Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is one of the most convenient ways to bet on sports matches. Their digital nature allows for a 24/7 stream of matches with transparent odds and fast resolution. If you want the excitement of live sports betting with the convenience of traditional casino games, virtual sports betting is for you.

Virtual sports in the betting world refer to computer-controlled matches where sports teams play against each other with determined odds. These games take place entirely on a computer, with a visual representation to help you follow the action. Esports are also popular for their convenience and excitement, but real teams play them with an uncertain outcome.

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Virtual sports specifically refers to simulated, computer-operated betting opportunities visualized as traditional sports. In some senses, virtual sports betting is more similar to a casino game than conventional wagering. If you’re already an avid fan of pro gaming, many of the more popular esports betting sites already feature virtual sports.

Available Sports for Virtual Betting

All virtual sports betting opportunities model themselves after traditional sports. That includes the rules of the game along with computer-generated players, strategies, and team names, if applicable. Many sports are available virtually, but listed below are the most popular options available on virtual esports betting sites.

Virtual Football at Betway Sportsbook
  • Greyhound Racing – Although difficult to find nowadays, dog racing is an incredibly popular virtual offering. The rules are simple, and the large number of competitors makes any bet exciting.
  • Horse Racing – Similarly to greyhound racing, virtual sports are the easiest way to bet on horses. Virtual horse racing sites will sometimes simulate real-life events before a famous race occurs.
  • Basketball – The global favorite is also available as a simulated competition. Two teams mean very close odds for most matches. Basketball is also one of the most appealing visual sports. It differs from ebasketball betting (basketball esports) which includes human players.
  • Soccer – The beautiful game is a favorite of traditional bettors, but soccer betting is also available 24/7 on a computer-controlled pitch. The close odds are complemented by the fast pace of virtual soccer matches.
  • Tennis – One of the most popular sports for betting is also available on demand virtually. Virtual tennis matches are some of the fastest paced options for esports bets.
  • Motorsport – Racing is one of the simplest sports to bet on, so it’s only natural that it’s offered as a virtual sport. Virtual motorsports are also some of the best looking simulated betting games around.

What’s the appeal of Virtual Sports Betting?

Traditional sports bettors might not immediately understand the appeal of virtual sports. The matches don’t feature any of their favorite real-life teams, and there isn’t any reason to connect with the players. However, the real appeal of virtual sports lies in their convenience and surprising level of entertainment.

Virtual Motor Racing at Betway Sportsbook

The person most likely to engage with virtual sports betting isn’t a hardcore traditional sports fan. Most bettors treat virtual sports as a sports-themed casino game. This is reflected in their usually shortened match times, which provide ongoing opportunities to join the action. The video engines that direct virtual sports can vary in quality, with some rivaling popular esports like FIFA or Madden. Betway, MyStake and Bet365 all feature virtual sports on state-of-the-art display engines, so there’s definitely a visual appeal too.

Their convenience also makes them a premier choice for some betting opportunities. Virtual sports betting apps are offered by several virtual sports betting sites, including Bet365. Virtual sports providers also emphasize certain events. Horse racing is commonly available as a virtual sport, oftentimes with horses meant to simulate real-life races. Virtual Grand National betting and virtual Kentucky Derby betting are two of the most popular virtual sports attractions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual sports betting is the act of placing wagers on simulated sports and earning money if your selected team wins. Virtual sports are simulated sports, meaning they are controlled by a computer with preset odds. In fact, the winner of the match is usually decided as soon as it begins. Virtual sports betting offers on-demand sports gambling with the entertainment of a match.

There aren’t a whole lot of strategies when it comes to virtual sports betting, but the odds for each participant are usually shown on the website. Take a look and decide what kind of risk you want to take. Virtual sports betting sites can feature team games like football and basketball or individual sports like horse racing. The format of the simulated bet can significantly affect the odds. 

Virtual sports lay out a list of odds for each outcome and then play a short computer-controlled game of a traditional sport. Virtual sports are not esports or fantasy esports; they’re their own betting genre. They work like a simple “spin the wheel” casino game but visualize the process as a traditional sports game with players, rules, and points.