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These days, StarCraft 2 tournaments have seen a slight drop in popularity, but there are still developments being made. For more than a decade, StarCraft 2 has been at the forefront of the esports industry, boasting some hugely valuable tournaments.

As we move into 2024, there’s something of a stacked schedule for StarCraft 2, featuring multi-million-dollar events. Let’s break down the 2024 schedule for the most notable StarCraft 2 tournaments.

ESL Pro Tour – The Highest Level

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Image Credits: ESL and DreamHack

For those unaware, the ESL Pro Tour has been the home of Tier 1 SC2 Tournaments for the past few years, working with other event organizers in multiple regions, and featuring the best StarCraft 2 players.

Moreover, the 2023/24 ESL SC2 Pro Tour events are scheduled as follows:

ESL SC2 Masters: Summer 2023 Finals16-18th June 2023
ESL SC2 Masters: Winter 2023 Finals15-17th December 2023
IEM SC2 Katowice 20248-11th February 2024
ESL SC2 Masters: Spring 2024 Final13th May to 2nd June 2024
Esports World Cup August 2024

Beyond the weekly ESL Open Cups, the ESL StarCraft II Masters events take place in four regional leagues as follows:

  • Americas – North America and Latin America
  • Asia – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Oceania, Rest of Asia
  • European
  • Korea (operated by GSL)

Indeed, merging the smaller regions has been done to improve the level of competitive StarCraft 2 overall, exposing weaker regions to stronger regions.

best starcraft tournaments esports

Players will want to make it to the Finals to earn more ESL Pro Tour Points and to have a shot at the prize pools!

EPT StarCraft II Championship – World Championship

Following an intense season of competition, where the open ecosystem implies that literally, anyone can compete, everything draws to a final post-season event.

Titled the EPT StarCraft II Championship, this is one of the most highly anticipated esports tournaments, featuring only the top players in the entire world.

Typically hosted in Katowice, Poland, the 2024 EPT StarCraft II Championship is headed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the Esports World Cup. With 5 days of competition, this season features the largest prize pool ever in the history of StarCraft, and is outlined in our Esports World Cup betting preview.

The Road to EWC this year involves the following seeding:

TournamentEWC Seeds
SC2 Masters SummerSerral
SC2 Masters WinterClem
IEM Katowice 2024Top 4
ESL SC2 Masters Spring FinalsTop 4
EPT EU StandingsTop 2
EPT KR StandingsTop 2
EPT AM StandingsWinner
EPT AS StandingsWinner
Open Qualifier Top 2

This past season, 2023’s World Champion, Riccardo “Reynor” Romitiwas was crowned the best SC2 player on the global level, claiming $150,000 in prizes.

Considering the stakes and excitement surrounding this event, it’s simply the best StarCraft betting opportunity all year long, worth marking your calendar for.

GSL 2024 – Korea as the Top Region

starcraft 2 tournaments gsl
Image Credits: GSL

Moving on, we need to place emphasis on the GSL – the organizer running South Korean SC2 Tournaments. Running alongside the ESL Pro Tour, the passion for the esport in this region merits such an approach.

Out of all the regions for the ESL Pro Tour, Korea is without a doubt worth considering for StarCraft II betting as it’s the top regional StarCraft 2 tournament. Regardless, ESL Pro Tour points are on the line and this is the particular format for this region.

StarCraft 2 Tournaments – Third-Party Events

Besides the main events in the ESL Pro Tour, there are a number of third-party events which, while they may not be best for esports betting, are great for some fun and bring a different element, such as team-play to StarCraft II. 

Here are some examples of events which will likely take place this year:

  • HomeStory Cup
  • TeamLiquid StarLeague
  • World Team League

Overall, it seems like StarCraft 2 esports is looking to grow this coming season.

Correspondingly, opportunities for StarCraft betting are only improving.

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