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Published: Jun 5, 2023 - Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Esports betting affiliate programs have continued to gain immense popularity thanks to the high worldwide betting market size that was expected to grow up to $27.5 billion by 2023. Another contributing factor is the fact that betting is among the affiliate marketing verticals that are bound to remain active forever because gamblers will always place bets on esports betting sites and bookmakers are always in need of new players.

Sports betting affiliate programs are popular due to the fast growth of the betting industry and the high viewership records. With Esports being considered the sports of the internet, venturing into esports affiliate programs is an excellent long-term investment.

If you’re stuck on how to start investing in sportsbook affiliate programs, we’re here to help you. Our team of experts has vast experience in gambling affiliate programs, and we are happy to help you start the amazing journey of affiliate marketing in this industry. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about esports betting affiliate programs to determine whether it’s the right investment for you.


Affiliate Programs in the Esports Betting Industry

Before investing your time, energy and money in a venture such as this, here are some important terms to understand.

esports betting affiliations

What are Esports Betting Affiliate Programs?

Esports betting affiliate programs are a type of advertising in which a person gets paid to refer customers to online providers. One can accomplish this through various ways including creating marketing campaigns, blog posts, promotional videos, and social media posts among other methods.

Each time you successfully get a customer to visit an esports betting site to wager, you receive a commission. As an affiliate, you get compensated based on the conversions you generate.

Mechanism of Esports Betting Affiliate Programs

You can make a decent income from affiliate marketing if you do it right. That means choosing the right commission program that best suits your needs and preferences. Below are three major esports betting affiliate program mechanisms.


Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is a kind of affiliate program in which an affiliate marketer gets paid a one-time fee by the merchant. Whenever a lead makes the first deposit, the affiliate marketer gets a commission. To get the commission, the lead must meet the program’s criteria, which includes the terms of the merchant, and therefore qualify as a client.

It’s the most popular due to its simplicity and returns
You don’t need to wait until a lead spends money on the site
There is a lot of competition for this model
A lead has to meet the requirements and become a qualifying client before you get your commission

Revenue Share Model

Also known as Revshare, this model sees an affiliate marketer get paid a commission based on a percentage of the net gaming revenue earned by the bookmaker. While the commission may be high, it depends on how active the leads are.

You get to earn a commission on the lifetime losses of your referred leads provided they keep betting
High commission amounts since the more a lead bets, the higher your commission
Your leads have to spend money betting for you to receive a commission
The income is unpredictable

Hybrid Model

This is a mixture of both Revenue Share and CPA models. In this model, affiliate marketers receive commissions based on both CPA and Revshare models. It’s ideal for new affiliate marketers.

You enjoy the benefits of both CPA and Revshare
It’s ideal for both short-term and long-term investment goals
Not all affiliate partners offer the hybrid model
Potential Benefits of Becoming an Esports Betting Affiliate

Potential Benefits of Becoming an Esports Betting Affiliate

Are you still not convinced why you should venture into igaming affiliate programs? We have been doing this for years and these are some of the benefits that we have enjoyed.

  1. It offers you an opportunity to make a passive income in a highly flexible way, which you can turn into a full-time career
  2. You get paid through your preferred payment method, and payments are made weekly. Also, the withdrawal limit is low, allowing you to enjoy your hard-earned earnings sooner than later.
  3. Most affiliate networks provide marketers with the necessary materials, which eliminates high expenses except the cost of running your site. Some networks offer help from professional marketers who assist new ones find the ideal approach to their audience.
  4. Since one doesn’t have a binding contract with one business, affiliate marketers can do esports betting affiliate marketing for multiple businesses. That way, if one affiliate site is not generating any income, or the income is low, they get to enjoy combined income, which can be significantly high.

Getting Started: Becoming an Esports Betting Affiliate

So, you have decided to join esports betting affiliate programs, and you’re wondering how to get started, especially if you don’t do Twitch betting.

Here are a few things to consider.

Eligibility Criteria – Who Can Become an Esports Betting Affiliate?

Anyone can become an esports betting affiliate since you don’t need any special skills. However, it’s important to have some basic knowledge of how affiliate marketing works. Before becoming an affiliate, you need to have an online presence and followers. Knowledge of esports would be an added advantage.

However, some sites have their criteria for affiliates. For example, if you’re a streamer, a site might require you to have at least 50 followers, have a specific number of concurrent viewers over the past month, and have specific total minutes broadcast in the past month, among other requirements.

Check with the website to learn the requirements before signing up.

Finding and Choosing the Right Esports Betting Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you can choose between two kinds of affiliate programs. They include:

How to Apply for an Esports Betting Affiliate Program

The process is straightforward and follows a few steps.

  1. Select your preferred affiliate program
  2. Register for an affiliate account
  3. Get your affiliate links

Decide how to use your marketing material and start earning.

Top Esports Betting Affiliate Programs

Here are five top sports betting affiliate programs.

1. GG.Bet Affiliates

ggbet affiliates esports betting affiliate programs

To start off our esports betting affiliate programs is GG.Bet. GG.Bet is among the biggest and most prominent esports betting sites. We cover this particular operator quite extensively as you can see from our GGBet review – which we recommend that you read.

At GG.Bet, players can bet on regular sports as well as esports. Players will also find a well-stocked casino. Its affiliate program accepts any traffic source, which means that you don’t need a website to work with them. Their Revshare begins at 40%, and you benefit from their 10-level referral system.

2. Thunderpick Affiliates

esports betting affiliates thunderpick

From our Thunderpick review, we discovered that this is another high-paying affiliate program for casino, esports, and sports betting affiliates. The platform offers affiliates tools and marketing materials to help them create, optimize, and track their marketing campaigns. Their Revshare stands at 50%.

3. BC.Game

BC.Game Igaming Affiliate Program

The BC.Game program is for both sports betting and casino. Affiliates get a 25% Revshare commission whenever a lead places a wager. Also, the platform offers affiliates a $1,000 referral reward for each friend they invite. Here is our BC.Game review.

4. Loot Partners

Loot.Partners Esports betting affiliate programs

Do you wish to start earning up to 60% Revshare commission? Then, Loot Partners is your ideal affiliate program. It’s a renowned esports betting site, and the affiliate program offers bi-weekly payments. Our Loot.Bet review offers you everything you need to know about the site.

5. Affiliates

bitcasino casino affiliate program

Have you read our Bitcasino review? This is a casino affiliate program for Bitcoin casino games. The platform offers affiliates up to 45% in Revshare. Affiliates get paid in Bitcoin, and they get to enjoy fast payouts. Their top affiliates get rewarded with exclusive events around the globe.

A Brief Overview of Esports Betting and Affiliate Programs

We want to help you understand how esports betting affiliate programs work but first, you need to understand a few important things.

Understanding Affiliate Programs in the Gambling Industry

Betting affiliate programs help connect affiliates with affiliate programs thus allowing them to promote betting-related offers. Affiliates are considered a vital link between players in search of relevant gambling platforms and casinos looking for a reliable source of traffic.

Understanding the Esports Betting Landscape

Esports betting has gained immense popularity changing the way people gamble online. It has changed sports betting’s landscape. Esports encompass a wide variety of video games, each featuring distinct gameplay, mechanics, and competitive scene. Examples of major esports include Dota 2 and League of Legends.

These games have a huge player base and host many tournaments worldwide, which offer sufficient betting opportunities. Knowing how the games work and the tournament formats is a must for anyone wishing to venture into esports betting.

Major Players in the Esports Betting Industry

As of 2023, the major players in the esports betting market include GG.Bet, Thunderpick and Bet365. These key players are mainly concentrating on technical development to ensure increased efficiency.

Key Elements of Successful Esports Betting Affiliate Programs

1. Attractive Commission Structures in Esports Betting Affiliate Programs

As aforementioned, esports gambling affiliate programs offer attractive commission structures. Regardless of which method you choose as an affiliate, you’re assured of a passive income with companies offering up to 60% or more Revshare commissions. The more friends you get to sign-up and play on these platforms, the higher your commission amounts.

2. Quality Marketing and Promotional Tools for Affiliates

All reputable esports betting platforms that have affiliate programs are willing to help their affiliates maximize their earnings. They do this by offering them quality promotional and marketing tools that can help them set up their accounts and attract new leads.

3. Providing Transparent Tracking and Reporting Systems

To deem your affiliate program successful, it should have an effective tracking and reporting system that captures your customers’ clicks, page views, and conversion data that you then provide to the online merchant. Some companies offer affiliates such systems that help them generate reports so that the merchant can understand how effective their affiliate program is.

4. Importance of Trustworthy and Responsive Affiliate Support

As a new affiliate, you need all the support a platform can offer to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing venture. That is where affiliate support comes in. They need to be highly responsive and trustworthy to answer all your questions and help you set up your affiliate program hassle-free.

esports betting affiliate programs

Lessons Learned from Successful iGaming Affiliates

As esports affiliates, we have learned a lot along the way regarding gambling affiliate programs, and we’re willing to let you in on the secrets. As an affiliate, you need to thoroughly study your audience to understand user behaviour and needs. From there, you can form a hypothesis of how they are likely to behave when you present them with your offers and content.

Avoid copying what other brands are doing, and formulate your unique way of doing things. Base your method on what fits your audience’s needs regardless of whether you’ll start with a blank page. That way, you’ll get in with the right idea and accurate data to help you build your affiliate marketing business.

Also, you need to understand the esports betting industry so that you can advertise the same on your socials with authority. If your audience believes in what you’re trying to sell them, they are more likely to sign up, which means a commission for you.


Gambling and online betting is a big vertical that comes with numerous chances of making money with a casino affiliate program. While things might start slow, as you build your affiliate marketing medium, you get to refer more people, which means bigger commissions. Turning affiliate marketing into a passive income stream is achievable with discipline, dedication, and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

🎮 What is an esports betting affiliate?

It’s a type of advertising in which an affiliate gets paid a commission by an online esports betting platform for referring customers. Each time you convince a person to visit the platform and place a wager, you get paid an agreed commission fee.

🧐 Where can I find gambling affiliations?

We have reviewed a few top betting affiliate programs that you can try out. They offer affiliates amazing rewards in the form of Revshare commission percentages among other things. One can also check out if their favorite esports casino offers affiliate marketing opportunities and take advantage.

🤑 How do I become an iGaming affiliate?

Choose your preferred partner/gambling platform and determine which content platform you wish to do your affiliate marketing. Once you’re ready, choose the right sportsbook affiliate programs for you and sign up to get your affiliate links. Create amazing content to attract people and find ways to drive traffic to your affiliate site so that you can start earning.
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