EA Sports FC Betting: How to Bet on FC 24


Entering an exciting new era with a new name, EA Sports FC betting looks to make the most of the newfound hype of a rebranding from FIFA. In this EA Sports FC betting guide, we dive into every single detail one needs to know, whether an esports betting veteran or rookie.

Best EA Sports FC Betting Sites

Naturally, as we’ll dive into below, the best way to start with your EA Sports FC betting is by using the best esports betting sites. Here are a few recommendations listed:


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How to Bet on EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC betting
Image: EA

While newcomers may seem a little overwhelmed at first, betting on EA Sports FC and understanding EA Sports FC odds is a simple process with a few steps.

  1. Choose a betting site – considering your regional restrictions and your own personal preferences, such as between crypto betting or normal betting, pick out any esports betting site you fancy as explained below
  2. Sign up – this usually involves making an account, linking your payment information and confirming your age before proceeding with any esports bets.
  3. Make a deposit – with everything set up, you’ll need to make a deposit before your first EA Sports FC bet. Typically, esports betting sites tend to offer deposit bonuses to those just starting out.
  4. Download the app – the most popular esports betting sites tend to offer a mobile app to allow for convenient betting wherever you are in a streamlined package.
  5. Review the betting markets on offer – ranging from standard to special (or exotic or prop) bets, you’ll find quite a variety of betting markets to pick from.
  6. Place your bets– with everything in place and set up, you’re ready to play your first EA Sports FC bets.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some tips to help you make the essential decisions for the new face of FIFA betting.

Choosing the Best EA Sports FC Betting Site

EA Sports FC betting
Image: EA

There are a plethora of esports betting sites out there and choosing between them can be difficult with a number of EA Sports FC odds.

If you’d like to make sure you’re choosing the best EA Sports FC betting sites, look out for the following features;

  • An official betting licence – a prerequisite for any reputable esports betting site is an official betting licence which ensures that the betting is regulated and safe
  • Diversity of betting markets – the greater the depth of betting markets for an esport, offering special and simple bets, the higher quality the esports betting site. Also, only the most modern sites offer the option for live betting
  • Starting bonuses and deals – the best sites offer some extra incentive to help out those starting out, including betting starting bonuses and deals available on an initial deposit
  • Tournament bonuses – apart from offering bonuses to those starting out, esports betting sites often highlight particular tournaments with specific bonuses
  • Regional availability – last but not least, esports betting sites tend to abide by particular legislation and hence are only available in respective nations – check what sites are available for your region

Is betting on EA Sports FC Legal?

Yes, EA Sports FC betting is entirely legal depending on your region at the appropriate age.

Types of EA Sports FC Bets

EA Sports Betting FC
Image: EA

As an esport, EA Sports FC offers a number of betting markets with EA Sports FC odds – here’s a quick explanation:

  • Simple bets – these bets are ideal for everyone regardless of experience – markets such as outright tournament or match betting are as simple as picking a winner between a handful or two teams. These bets also tend to include handicap bets, where esports bookmakers try even the odds in one-sided matches.
  • Special bets – requiring a bit more insight, these bets refer to specific in-game moments. Examples include betting on the number of goals, the first goal, whether extra time will be hosted and the number of set pieces.
  • Live bets – one way to spice up any bet is to try some live betting – considering how short EA Sports FC matches are, live betting is definitely worth considering to improve the love viewership experience.

Upcoming Tournaments

Together with a rebranded name is a restructured esport – here’s a quick list of the upcoming EA Sports FC tournaments for the 2023-4 season:

EA Sports FC Pro Open October 2023 - February 2024
ePremier League November 2023 - March 2024
EA Sports FC Pro LeagueFebruary - June 2024
FC Pro World ChampionshipJune 2024
eChampions LeagueTBD 2024
Esports World CupSummer 2024

To explain further, the season is split into two levels of competition;

  • FC Pro Open – the Tier 2 “path to pro” with $1,000,000 on the line for players from ten regions across the world as they try to break into the FC Pro Leagues
  • FC Pro Leagues – working alongside official league partners such as the Premier League and MLS, the biggest clubs in the world have representatives facing off on the most prestigious stage in the world

For example, the ePremier League returns for 2023/24 as one of the top regional leagues. With a £100,000 prize pool on offer, teams have the opportunity to earn spots at both the eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championships. 

The format for the ePremier League involves Qualifiers taking place in November, Club Playoffs in December, Final Group Stages in January and Finals in March.

This schedule and format applies to other leagues such as the newly announced Virtual Bundesliga.

  • FC Pro World Championship – the top 32 players in the world, four from FC Pro Open and 28 from FC Pro Leagues, face off to be crowned the FC Pro World Champion and take home the majority of the $1 million prize pool
  • eChampions League – although details are pending, the eChampions League looks to highlight the post-season together with the FC Pro World Championship

In addition, the most exciting tournament of the year looks to take place at the Esports World Cup. While the details are yet to be confirmed, it’s likely that millions of dollars of prize will be on the line for multiple post-season tournaments. Learn more in our Esports World Cup betting guide.

How is EA Sports FC Played

Falling under the sports-simular genre of esports, EA Sports FC is easy to understand for anyone familiar with the most popular sport in the world – which is most people.

This simulation of football is rather simple.

Competitors take control of a team of 11 players, moving one person directly at a time.

In possession, it is up to the competitor to make the correct passes, crosses, dribbles, through balls and shots to end up with as many goals as possible. When out of possession, it is up to the competitor to block, tackle and defend as effectively as possible.

Overall, the complexity of EA Sports FC involves professional players controlling both individual footballers and the strategy of the entire team while reading their opponent.

EA Sports FC Betting
Image: EA

Matches tend to vary between 10-20 minutes depending on the settings, with an in-game 90-minute clock exactly like traditional football. Other features include free kicks, corners, penalties, stoppage time, extra time and substitutions.

At the highest level, EA Sports FC is played either in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 formats – every event will specify the format ahead of time.

Another unique element of EA Sports FC is that competitors construct their teams and select specific footballers to put on their teams according to their own preferences and playstyle.

At the highest level, EA Sports FC is all about reading and countering the opponent – it’s how the EA Sports FC’s best players play the game.

Worth noting is that EA Sports FC Mobile is also available for anyone interested in mobile gaming, although no associated esports tournaments have been revealed.

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