Crash Game Predictor Guide: Is it Possible to Predict the Crash Game?


Such is the popularity of Crash that lots of gamers are on the hunt to find a Crash game predictor. After all, this game is a lot of fun to play but it can be hard to get any consistent wins.

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So we’ve got this guide that explains whether a Crash game predictor can help you make smarter predictions. Failing that, we’ll have a look at what you can do by yourself to avoid making too many losses when you next play Crash.

Why players want a Crash game predictor

If you ever play Crash gambling you will know that this casino game can be very tricky to win. After all, most versions of Crash are set up in a way that gives the casino a slightly better chance of winning. If you are looking to get more wins when you play Crash, then you might start looking for outside help.

Is it possible to predict a Crash game?

No, is it not possible to predict a Crash game. This is because the results of Crash are based on the outcomes of a random number generator: 

  • This is a special piece of software that is devised to ensure that each round of Crash provides completely random results that are independent of the round before.
  • Such a random number generator cannot be hacked as it uses a kind of cryptographic hashing to ensure fair play for all.

What are the odds of a Crash game?

While you cannot predict what’s going to happen in an individual round of Crash, you can get a pretty good idea of what the results will be over the long term. This is because each game of Crash will be set to have a fixed return to player percentage.

crash game predictor

For example, the Crash game at Stake has an RTP of 99%. This means that for every $100 that you wager on the game, you could expect to get $99 back over time on average.

However, the RTP of Aviator is set at 97% so you might need to use some Aviator game tricks to get more wins with this game. Some other Crash games can go down to an RTP of around 95%. So be sure to do your research before you play any version of this casino game.

How to make a Crash predictor

While any piece of software that claims to be a Crash game predictor will be doomed to failure, there are certain Crash game tricks that you can use to get more wins and minimise the effects of those losses.

So try these tips out the next time you play any variant of Crash:

1. Bet on the lower multipliers

  • All Crash games will feature some kind of aeroplane or rocket exploding more frequently among the lower multipliers than the high ones.
  • So if you want to win more games of Crash, you will have more success by consistently wagering on a multiplier like 1.2x rather than 12.0x.

2. Try a double bet

  • This is a trick that will only work with the Aviator version of the Crash game.
  • After all, it is a trick that requires you to use the dual-bet function where you put two bets down on the same round of Crash.
  • So with this technique, you would make your standard Aviator game prediction on a low multiplier, but then you could make another bet on a higher multiplier to ensure that you are covered no matter what the outcome is.

is it possible to predict a crash game?

3. Wager with low stakes

  • Anyone who has played Crash for any time will know that this game can throw up lots of low multipliers in a row.
  • So best prepare for this eventuality by only wagering with low stakes so that you can keep playing should you hit a nasty losing streak.

4. Try the demo versions

  • Lots of online casinos will let you play Crash in a demo mode which means that you don’t have to use your own money.
  • This can be a great way to try out different techniques and get a good feel for Crash gaming rather than risking your own cash.

5. Use any available bonuses

  • Most casino sites will have bonuses that give you extra credit for doing things like making deposits and so on.
  • So make sure that you use these bonuses to enjoy playing Crash for free.
  • Remember to always read the terms and conditions of these bonuses.

Don’t worry about using a Crash game predictor

To conclude, if you were wondering ‘Is it possible to predict a Crash game’ then this guide has shown you that there is simply no need to use a Crash game predictor. Not only are such bots and algorithms useless at predicting all Crash games, but they would take all of the fun out of the gameplay if they actually worked.

So rather than trying to hack into this game, you’d be much better off concentrating on understanding how probability works and wagering responsibly. Perfect for getting more enjoyment out of one of the biggest casino gaming trends of recent years.

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