LCK Power Rankings Summer Split 2023


The summer split in South Korea is underway! Teams have regrouped, refined their strategies and even revamped their rosters to make improvements to their game. This year is more important than ever for these Korean teams, as LoL Worlds is being hosted in South Korea. As we fly straight into the LCK power rankings, our list and analysis will make sure you have an edge on the LCK betting scene.

LCK Power Rankings Summer Split 2023

  1. Gen.G
  2. T1
  3. KT Rolster
  4. Dplus KIA
  5. Liiv SANDBOX
  6. Hanwha Life Esports
  7. Kwangdong
  8. Brion
  9. DRX
  10. Nongshim

The Three Kings

Gen.G: Can They Shake off the Ghost of the Past?

LCK Power Rankings Summer Split 2023
Image Credits: Riot Games

First off in our LCK team rankings list is Gen.G, the Spring 2023 champions and currently the best LCK team this year. If we want to talk about the players, there’s no ignoring Chovy. This guy’s laning is on a different level, and former Cloud9 coach LS isn’t shy about shouting it from the rooftops. The ‘Church of Chovy’? It’s a legit thing now.

Then we’ve got Peyz, the new kid on the block who went from zero to hero in his first split. But with the heat of Worlds qualification on him, we’ve got to wonder if he can keep his cool. And let’s not forget Ruler’s success since the legend who Peyz has replaced casts a long shadow.

It’s worth noting after the golden road, Gen.G’s slip against BLG, the LPL second seed, at MSI has got us all questioning if they’re truly over the hump. Are they still the unshakeable force they were in Spring? Or the choker’s they were before? Summer Split’s going to tell us that.

T1: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride?

t1 vs jdgaming msi predictions 2023
Image Credit: Riot Games

Alright, now let’s chew the fat on T1. No one can deny their history, but these days they’re mostly turning heads for landing the runner-up spot.

Keria and Gumayusi have also been turning the tide. They were considered the world’s best bot-lane duo, but lately, they’ve been missing the mark. It’s about time they brought back their A-game and got back on top.

However, even though they have lost a few crucial games, we can never count them out in an LCK power rankings list.

KT Rolster: The Underdogs Barking Loud

KT Rolster LCK Teams
Image Credit: KT Rolster via Twitter

Finally, let’s dish on KT Rolster, one of the best LCK teams in history. These guys shook us all in Spring, taking T1 to the brink before falling to Gen.G. With BDD leading the pack, they’ve got a fire in their belly that could see them upsetting the apple cart in the Summer Split.

The union of BDD and Lehends, both Gen.G alumni, adds some real spice to the pot. After Gen.G gave them the boot and knocked them out in spring, you can bet they’re itching for a rematch. BDD, replaced by Chovy after 2021 Worlds, might just see this as his shot at redemption.

So, is this finally BDD’s year? Is KT Rolster about to flip the script? Can’t wait to see how this Summer Split turns out.

On Coattails

Dplus KIA: Can They Dust Off the Old Playbook?

Dplus KIA Best LCK Teams
Image Credit: Dplus KIA via Twitter

Alright, let’s spill some tea on Dplus KIA. First up, there’s a buzz around Showmaker. Dude’s finding his feet again and it’s about time too. The good old Canyon + Showmaker duo were the talk of the town once, and we’re itching to see them shake things up this summer.

Then there’s Deft. Always the steady hand, always reliable, but not necessarily the one making your jaw drop. The game’s shifted to a Bot-centric meta with everybody and their grandma picking Zeri, Aphelios, and sometimes even rolling the dice with a Jinx or Draven. So, the big question is, can Dplus KIA. pivot and play to this strength?

Liiv SANDBOX: A New Hope and a Veteran’s Challenge

Liiv Sandbox
Image Credit: Riot Games

Now, onto Liiv SANDBOX. They’ve made a bold move, trading out their ADC Envyy, a GenG academy grad, for the T1 veteran, Teddy. Teddy’s had his ups and downs, like when he tussled with 2019 G2 and Perkz. If you’re a Western fan, you’re probably looking back fondly but for T1 fans there might still lie some trauma.

Teddy’s stepping into the cleats left by Prince, who was this close to a Worlds ticket last time, until DRX, the 2022 champs, snatched it in a 5-game thriller. With the game tilting in favor of ADCs, will Teddy ride this wave and take LSB further than ever before? This Summer Split’s got the answers.

Dark Horse

Hanwha Life Esports: The Dark Horse Ready to Gallop?

LCK Spring 2023 Week 8 - Hanwha Life Esports
Image Credits: Hanwha Life Esports

Let’s not forget about Hanwha Life Esports. Honestly, they haven’t been living up to the hype despite boasting two 2023 World Champions in their ranks. Zeka and Kingen? Yeah, those guys. But somehow, the magic just isn’t happening.

Let’s talk about Viper too. The guy’s a former Worlds Champion with EDG, was once hailed as the best Aphelios player around, and yet he’s been struggling with this roster. You’d think with the game tilting towards his old main, this would be his moment, right?

So here’s the million-dollar question. Can they shake off the rust, step up their game, and charge headfirst into the Summer Split? The dark horse is pawing at the ground, but will it gallop or stumble? In League of Legends, anything can happen and they definitely have the potential to be one of the LCK top teams.

Scrap at the Bottom

Kwangdong: On the Cliff

Kwangdong Freecs
Image Credit: Kwandong Freecs via Twitter

To be brutally honest, there isn’t much to write home about. They’re hovering in the nether regions with Brion, DRX, and Nongshim. And if you’re in a generous mood, you could even lump them with HLE and Sandbox. They’ve got to up their game or risk getting left in the dust.

Brion: Winning Hearts, If Not Matches

Brion Esports
Image Credits: Brion Esports via Twitter

On to Brion. Results-wise, they’re keeping DRX and Nongshim company at the bottom. But don’t tell that to their fanbase, affectionately known as the “Bro-lievers.” They’re all about Lord Morgan, their top laner who’s turned from a meme into a beacon of hope. Once infamous for his, let’s say, ‘disastrous’ lane performances, he’s shown remarkable improvement. It’s heartwarming to see fans rallying behind their underdog, but will it be enough to propel Brion upwards?

DRX: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

DRX best LCK teams
Image credit: DRX via Twitter

Next up, DRX. It’s been a tough road for the former Damwon ADC, deokdam. After a rocky stint with two-time World Champion Beryl, he’s found himself benched in favor of academy ADC, Padeck. Mid laner Kyeahoo has also been bumped up the ranks. These seem like desperate, mid-year moves, and we’re skeptical about whether they’ll move the needle much for DRX’s fortunes.

Nongshim: Playing the Long Game

Nongshim LCK Rankings
Image Credit: Nongshim via Twitter

And lastly, there’s Nongshim. Let’s face it, this year is likely a wash for them. They’re stuck at the bottom with DRX and honestly, it’s hard to see a way up. But here’s the silver lining – with a host of rookies in their ranks, this year could be seen as an investment in the future. A development year, if you will. Will this strategy pay off in the long run? Can they become one of the LCK top teams in the future? Time will tell.

Conclusion: The Heat of the Summer Split

The stage is set. With the Summer Split on the horizon, we’re gearing up for a thrill ride of epic proportions. From the ‘been-there-done-that’ champs to the ‘heart-on-their-sleeve’ rookies, each team on this LCK power rankings list is about to author a new chapter in their League of Legends journey.

Can Gen.G and T1 keep playing musical chairs at the top? Or will some dark horse from the shadows like KT Rolster or Dplus KIA come galloping out to upset the apple cart? Heck, could Hanwha Life Esports stop playing ‘hide and seek’ and finally start throwing some punches?

And let’s not sideline the lads at the bottom. Kwangdong, Brion, DRX, Nongshim – it’s easy to count them out, but all it takes is one game to change the tide.

LCK Summer Split, we’re ready for you. If you enjoyed this team rankings list, be sure to check out the LoL tournaments in 2023 where you can spot other opportunities to gain an edge!

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