor your bets.

Platforms like GG.Bet and let you download their progressive apps by simply heading to their sites and clicking “Install app” in your browser’s settings. No app store is required. GG.Bet’s app is available as an actual APK for Android users.

Madden Betting Strategies and Tips

Fortunately, betting on Madden isn’t as complicated as betting on real-life football.

While the game aims to reflect the actual power rankings and player statistics tallied by the NFL, it all comes down to the skills and knowledge of the individual players behind the console.

That said, focusing on the playstyles and tendencies of the competitors is key. Because the Madden esports league is open to most players at the highest tier of the game, Madden betting—similar to FIFA betting—is speculative as opposed to rigid, where the moneyline is often too unjustified due to the obvious gap in strength between favorites and underdogs.

Is It Legal to Bet on Madden?

Betting on Madden can be legal or illegal depending on where you live. For Americans, esports betting in the USA is still only permitted in some states, such as Nevada, Colorado, and New Jersey.

For most Europeans and Asians, the easiest way to know if you can sign up for a particular betting site is to go to that site’s Terms and Conditions page and look for a list of restricted countries. If there’s no such list, go to the registration page instead and scroll through the available countries they’ve added.

Visit the Madden online gambling sites above and see if they cater to customers from your jurisdiction.

Madden Betting – Bet on Madden 24 the Right Way
Image Credits: EA Games

How to Play Madden

Ready to place your first Madden 24 wagers? Let’s talk a little bit about the game mechanics first.

Madden NFL has different game modes, the most popular ones being Exhibition, where you play against the computer or other players online, and Franchise, where you manage your favorite football team and turn them into a Super Bowl contender.

On offense and defense, players can set up a play from the playbook before the snap. There are a lot of different plays to choose from, and those who can execute them perfectly have a better chance of winning.

When controlling your players on the field, each button corresponds to a different action, such as passing, running, tackling, or kicking. You use the directional pad to move your players around and the right stick to perform special moves, such as jukes, spins, or stiff arms.

Madden Tournaments

The new and upcoming Madden Championship Series (MCS) season will give you a lot of opportunities to bet on the best Madden tournaments, with $1.7 million of prize pool up for grabs.

You’ll find Madden NFL betting odds on all the season’s biggest Madden events, including 6 live events and 5 belts to win:

  • MCS Ultimate Kickoff
  • MCS Most Feared
  • MCS Harvest
  • MCS Playoffs
  • MCS Madden Bowl – as the final seasonal tournament, it’s at the MCS Madden Bowl that a new champion is crowned, one who wears the coveted Championship Ring.

The 2023 season ended with an epic bang, after “Dez” went on an epic run to be crowned the youngest ever Madden Bowl Champion.

For 2024, the Ultimate Madden Bowl features a $1,000,000 prize pool and the top 14 players in the entire world. These players face off in a single elimination bracket with the entire world watching all the action.

How to Watch Madden Esports

Madden 24
Image Credits: EA Games

If you’re one of the many followers of the NFL, you probably know a couple of places where you can watch the games. As a Madden bettor, however, viewership isn’t always as straightforward.

To catch the games and see the best Madden players in action, you should consider joining a bookie that provides an in-built streaming service.

During the MCS events, you can watch the pro games on the official EAMaddenNFL Twitch and EAMaddenNFL YouTube channels.


Online Madden betting can be a great way to enjoy football, especially when there are no NFL matches on the short-term agenda. EA has built the Madden professional league schedule around the NFL seasonal schedule. This means fans of the real-life and digital versions of the game won’t have to miss any action.

Madden Betting FAQ

Can you bet on Madden?

Yes, you can bet on Madden by joining esports bookies—like GG.Bet and BC.Game—that provide Madden betting markets.

What website can I bet on Madden?

GG.Bet, BC.Game, and Thunderpick are among the most popular Madden betting platforms due to their great security and promotions.

Where do I find the best odds for Madden?

Top Madden bookies like Pinnacle offer the broadest Madden markets and fairest Madden odds.

What apps can I bet on Madden on?

GG.Bet, and Betway give you the best Madden gambling apps for betting on Madden NFL.
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