StarCraft 2 Tournaments in 2022

These days, StarCraft 2 tournaments have seen a slight drop in popularity, but there are still developments being made. For more than a decade, StarCraft 2 has been at the forefront of the esports industry, boasting some hugely valuable tournaments. As we move into 2022, there’s something of a stacked schedule for StarCraft 2, featuring multi-million-dollar events.

Fortunately, as a result of StarCraft 2’s dip in popularity, the landscape is remarkably easy to digest. There are a few top-tier tournaments, and that’s really it, particularly when it comes to StarCraft 2 betting. If you’re interested in getting involved with StarCraft 2’s esports scene, there’s not too much to understand.

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Let’s break down the 2022 schedule for the most notable StarCraft 2 tournaments.

Giving Them One Last Chance

As we move into January of 2022, we’ll be bearing witness to the ‘last chance’ for some of the best StarCraft 2 players. Between the 11th and the 16th of January, the DreamHack SC2 Masters 2021 event will take place, acting as the last chance for players to qualify for the IEM Katowice 2022 championship event.


Every year, the ‘ESL Pro Tour’ serves as the backbone for StarCraft 2 tournaments and esports. It’s the core path that all pro StarCraft 2 players will follow, and it is broken up into several events that unravel over the course of a year. It starts with the DreamHack SC2 Masters Summer event, which typically runs from May to July. Then, the schedule will transition into the DreamHack SC2 Masters Fall event, which follows a window of July to September.

At that point, the final event in the yearly schedule takes place – the DreamHack Winter SC2 event, typically running from September to November. Then, finally, outside of the regular schedule, the Last Chance tournament kicks off. In 2022, we’ll see that one played out in January. When it comes to StarCraft 2 betting, the ESL Pro Tour is one of the best event ‘packages’ to focus on.

Taking To The Grand Stage

Although it’s still connected directly to the ESL Pro Tour, the ‘Intel Extreme Masters’ event is considered the pinnacle of StarCraft 2 esports. It’s one of the most highly anticipated esports tournaments in the space, boasting a huge prize pool and crowning the grand champion. Traditionally, the IEM event for StarCraft 2 is held in Katowice, Poland, and it tends to last around one week.

In 2022, this high-octane StarCraft 2 tournament boasts a massive $500,000 prize pool and three intense stages. It runs from the 19th to the 27th of February, and throughout that week, thirty-six of the world’s greatest SC2 players will do battle. There’s a Round of 36 stage, followed by a Group Stage, then a tense Playoff stage. Ultimately, the tournament plays through to a best-of-seven final event that will see the world champion of StarCraft 2 don their crown.

Before this event kicks off, placement is determined by how many ‘EPT Points’ each player has acquired over the course of the previous year. There are certain events that will grant players hundreds of points and a preferential seeding for the IEM Katowice championship. In 2021, the prize pool was just $250,000, and the grand prize was secured by Reynor, a player from Italy.

Becoming Super

Outside of the ESL Pro Tour sits the GSL, otherwise known as the Global StarCraft II League. This is the best StarCraft 2 tournament – or group of tournaments – outside of the EPT, and it makes for fantastic StarCraft 2 betting opportunities.


For the 2022 StarCraft 2 competitive calendar, there can be as many as three ‘GSL Super Tournaments’ that take place. Currently, the total count of GSL tournaments taking place in 2022 isn’t confirmed, but in 2021, there were three. These were held in January, May, and November, and collectively, they boasted a prize pool worth around $75,000. In recent years, something of a restructure took place, with the GSL tournaments now offering legitimate ESL Pro Tour points, despite not being connected to the tour itself.

Ultimately, the GSL events make up some of the most prolific StarCraft 2 tournaments, even if they’re not the most valuable. Their history can be traced back more than a decade, and they offer fantastic StarCraft 2 betting potential.

If you’re looking to make some money with StarCraft 2 wagers in 2022, you can’t overlook the GSL events.