Best Rainbow Six Siege Teams in 2023


If there’s one esports title with a rocky history, it’s Rainbow Six Siege. For many, this is a rarely-seen title, despite it having existed since 2015. Today, there’s a thriving landscape, with multiple high-stakes tournaments taking place across the schedule, played out by some of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams the world has to offer.

In this guide, we’ve broken down the Top 10 R6 esports teams based on their performance in the last and current competitive season to let you know who to back when it comes to R6S betting. These teams have been consistent in their performance, with the majority of them winning some of the best Rainbow Six tournaments in the last few months. There’s plenty of money to be made through R6S esports, and these organizations are claiming as much of it as possible.

Top 10 R6 Esports Teams in 2023

10. FAZE


If you’ve placed some esports bets before (regardless of the title), you probably recognize FAZE. This is arguably the most visible, recognizable brand in esports today, and across many titles and proficiencies, the organization tends to rank quite high.

Now, there’s no doubt that FAZE is one of the best R6 teams in the business. This organization has been competing in the space for a few years, once upon a time being known as one of the most celebrated R6 pro teams out there.

At the tail end of 2021, FAZE secured a $200k prize by winning the Six Major Sweden. Following that grand victory, the squad would go on to finish 3rd in Six Invitational (SI) 2022, narrowly missing out against TSM. Given its performance in recent years, there’s still plenty in store for FAZE in 2023.

9. DarkZero Esports


Before 2022, you’d be excused for not knowing what “DarkZero” even was. Since it entered the Rainbow Six esports in 2019, DarkZero hasn’t made too many major waves. While the team has snatched a few minor victories and won some leagues here and there, a massive, major victory was always seemingly out of reach.

However, in May of 2022, DarkZero stormed the stage and secured the top prize at the Six Major Charlotte. It was a fairytale victory that proved that DarkZero was a force to be reckoned with, even if it was a young team in the league.

Coming out of that tournament, there were high expectations for DarkZero to achieve in the year ahead. Will the squad wind up being one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2023, defying all esports odds placed before them? Maybe.

8. Wolves Esports

The esports division of English football team Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Esports signed up for their first R6 esports season in May 2022 by signing LFO—just in time before the Six Major Charlotte in that month. They finished 9th-12th.

The startup roster included Bastien “BiBoo” Dulac, Yanis “Mowwwgli” Dahmani, Nicolas “P4” Rimbaud, and Axel “Shiinka” Freisberg, with Jimmy “DEADSHT” Vojtasik being the newest addition, only joining in March 2023 as a replacement for Valentin “risze” Liradelfo.

Wolves Esports compete at the highest level, qualifying for three consecutive Six Majors in their debut year: Berlin, Jönköping, and Charlotte. Their most recent achievement was reaching the playoffs of the Six Invitational 2023, where they managed to win two matches against G2 Esports—one of the best R6 esports teams competing in the tournament—and beat the Rainbow Six betting odds. Wolve Esports dropped them to the lower bracket in their first series. Unfortunately, G2 would return the favor in the quarterfinals and go on to win the entire tournament.

In any case, Wolves Esports have proven themselves to be among the best R6 teams. They are currently preparing for the upcoming Six Major Copenhagen 2023.

7. KOI

koi esports

KOI is a Spanish esports organization that merged with Rogue in December 2022. The newly formed roster would immediately qualify for the SI 2023, where they competed against the best R6 pro teams and finished 5th-6th.

Its players Pascal “cryn” Alouane, Tom “Deapek” Pieksma, Leon “LeonGids” Giddens, Jake “Leadr” Fortunato, and Adam “nudl” Hryceniak often utilize a wide array of operators. When it comes to R6 competitive maps, their diverse map pool allows them to adapt to their opponent’s strengths.

With their unconventional strategies, KOI has won:

  • Six Major Berlin 2022
  • 3rd-4th in Six Major Sweden 2021, Six Major Paris 2018, and Six Invitational 2018
  • DreamHack Valencia 2019
  • United States Nationals 2018

On 8 March, Leadr and nudl joined KOI from NAVI and Heroic, respectively. No one knows how the new roster would pan out, but for now, still one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2023 until proven otherwise.

6. Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming is among the richest R6 esports teams in the professional scene, amassing a sum of around $1.8 million in total cash winnings. The team was founded in 2018 and has since won several prestigious tournaments, including the SI 2020 where they became world champions. They were also the runner-up in the Six Major November 2020.

The American org has put together a roster of experienced players who have great synergy. This current lineup features Alec “Fultz” Fultz, Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens, Roman “Forrest” Breaux, Jack “J9O” Burkard, and Bryan “Merc” Wrzek.

The three members of the roster were signed on 14 March 2023. And whether this roster change was for the better or worse, only time could tell. They’re performing well so far in the North America League – Stage 1. Perhaps this is the roster that will finally bring home a second SI trophy.

5. Oxygen Esports


The ultimate result of a three-party merger, Oxygen Esports quickly climbed the competitive ladder, participating in the Six Major November 2020 only mere months after the creation of the org itself. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, they won 4th in the event.

The team consists of five talented North American players: Davide “FoxA” Bucci, Ethan “Nuers” James, Mitch “Dream” Malson, Jacob “Sweater” Bravico, and Evan “Yoggah” Nelson—the latter being the newest member, only joining on 10 March 2023.

Together, they had an amazing run in SI 2023, reaching the finals twice (one in the upper bracket, one in the lower) and leaving in 3rd place. They had scored the same podium finish in Six Major Charlotte nine months before.

Oxygen Esports only had a minor roster change going to Stage 1 of the North America League, which could give them time to fine-tune their rapport even more while the other best R6 esports teams commit to huge overhauls.

4. w7m esports

w7m esports

The Brazilian team w7m esports rose to prominence only this past year. Since they joined the competitive season in 2020, they mostly remained in the background—a stepping stone in other R6 esports teams’ road to success.

Then came 2022. It was when w7m esports seemingly got unleashed, finishing 3rd-4th in that year’s Berlin and Jönköping Majors. After these Major wins, the team showed consistent improvement and impressive results. They scored the highest on the 2022 Global Standings and managed to leave SI 2023 in 2nd place.

The team’s success can be attributed to its strong roster, which consists of Gustavo “HerdsZ” Herdina, Diego “Kheyze” Zanello, João “Jv92” Vitor, Felipe “FelipoX” Lucia, and Felipe “nade” Ferreira.

From prey to predator, w7m esports is a team that has come a long way since its inception. Perhaps they can sustain their upward trajectory and set new heights in Rainbow Six Siege starting this season.

3. Team Liquid


On 15 January 2018, Team Liquid announced that it had formed a Rainbow Six Siege division by signing the roster of MOPA Team from Brazil.

With their R6 appearance and entry to the R6 Pro League, Team Liquid quickly became a long-term franchise partner of Ubisoft and one of the most ambitious R6 Pro League teams in the game. Five years later, they’ve certainly become one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams to ever compete in competitive play.

Team Liquid players “André “nesk” Oliveira, Luccas “Paluh” Molina, Pablo “resetz” Oliveira, Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi and have achieved many impressive results in their Rainbow Six Siege careers. Below is a list of these results:

  • Six Major November 2020
  • Pro League 2020 Season 11 – Latin America
  • Pro League 2018 Season 7
  • Runner-up of Six Invitational 2021
  • Runner-up of Six Major Jönköping 2022

Team Liquid has signed former w7m Esports member Gabriel “volpz” Fernandes on 9 March 2023. They’re playing in the Brazil League 2023 as the heavy favorite.

2. Team BDS


Founded in 2019, Team BDS quickly rose to the top of the European and global R6 competitive scene, claiming multiple titles and breaking records along the way.

Most of the roster has been together since June 2020. It includes some of the best Rainbow Six Siege players in recent times: Olivier “Renshiro” Vandroux, Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu, Bryan “Elemzje” Tebessi, Loïc “BriD” Chongthep, and Théo “LikEfac” Mariano.

Together, with a rare combination of elite individual skill, teamwork, strategy, and adaptability, these players have earned the Swiss organization a total of $1.6 million in tournament prizes.

Some of their most notable achievements are:

  • Six Majors August 2020 and Jönköping 2022
  • Gamers8 2022
  • European League 2021 – Finals

Team BDS is undoubtedly among the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2023, and they’re not slowing down. They’re currently competing in the European League 2023 season, where they aim to defend their regional crown and qualify for the next major.

1. G2 Esports

G2 Esports Bets LoL Teams

G2 Esports is one of the most successful and dominant teams in the history of R6. It was formed in August 2018 when G2 Esports acquired PENTA Sports’ roster that had just won the Six Major Paris 2018.

Since then, G2 Esports has won several important events, including:

  • Six Invitationals 2019 and 2023
  • Six Majors Paris 2018, Charlotte 2022, and Berlin 2022
  • European League 2020 – Finals
  • Pro League 2018 Season 8 – Finals
  • Runner-up of Six Major Raleigh 2019
  • Runner-up of Six Major August 2020

The team is also known for its roster changes over the years, bringing in new talent from different regions and roles to adapt to the evolving meta of Rainbow Six Siege. The current roster consists of Jake “Virtue” Grannan, Karl “Alem4o” Zarth, Jack “Doki” Robertson, Byron “Blurr” Murray, and Benjamin “Benjamaster” Dereli, with Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten—once a notorious IGL—as their coach.

With the most recent Six Invitational under their belt and estimated winnings of $2.5 million in their pockets, G2 Esports is widely regarded as one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams today.

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