Best Rainbow Six Siege Teams In 2022

If there’s one esports title with a relatively rocky history, it’s Rainbow Six Siege. For many, this is a rarely-seen title, despite it having existed since 2015. It boasts a long lifetime in the esports space, but owing to lengthy postponements and cancellations through the COVID-19 pandemic, the esports scene really calmed down. Today, there’s a thriving landscape, with multiple high-stakes tournaments taking place across the schedule, played out by some of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams the world has to offer.

In this guide, we’re breaking down the five top Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2022, letting you know who to back when it comes to R6S betting. These teams have been consistent in their performance, with the majority of them winning some of the most impactful Rainbow Six tournaments and leagues in the last few months. There’s plenty of money to be made through R6S esports, and these organisations are claiming as much of it as possible.

DarkZero Esports


Before 2022, you’d be excused for not knowing what ‘DarkZero’ even was. Since its entry into Rainbow Six esports in 2019, DarkZero hasn’t made too many major waves. While the team has snatched a few minor victories and won some leagues here and there, a massive, major victory was always seemingly out of reach. However, in May of 2022, DarkZero stormed the stage and secured the top prize at the Six Charlotte Major. It was a fairytale victory that proved that DarkZero was a force to be reckoned with, even if it was a young team in the space.

Coming out of that tournament, there were high expectations for DarkZero to achieve in the year ahead. Will the squad wind up being one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2022, defying all esports odds placed before them? Maybe.

FaZe Clan


If you’re interested in esports, you’ll recognise the name ‘FaZe Clan’. This is arguably the most visible, recognisable brand in esports today, and across many titles and proficiencies, the organisation tends to rank quite high. Now, there’s no doubt that FaZe Clan is one of the best R6 teams in the business. This organisation has been competing in the space for a few years, once upon a time being known as one of the best R6 Pro League teams out there.

At the tail end of 2021, FaZe Clan secured a $200k prize by winning the Six Sweden Major. Following that grand victory, the squad would go on to finish in the top three at the Six Invitational in 2022, narrowly missing out against TSM. Given its performance in recent years, there’s still plenty in store for FaZe Clan in 2022.

Team Empire


Team Empire is a Russian squad with years of experience in the industry, and it’s certainly one of the best R6 teams out there. It has been a hard year for Team Empire, and while no major victories have been secured since 2019, there are high expectations that Team Empire will be one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams in 2022. Since August of 2021, Team Empire has landed in second place in no fewer than six tournaments, including the Six Invitational and the Six Mexico Major.

There’s no doubt that Team Empire has the skill and ability to finish, but for some reason, is struggling to land the final few points. This could be the year for a very capable Team Empire to show up and become the best R6 team in the market.


Image Credit: WallpaperCave

As the most valuable esports organisation in the industry, TSM boasts massive financial backing. It boasts some of the all-time greatest Rainbow Six Siege players in the business and has a win record to back up that talent. If you’re at all interested in Rainbow Six betting, you’ll find it prudent to back TSM in most competitions. While Team SoloMid might not be the oldest team on the scene, it’s definitely one of the top Rainbow Six Siege teams out there today.

In 2022, to kick off the year, TSM won the Six Invitational, picking up a massive $1 million prize. Back in the day, when it was still active, TSM was potentially the best R6 Pro League team, at least to some fans. That legacy has continued in earnest, with TSM constantly proving it has the ability to win both leagues and major tournaments. In 2022, TSM is definitely an R6 team to keep your eye on.

Team Liquid

Image Credit: WallpaperCave

Team Liquid is a remarkable esports organisation, particularly where R6S is concerned. There’s no doubt Liquid is one of the best Rainbow Six Siege teams out there today, having netted more than $1.25 million in winnings in a few short years. While the traction has slowed for Team Liquid in the last year, there’s no question that the squad has the ability to become the best R6 team in the industry.

Last year, in 2021, Team Liquid pulled second place at the Six Invitational, so narrowly missing out on winning the grand prize. Before that, the squad was dominant in the North American and South American markets, winning both major tournaments and Pro League events. While 2022 is yet to heat up for Team Liquid, early expectations suggest great things are coming for the squad this year. If you’re dabbling in esports bets, don’t count Team Liquid out.