Best Rainbow Six Siege Teams In 2021

People often forget how long Rainbow Six Siege has existed. In 2021, the platform will turn six years old, and behind CSGO, it’s one of the longest ‘lifetimes’ of an FPS esports title. Since it first launched way back in 2015, Six Siege has exploded in popularity as both a casual and competitive title. Today, it boasts a thriving esports environment that’s equal parts valuable and exhilarating. And now, we’re here to discuss the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2021.

BDS Esport

Image Credit: Team BDS (Twitter)

BDS receives many positive marks for its sheer determination to succeed. This Swiss team is one of the best R6S organisations in Europe, and it has amassed almost $600,000 through playing Rainbow Six Siege. It has performed remarkably well in the European scene but has a bit of work to do internationally. In 2021, BDS secured the 8th spot in the Six Invitational event, but there are high hopes and positive predictions in store for BDS as a whole.

Although the esports odds aren’t always in BDS’ favour, that could change as time goes on.


Image Credit: WallpaperCave

We kick off the list of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams with TSM. This North American side has been making waves in recent months, picking up two huge wins in the NA scene. In back-to-back competitions, TSM won both the Six November 2020 Major and the NAL 2020 US Division, scoring a clean $125k. At the Six Invitational in May 2021, TSM came in at a respectable fourth place, netting a further $170k.

They’re by no means the greatest team to ever grace Rainbow Six, but they’re more than capable. As an organisation, TSM has brought home over $700k in R6S earnings since its entry into the scene in 2019. There’s plenty in store for the future of TSM – if you’re interested in Rainbow Six betting, keep an eye on TSM.

Natus Vincere

Image Credit: WallpaperAccess

Natus Vincere, or ‘Na’Vi’, is another household name where esports are concerned. The organisation has been competing in Rainbow Six Siege since 2019, and what a job it has been doing. In April 2021, Na’Vi proved it was the best Rainbow Six Siege team in Europe, landing a huge win at the European League 2021 event. Within the space of a year, Na’Vi also pulled off a massive victory at the Pro League Season 10 event.

This team might boast the least amount of financial winnings on this list, but it’s a dominant side with plenty more yet to come.

Team Liquid

Image Credit: WallpaperCave

Team Liquid is a legendary figure in the esports space, and that’s especially true for R6S. There’s no doubt Liquid is one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams of all-time, having netted more than $1 million in winnings. There’s a huge financial backing behind this LATAM team, which maintains a strict level of consistency in the esports industry. In 2021, Team Liquid pulled second place in the Six Invitational, securing a huge $450,000 prize.

Elsewhere, Liquid also picked up huge victories in the Copa Elite Six, Six November 2020 Major, and the Pro League Season 11 events. In the space of a single year, they’ve taken the R6S landscape by storm. There’s plenty of money to be won by including Team Liquid in your esports bets.

Ninjas In Pyjamas

Image Credit: EsportsInsider

Ninjas in Pyjamas, or NiP, is one of the most dominant forces in the esports industry. It has existed for more than twenty years, and some of the finest gaming talent in the world has passed through its doors. As of 2021, one of NiP’s most successful advances was into Rainbow Six Siege. In May, it was crowned the ultimate victor at the Six Invitational, picking up a smooth $1 million. Just before that victory, NiP decimated FaZe Clan 3 – 0 in the Six August 2020 Major.

Given that NiP came second in the Six Invitational 2020, there’s clear evidence of this team improving massively. As time goes on, NiP will likely only get better, and it has already established something of a dynasty in the Six Siege space.