Paraboy Net Worth: How does this PUBG Mobile pro player make money?

Posted on October 7, 2022 - Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Welcome to our guide to Paraboy’s net worth. You’ll already know that Paraboy is one of the best PUBG gamers of all time, but not too many people know how this Chinese gamer makes his cash. So we are here to run through all of the ways that Paraboy adds to his bank balance.

From those insane tournament wins to those Weibo revenues, it seems that Paraboy always has lots of money coming in. So we’ve set up this page that gives you automatic updates whenever the Paraboy net worth increases. Take a look below to see how much cash Paraboy makes from his gaming!

Net Worth$1.3 million
Real NameZhu Bocheng
Date of Birth14 March 2002
ProfessionEsports player
Twitch FollowersN/A
YouTube Subscribers458,000 (fan channel)

Paraboy Net Worth

Who is Paraboy?

Paraboy is probably the best PUBG player of all time. With insane shooting accuracy and amazing team skills, he has pushed this battle royale game to the next level. Plus Paraboy’s natural good looks have made him a real hit among advertisers.

Paraboy was actually born Zhu Bocheng in China in 2002. An early interest in video gaming took off like wildfire when he first started playing PUBG Mobile and it wasn’t long before his skills got him signed up to the X-Quest F team. Here, he put in such a devastating performance during the 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split that he was named the most valuable player of the tournament.

From here, the esports organisation, Nova Esports, took over X-Quest F which meant that they got the hugely talented Paraboy on their books. This has taken Paraboy’s global fame to the next level and he’s even got a celebrity gaming girlfriend in the form of PUBG star Conan Mo Yannan. All of these have helped Paraboy to become one of the highest-paid gamers of recent times.

How does Paraboy make money?

Paraboy is one of the handful of gamers worldwide who has managed to break through to the upper level of pro gaming. Like Faker and S1mple, Paraboy has mastered his area of the domain and now sets the standards that others have to follow. Not only is this good for gaming as a whole, but it also means that he’ll keep his wallet nicely full! Let’s have a closer look at how Paraboy makes his cash.

Prize pool winnings

Paraboy has totally dominated the PUBG Mobile tournament scene and his net worth is like Faker’s net worth for LoL. Recently he’s helped his team pick up titles for things like the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 Grand Finals, and the Peacekeeper Elite League and also won awards like the Esports Mobile Player of the Year. All of this means that Paraboy will be earning a good amount of prize pool winnings from these tournaments. Plus it’s fair to say that Nova Esports will be keeping him on a decent retainer to make sure that he doesn’t wander off to any rival esports teams. All we’d expect from the greatest PUBG player of all time.

Weibo revenues

Paraboy doesn’t actually have his own channels on YouTube or Twitch. While there is a Paraboy YouTube channel, it’s actually a fan channel that posts some of his best clips. Instead of this, Paraboy posts all of his actions on the Chinese streaming platform, Weibo. This is where he picks up a healthy part of his revenues from all of the advertising money that comes in through his streams. As well as this, Paraboy will earn a fair amount from those lucrative sponsorship deals and it’s worth noting that the Chinese gamer will happily take your financial donations!

Get updates on the Paraboy net worth

It’s crazy to think just how much money Paraboy is making even though he has barely turned 20. He’s got a natural talent for playing PUBG that should set him up nicely for a good few years to come. Hopefully, he’ll be able to overcome the kinds of gaming-related injuries that put a dampener on Uzi’s net worth and keep him as one of the world’s top gamers. So watch this space to see where the Paraboy net worth heads next.

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