What Does 1×2 Mean in Betting?


A 1×2 bet is one of the most common kinds of bets you’ll come across. However, not everyone will understand the meaning of 1×2 betting at first. So this guide is here to have 1×2 betting explained in simple terms and with a few examples too. We’ll even give you a few betting tips so that you can enjoy a little more confidence with your 1×2 bets. So join us to see what 1×2 betting is all about.

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What does 1×2 mean in betting?

A 1×2 bet simply refers to the three main betting options that you get for betting on sports like soccer where there is a possibility of a draw. If the sport doesn’t have the possibility of a draw, you won’t see any 1×2 betting markets for it.

Here are how the three different betting options work out:

  • 1 – This refers to betting on a home win
  • X – This refers to betting on a draw
  • 2 – This refers to betting on an away win

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Which sports and esports work for 1×2 betting?

We’ve already stated how 1×2 betting only really works for sports where draws are possible. However, there are also a few sports where it is fairly unlikely but theoretically possible.

Here is how this kind of bet works out for different sports:

  • Sports that work with 1×2 bet: Soccer, test match cricket
  • Sports that sometimes feature draws where a 1×2 bet could be possible: American football, rugby
  • Sports that never feature draws: Tennis, golf, basketball

It’s worth noting that some sports like NHL hockey might feature a draw at the end of regular time, but then there will be a period of overtime to decide the winner. Check the terms of the bet that you are making to see whether this will conclude before or after overtime.

1x2 betting tips

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We should also note that 1×2 bets rarely apply to esports, especially those tournaments that feature the best-of-three and best-of-five game structure. However, if you are betting on something like FIFA 24, then a 1×2 bet is possible.

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The meaning of 1×2 betting explained in an example

It might be easier to have the meaning of 1×2 betting explained with a simple example. Let’s take a Premier League soccer game between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

  • Tottenham was the home team and if you wanted to bet on them to win, you’d be betting on the ‘1’ market.
  • Arsenal was the away team and you’d be betting on the ‘2’ market if you backed them to win.
  • The ‘X’ would be a bet that the two teams would draw.

We should note that the home and away teams will be randomly selected if the event was taking place at a neutral venue such as in a tournament like the FA Cup.

1×2 betting explainer video

Simple 1×2 betting tips to follow

We thought that it would be useful to give you some basic 1×2 betting tips to help you out. Take a look at these tips and take the mystery out of 1×2 betting:

Try a draw no bet: This is a fun variation on a standard 1×2 bet. A draw no bet means that the draw or ‘x’ will be taken out of the equation. So if the game ends as a draw, your bet will simply be refunded. Obviously, you’ll win as normal and lose as normal, but this is a good option for getting shorter odds and therefore less chance of losing your money.

1x2 betting meaning

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Make a double-chance bet

This is another interesting variation on a normal 1×2 bet. Here you are betting on two of the possible markets such as a home win and a draw, a draw and an away win, or even a home win and an away win. This gives you a much better chance of getting a winning result, although it comes at the cost of smaller returns.

Handicap your bets

This is where you put the favourite at an advantage and the underdog at a disadvantage. As a result, you will get better returns for backing the favourite and more chances of winning when you back the underdog. It’s a good way of levelling out the playing field in a sporting contest and is perfect for 1×2 betting.

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Going beyond the meaning of 1×2 betting

If you have made it this far then you won’t have to ask, ‘What does 1×2 mean in betting anymore?’ This means that you’ll enjoy bets on soccer and much more with a greater understanding of how these types of bet work.

Don’t forget that we have lots of betting guides for all of the other most popular kinds of betting. So keep it here to make sure that you always get a superior understanding of how to place your bets.