Best StarCraft 2 Players of all Time

StarCraft was first released way back in 1998, whereupon it quickly became a massively popular videogame. Within a few short years, it had spawned an entire universe, and it was adored by millions of fans around the world. It was a platform driven almost effortlessly forward by Blizzard, one of the biggest names in gaming at the time. Today, with all that information in mind, we’re here to find out who is the best StarCraft 2 player of all time are.

In 2010, more than a decade after the first title launched, a sequel was released. This title would ultimately become the grand platform for the majority of StarCraft’s esports. These days, StarCraft 2 offers a vibrant, competitive, and diverse esports vertical. It’s hugely popular and extremely valuable – but which players are the most iconic, or most highly skilled? In the paragraphs below, we look at the most successful pro-gamers ever to grace this RTS, in our quest to find the best SC2 player of all time.

#RankIDNameRaceYears Active
1RougeLee Byeong YeolZerg2012 - Present
2MaruCho Seong-juTerran2010 - Present
3MvpJung Jong-hyunTerran2010 - 2014
4FlashLee Young-hoTerran2011 - 2015
5INnoVationLee Shin-hyungTerran2012 - Present
6SerralJoona SotalaZerg2011 - Present
7ReynorRiccardo RomitiZerg2013 - Present
8LifeLee Seung-hyunZerg2011 - 2016
9TrapCho Sung-hoProtoss2012 - Present
10ClemClément DesplanchesTerran2013 - Present

1. Lee ‘Rogue’ Yeol

Rogue best starcraft players

As of 2021, Rogue was classified as the highest earner in the history of StarCraft. In total, he’d picked up almost $1 million through his expansive list of StarCraft II victories. Since he burst onto the scene in 2010 with the launch of StarCraft II, Rogue worked hard to establish himself as a top contender in the space. No other player has dominated Blizzard’s sequel in such a convincing manner, so he is our pick for the best StarCraft 2 player of all time.

From 2017 to 2021, Rogue claimed eight Premier victories, two Major victories, and more than forty minor wins. Most recently, his crowning moment was defined by a massive $150k win at the IEM Katowice event in 2020. There can be no doubt that Rogue is one of the best StarCraft players of all time – and certainly the winningest. The StarCraft betting sites quite simply love him.

2. Cho ‘Maru’ Seong-ju


There are many who will happily claim that Maru is the best StarCraft 2 player of all time. He’s certainly one with impeccable achievements, claiming the title of the youngest GSL player of all time. When he was just thirteen years of age, he competed in a televised event, making history in one of his first competitions.

Today, he trails ever so slightly behind Rogue as one of the highest earners in StarCraft. At the time of writing this piece, Maru boasts a collective pot of $1,3 million in StarCraft earnings. In the eleven years he has been competing, Maru has claimed a huge number of wins. However, throughout 2022, his luck has been lacking somewhat, and he’s yet to secure a grand victory this year.

Regardless, Maru definitely deserves a spot on this list, with some suggesting that when he plays, it isn’t TvT, but TvM.

3. Jung ‘Mvp’ Jong Hyun


Mvp is consistently rated as one of the best StarCraft players of all time. He’s one of the few players that was able to compete with success across both StarCraft and StarCraft II, claiming huge victories across both titles. Unfortunately, Mvp retired a few years ago, but when he was actively competing, he was a force to be reckoned with.

By the time he retired, it was estimated that Mvp had accrued more than half a million dollars in earnings. Throughout his StarCraft career, Mvp was a part of – and helped launch – some of the most prestigious StarCraft organisations in history. The impact he had on the industry and the game itself is unparalleled, and his presence is sorely missed today.


4. Lee ‘Flash’ Young-ho


Like Mvp, Flash retired some time ago, but he’s still talked about today as the best StarCraft player of all time. While he was an active competitor, Flash was an almost unstoppable presence, dominating both StarCraft and StarCraft II. In fact, it was on StarCraft (‘Brood War’) that Flash made the majority of his esports fortune.

According to, Flash is the highest earner in the history of StarCraft: Brood War. Today, Flash exists as a literal Hall of Famer where StarCraft is concerned. If Flash had seen more success on StarCraft II, he’d certainly be a contender for the ultimate, top spot.


5. Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala


Serral is the first player on this list from the EU region, originating from Finland. He’s also one of the (if not the) highest European earners in StarCraft history. And his status as the best StarCraft player of all time? Oh yes, that’s definitely a topic for discussion. He stormed the StarCraft 2 tournaments scene with victories against the best Korean players, something that was unheard of at the time.

As of 2022, Serral had claimed just over $1,15 million in earnings, through an enormous list of Premier and Major victories. The defining moment of his career came in 2018, when he scored the grand victory in the 2018 WCS Global Finals, landing a massive $280k in one sweep. However, that certainly wasn’t the end of the line for Serral, who would go on to win many more victories.

Today, he’s easily one of the best and most popular players in the franchise.

6. Lee ‘INnoVation’ Shin-hyung


When he made his name in competitive StarCraft, INnoVation was one of the youngest players on record. However, it wasn’t until StarCraft II came around that INnoVation began scoring victories all over the landscape. Also known as ‘Bogus’, the wunderkind from South Korea would go on to amass almost $800k in StarCraft earnings, before a temporary hiatus threw a spanner in the works.

In 2021, INnoVation was enlisted in the South Korean military, serving a mandatory eighteen-month duration. However, INnoVation went in hopeful that he could continue his dominance upon leaving the armed forces. There’s widespread anticipation for his return, with many fans ranking him as one of the best StarCraft players of all time.

If INnoVation could return with a powerful winning streak and claim a Major or Premier victory, he’d likely be certified as a Hall of Famer. Even though he struggled with consistency at many points of his career, he is a constant presence in any top regarding the best SC2 player of all time.

7. Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti


We continue the European streak with Reynor, a young and vibrant player from Italy. Despite only being 20 years of age, Reynor has been competing in StarCraft II since 2013, and he has made one hell of a name for himself. By 2022, this youngster had amassed $500k in earnings, punishing his opponents through Zerg dominance. If he can maintain this tempo, Reynor has a chance to become the best SC2 player of all time.

As time has pushed ever onwards, Reynor has become an ultimate force in the realms of StarCraft II. Most recently, at the IEM Katowice 2021 event, Reynor’s team defeated Zest to claim a $65k grand prize. There’s plenty in store for the future of Reynor, who remains one of the youngest pro players in the field. Those interested in esports betting must keep an eye on Reynor.

8. Lee ‘Life’ Seung-hyun


Life is one of the best StarCraft players of all time, without question. He may be retired as of 2021, but he’s still one of the most storied and legendary players in the space, with a huge number of wins to his name. During his pro StarCraft II career, Life pulled in half a million dollars in earnings, effortlessly defeating some of the biggest names in franchise history.

Throughout his dominant streak, Life defeated the likes of Mvp, Flash, and Maru – all of whom have made this list. Although he isn’t the biggest earner or winningest player in the history of StarCraft II, he’s certainly a strong contender for the best StarCraft player of all time.


9. Cho ‘Trap’ Sung-ho


Trap is an extremely skilled and talented player with almost ten years of experience winning at StarCraft II. Since 2012, Trap has been dominating the space, amassing more than $400k in earnings and collecting more than a few trophies. In 2021, veteran Trap beat Reynor, the Italian prodigy, at the TeamLiquid StarLeague 7 event.

Throughout his career, Trap has also gone toe-to-toe against Serral, INnoVation, Maru, and Rogue – but he hasn’t always been victorious. He is getting older now, but there’s still plenty of potential for Trap, who continues to compete as the years wear on and deserves a place on our list for the best StarCraft 2 player.

10. Clément ‘Clem’ Desplanches


We end this list with another up-and-coming player, in a similar position to Reynor. As of 2022, Clem was just 20 years of age, but he’d reportedly been playing StarCraft II since the age of ten. Since entering the competitive world of StarCraft, he’d amassed more than $200k in earnings. It’s these facts that contribute to Clem being mentioned as a challenger for the title of best StarCraft 2 player in the years to come.

Really, the majority of that statement is tied up in Clem’s potential. His young age and remarkable skill mean that there is plenty in store for the French prodigy as time goes on. As he continues to partner up with huge organisations like Team Liquid, his potential is only going to blossom further. If you’re looking for safe StarCraft betting odds, make sure to consider Clem.

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