Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Betting Guide – Odds, Schedule, Teams and More!

Posted on June 5, 2023 - Last Updated on August 30, 2023

As the highest level of competitive Apex Legends, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is a yearly celebration of battle royale esports. Pitting the very best against one another, the scene is also flooded with betting opportunities. Should you be interested in learning more, you’re in the right place – read on for our very own Apex Legends Global Series 2023 betting guide.

Top ALGS Betting Sites

Event Overview and Details

Organizer EA
RegionsNorth America, South America, EMEA, APAC North, APAC South
TournamentsChallenger Circuit, Qualifiers, Pro League, Playoff, Championship
Schedule8th October 2022 - 23rd July 2023
Prize Pool +$4,000,000

How to Bet on the Apex Legends Global Series 2023

Firstly, one needs to select from one of the many esports betting sites – be sure to only work with reputable and reliable sites.

Ways of knowing that an esports betting site is reliable include searching for a betting licence, deep betting markets, welcome bonuses and reading reviews such as the ones we produce.

The list of betting sites above is an excellent place to start.

ALGS Betting Outright Odds

Typically here at EsportsBets, outright Apex Legends odds are featured for every tournament preview.

At the time of writing, ALGS betting outright odds are yet to be available – we expect them to be as we near the ALGS Championship.

Once made available, we’ll be sure to update this page.

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Betting Guide

Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23 – Betting Markets

There are a number of Apex Legends betting markets to bet on depending on the esports betting sites. Let’s outline a few common examples below:

  • Outright Tournament Odds – every single event typically offers punters the opportunity to pick out who they think will win and be crowned champion in this very simple betting market.
  • Outright Match Winner – in the context of battle royale, betting one one individual team to come out on top compared to the many teams in the match is very difficult. Should you feel experienced enough, this is definitely a market to consider.
  • Higher/Lower Placement – perhaps easier than picking an outright match winner, punters have the opportunity to compare two teams and from them, pick which team will survive longer in the battle royale.
  • Special bets: 
    • First blood – bet on who you think will have the first slice of the cake when it comes to fragging at the tournament. This type of bet is usually determined in the first minutes of a round.
    • Longest kill – everyone loves spectating long-range gunfights. If you can bet the distance, whether higher or lower than a certain number, you might wanna give this market a try.

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 – Betting Tips

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Betting Guide

When it comes to betting on Apex Legends, especially if it’s your first time, we recommend checking out the following tips to bet on ALGS:

  1. Know the stakes and format of each event – there are a tonne of events for the ALGS this year. Each one offers their own stakes and format – be sure to know the event well before considering any bets of any kind.
  2. Understand battle royale – battle royale is one of those genres that is known to be high-risk high reward, however there are safer betting markets to go for – we recommend starting small.
  3. Play the game – if you really want to understand the game, we always recommend playing it yourself. Apex Legends is available on every platform under the sun – give it a shot and it may help you when it comes to ALGS betting – especially special bets.
  4. Live betting – definitely a top recommendation for battle royale, live betting is a fantastic way to stay hooked onto the broadcasted matches while rooting for a particular team.
  5.  Stay safe – as always, we recommend setting a spending budget, always placing informed bets and minimizing overspending.

Apex Legends Global Series Schedule

With so many regional events to look forward to, the best events with ALGS betting odds are the international events.

Here’s a list of the Apex Legends Global Series 2023 schedule for this season:

ALGS 2023 Split Playoffs2-5th February$1,000,000
ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs13-16th July $1,000,000
ALGS 2023 Championship1st August$2,000,000


Across the multiple regions of the Apex Legends Global Series 2023, teams compete in a Pro League with 30 teams for each region:

  • 22 directly invited teams
  • 8 teams from the Preseason Qualifier

After each Pro League, the best teams from each of the Apex Legends tournaments in each region are seeded into the Split Playoffs.

For example, for the Split 2 Playoffs, regional seeding is as follows:

  • North America – 11 teams
  • South America – 5 teams
  • EMEA – 10 teams
  • APAC North – 9 teams
  • APAC South – 5 teams

Overall, without a doubt, the most exciting event of the year is the ALGS Championship. Taking place in August 2023, only the best 40 teams in the world will compete for the $2,000,000 prize pool.

Seeding for the ALGS Championship will be as follows:

  • Top 30 teams – total Playoff point directly qualify for the Championship
  • 10 teams – Last Chance Qualifier

This final event will definitely be the best ALGS esports betting opportunity all year. Moreover, teams will compete through a group stage followed by an exciting bracket stage.

Apex Legends Global Series Prize Pool

With $2,000,000 of prize up for grabs at the final event, here’s how the prize pool will be broken down:

4th $170,000
5th $130,000
7th $80,000
8th $60,000
9th $50,000
10th $40,000

ALGS Rankings 2023

Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Betting Guide

Considering the most recent performances, predictions as of the time of writing feature the following teams as favourites heading into the second half of the season based off of placements at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs:

  1. TSM
  2. NRG
  3. Acend
  4. XSET
  5. Alliance
  6. Moist Esports

Currently at the top of the ALGS rankings, anything can happen by the end of the year.


With so much action to enjoy across so many region, the Apex Legends Global Series 2022-23 is reaching a new level this year. Accordingly, Apex Legends Global Series 2023 betting offers multiple opportunities especially for those just starting out.

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