LCK Power Rankings Spring Split 2024


Our LCK power rankings for Spring Split 2024 takes a closer look at the region, with Korean teams still buzzing from T1’s historic Worlds title. With so many off-season mvoes to consider, every team is trying to be the next best LCK team.

LCK Power Rankings Spring 2024

Like any other power rankings, these are entirely subjective at the time of writing with the simple aim of helping out your LCK betting.

10. Nongshim RedForce

NongshimLCK power rankings
Image Credits: Nongshim

Respective tenth and ninth-place finishes in 2023 cemented Nongshim as the league’s outright worst side. Their sole change in the promotion of academy mid laner Callme doesn’t instil much hope for improvement this year.

9. FearX

Like NS RedForce, FearX (formerly Liiv SANDBOX) has given little reason to expect a respectable league standing with a lack of encouraging transfers. Their loss of former-T1 bot laner Teddy may see the team regress in the LCK power rankings for Spring 2024.

8. OKSavingsBank BRION

Completing what should be a clear bottom three is OK BRION. Their changes after an eighth-place summer finish don’t look to be downgrades but don’t scream improvement at the same time. A similar finish in this season’s LoL tournaments looks to be on the cards.

7. DRX

lck power rankings
Image Credits: DRX

Their astonishing 2022 Worlds win was followed up by a disappointing 2023 season after much of the Summoner’s Cup-lifting roster moved elsewhere. The changes ahead of 2024 don’t seem particularly inspired, though the pickup of bot laner Teddy could prove a solid signing.

6. Kwangdong Freecs

A rock-bottom finish for Kwangdong last summer capped off a lacklustre season. Despite this, they’ve landed the signing of jungler Cuzz which can only be described as a coup for the struggling side. While the rest of the lineup remains the same, such a signing could be what’s needed to spark an improvement in their LCK ranking.

5. Dplus KIA

The departure of jungler Canyon sees the breakup of his long-standing mid/jungle duo with ShowMaker – one of the longest and most successful of its kind in the game’s history. They’ve placed trust in academy jungler Lucid to make the step up, but a failure to fill Canyon’s boots, as well as losing veteran bot laner Deft, may see the side fail to compete at the top this season.

4. KT Rolster

KT RolsterLCK Power rankings
Image Credits: KT Rolster

A strong 2023 summer split saw KT return to its former glory and they’ve now managed to add the 2022 Worlds-winning bot lane of Deft and BeryL to their roster. However, the departure of jungler Cuzz and the signing of Pysoik as his replacement is generally considered a downgrade and could see them slip down the LCK power rankings.

3. Hanwha Life Esports

Despite spending much of its LCK history in the middle of the pack, the Hanwha Group-backed organisation has always had the financial means to compete. Now they’ve taken advantage of Gen.G’s rebuild to scoop up their discards of Doran, Peanut and Delight to form a roster that should fight at the top of the table.

2. Gen.G

Despite winning three consecutive LCK titles, Gen.G has consistently failed to convert their domestic dominance into international success. Failure to do so again at Worlds has led to a roster shakeup, rebuilding around superstar mid laner Chovy. The team built for him is incredibly strong and would be top of the LCK power rankings were they not against the reigning world champions.

1. T1

lol worlds winners t1 win 2023 lol worldsLCK power rankings
Image Credits: Riot Games

The Worlds holders unsurprisingly sit atop the LCK power rankings with their talent-filled lineup finally clicking. The roster, which has been together for two years, always had the potential to edge ahead of the other best LCK teams but had failed at crucial hurdles, giving up LCK titles to Gen.G and failing internationally. Now the choker curse has been broken and keeping the Worlds-winning roster together places T1 firmly at the top of the LCK ranking.

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