Nikola ‘LeBronDota’ Popović is the current support player for Natus Vincere.


Elements Pro Gaming

‘LeBronDota’ played on the Eastern European team Spider Pigzs in early 2016. The team qualified for the WellPlay Invitational and won the ProDitA Cup Europe. Following this, the team were signed onto Elements One, the secondary team of Elements Pro. Now under the name of Elements One, the squad entered several minor tournaments but never won anything. At the International 2016 Open Qualifiers the team placed 3rd/4th twice. In August, the organisation replaces their main team Elements Pro with their Elements One team, which including ‘LeBronDota’.

This team managed to qualify for the Dota 2 Champions League where they placed 9th/16th and got through the first qualifier for The Boston Major, only to place 5th/8th at the second qualifier. However, they managed to place 2nd at the AOC Dota 2 Cup and 3rd at Elements Cup. For the first half of 2017, the team didn’t win any tournaments or qualifiers they entered, but in May they placed 4th at the Russian e-Sports Cup. After failing The International 2017 Open Qualifiers, the team disbanded. ‘LeBronDota’ would join the team Double Dimension about a month later. Overall, ‘LeBronDota’s run with Elements One/Pro was relatively unsuccessful.

Double Dimension

‘LeBronDota’ initially acted as a stand-in for the team Double Dimension after a player departed from the roster. However, he ended up playing with the squad until December. The team ultimately failed to achieve any notable results other than a 3rd place finish at the FACEIT Pro League.

Natus Vincere

In February of 2018 ‘LeBronDota’ would join Natus Vincere as their support player replacing ‘SoNNeiKo’.

International tournaments

‘LeBronDota’ has no major international wins. The only 1st place he has achieved was in 2016 with the team Spider Pigzs at ProDotA Cup Europe #6. He has placed 2nd at several minor tournaments and a 4th place finish at the Russian e-Sports Cup 2017 won him the most money from any one tournament, at $4,600.