Crash Strategy Guide – Learn the Best Crash Gambling Strategy


Our guide is here to help you figure out a great Crash strategy that’ll help you win more often when you play this casino game. We’ll outline some of the mistakes that newbies often make when they play Crash, and highlight some top tricks used by veterans of this game. All of this should be enough to help you enjoy more wins than losses the next time you play Crash.

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Why you need a Crash strategy

Crash is a casino game that is all about making your predictions against the laws of probability. It sounds simple but all of the best Crash gambling sites will engineer the game so that you experience marginally more losses than you do wins.

This isn’t saying that these Crash gambling sites are fixed, it’s just the way that they can stay in business so that they can keep offering you a great way to play. However, there are a few tricks you can use to keep these losses to a minimum as we’ll discuss below.

best crash gambling strategy

Minimize your losses: How to win Crash

  • In order to win more Crash games, you’ll have to understand the basic gameplay.
  • This is where you just have to predict how far a little rocket will travel before it explodes.
  • The key thing to remember here is that the rocket is far more likely to explode after getting past the lower multipliers than the higher ones.
  • This means that you will win more Crash games simply by wagering on lower multipliers such as 1.5x rather than 15x.

OK, so you won’t make any massive individual wins by doing this, but lots of smaller wins are better than holding out for one big one.

Picking the best Crash game

Bear in mind that while there are lots of different versions of Crash such as Space XY and Aviator, they have much more differences beyond the superficial details.

After all, each Crash game will have its own return-to-player (RTP) ratio. This defines how much you are likely to win if you played that Crash game over time.

A RTP ratio is defined as a percentage, and so if you have a Crash game with a 99% RTP, then it means that you should back $99 from every $100 that you wager, on average.

This is clearly better than a Crash game with a 95% RTP. So make sure that you do your research into which game of Crash you are playing before you put your money down.

crash game tricks

According to its publisher, BGaming, the Space XY crash game has an RTP of 97%.

Key ingredients of the best Crash gambling strategy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on your computer or are using one of the best Crash gambling apps, as you’ll always need to be methodical in how you play this game. So here are a few tips to help you with your Crash strategy:

1. Start with the demo game

  • Thankfully lots of casino sites like give you a demo mode.
  • You won’t get too far playing Crash unless you understand the basic gameplay, this is where a game demo becomes handy.
  • These demos will help you figure out how to play Crash on Stake without blowing your own money.

2. Keep your stakes small and budget

  • We found that it’s best to wager with modest stakes when playing a game like Crash.
  • This means that you’ll be able to handle any of those losses when they inevitably occur and keep playing for longer.
  • Just another reason why it’s smart to set a sensible budget before you start any kind of gambling.

3. Understand how probability works

  • Each Crash game will base its results on a random number multiplier.
  • This means that each round is completely independent of the one before.
  • So it doesn’t matter whether the past five rounds have all had multipliers of over 10x as it doesn’t mean the next round will be the same.

4. Don’t follow the crowd

  • While many games of Crash have some fun social features, they shouldn’t guide your wagering.
  • After all, the chat features will have lots of players boasting about how much they are wagering and how much they’ve won.
  • Far better to ignore what other people are saying and don’t run the risk of following the herd.

5. Use those bonuses

  • Lots of online casinos will have bonuses that give you extra credit for making certain kinds of deposits.
  • This means that you’ll essentially be playing free Crash games without having to spend any more of your own money.
  • We’d recommend taking full advantage of these special offers just as long as you remember to read the small print.
  • After all, many of these deals contain wagering conditions that require you to wager your credit multiple times before you can make a withdrawal.

6. Try the double bet feature

  • This is one of the best Aviator game tricks that basically lets you put down two bets at once.
  • So here you could try a safe bet that the aeroplane will only reach a low multiplier, but then put down another bet that it will reach a higher one.
  • This way you’re getting the best of both worlds.

crash strategy

7. Be careful in following any Crash game tricks too blindly

  • The internet is littered with supposed tricks that say that they can give you guaranteed wins when you play Crash.
  • These often feature convoluted strategies such as the Martingale system but we’d advise giving them a miss.

After all, if these systems were so good then surely everyone would be using them and they’d be rich too. The key thing to remember is that there is no surefire way to win Crash because it uses a kind of cryptographic hashing to ensure that it delivers nothing but random results. You can read our guide that asks, ‘Is it possible to predict Crash game?’ for more about this.

How to make money on Crash gambling

While Crash is a game that you can wager real money on, it’s important that you don’t let this fact blind you into thinking that you can turn a profit when you play this casino game. After all, experienced gamblers know that losses are inevitable and the trick is to always play with stakes that you don’t mind losing.

  • This is why it’s best to treat all forms of gambling simply as mere entertainment.
  • You shouldn’t hold onto the hope that you make any real money wins.
  • By doing this, if you get lucky and make a big win, you’ll treat it as a bonus.
  • You’ll avoid the dangers of chasing after your losses should things go wrong.

Get started with your Crash strategy

We’ve shown you that a good Crash gambling strategy isn’t based on things like luck. After all, it will require you to:

  1. Think carefully about which Crash games you play
  2. Understand the inner mechanisms of how it works

This is because these casino games work means that you’ll probably lose more often than you win.

As a result, a decent Crash strategy will be one that minimises those losses so that you can enjoy playing the game for longer. So make sure that you check back to this page to refresh your understanding of the best way to play these iconic casino games.

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