LCK Power Rankings 2023 Spring Split: How Does Korea’s Elite Stack Up?


We have already seen a couple of rounds of LCK played in 2023. Not much changed in terms of big favorites. However, we will see a lot of fighting regarding the top 3 positions. For this reason, we are presenting you with LCK power rankings analysis, where you will find all there is about favorites, underdogs, and our potential dark horse.

Outright LCK 2023 Spring Odds

There is no denying that LCK betting is by far the most popular League of Legends event to bet on. When it comes to choosing a favorite, there are only two LCK top teams that cross the mind. Esports betting sites agree with us. Below, you can find the outright odds for the LCK 2023 Spring Split:

TeamsGG.Bet Odds
Dplus KIA3.60
Hanwha Life Esports3.75
KT Rolster13.00
Liiv SANDBOX23.00
Kwangdong Freecs61.00
Nongshim RedForce81.00

Odds provided by Esports on January 18th, 2023, 16:00 CET

LCK top teams analyzed

As you can see from the LCK odds presented above, three teams are going to fight for the best LCK team title. Generally, we agree with the LCK team rankings operators put in place. There is no denying that T1, led by Faker and co. has the highest chance of winning the Spring split.

However, Dplus KIA (formerly DWG KIA) is also a very strong roster. Given the fact that arguably one of the best top laners ever retired in late 2022, chances of Dplus KIA are not as high right now. In our opinion, Canna will have a hard time filling in for the Nuguri. It is also important to mention that we have already seen Dplus KIA compete, and they performed really well. We will find out whether they will be able to continue playing like that.

Last but not least, bookmakers are rating Hanwha Life Esports as the third-best LCK team in the event. If you are asking whether we agree with that, most definitely not. There is no denying that Viper is one of the most dominant bottom players right now. But, we simply do not believe in what Hanwha Life Esports brings to the table. With current odds, there is no real value in placing a potential bet on this team to go all the way and win the Spring edition of LCK 2023.

lck power rankings spring split 2023

Image credit: LCK via Twitter

Everyone loves a good underdog story

Let’s face it, we are all looking for LoL tournaments in 2023 where we can spot underdog opportunities. Honestly, LCK is definitely the hardest LoL league to predict, and here is why. The competition is fierce. On a good day, all of the teams competing here are capable of dismantling rosters like T1 and Dplus KIA.

When it comes to LCK power rankings and possible underdogs, there are two teams worth mentioning. We can’t miss out on a team that was able to win LoL Worlds, right? Despite a bad start and losing 2-0 to Dplus KIA, we already saw that DRX has everything to bounce back and beat the best League of Legends teams in the world. At the time of writing, betting sites are offering a 10x return on your investment if you decide to place a bet on DRX to win LCK Spring 2023.

Some bettors are going to hammer these odds straight away. But, it is important to look at DRX from the other perspective. The team that won LoL Worlds was scattered across teams such as Dplus KIA (Daft), Hanwha Life Esports (Kingen & Zeka), and Team Liquid (Pyosik). We would dare to say that the current roster DRX is fielding will not come close to winning this edition of the LCK league.

Who the smart money is on

If you are looking for a real underdog potential and a good return on your investment, then you need to turn your attention towards Gen.G. The core of the team remains the same. However, with Ruler leaving Gen.G for JD Gaming, a spot for one of the best South Korean talents emerged, that being Peyz. Alongside promoting Peyz to the main roster, Delight was brought in from BRION as support.

The fact is, Gen.G has not had the best start to LCK Spring 2023 season. It did not help that their newcomer had to debut against the best League of Legends team ever.

DRX best LCK teams

Image credit: DRX via Twitter

A much better schedule awaits Gen.G Esports in the next couple of weeks and it is going to be interesting to see whether they will have what it takes to bounce back right away and creep closer to the playoffs spot. LCK power rankings place this team as the fourth favorite, and we do not agree with that at all. In our books, they have a better chance of winning the Spring split than Hanwha Life Esports. With the current odds of 7.00, the smart money is definitely on Gen.G.

What about the worst-ranked teams in LCK?

While looking at the LCK team rankings, everyone is talking about the favorites, barely anyone touches base on the underdogs. What are they bringing to the table? Sadly for them, there is not much LCK bottom teams will be able to acquire in the long run.

We have to give credit where credit is due. According to LCK power rankings, teams like Nongshim Red Force, Kwangdong Freecs, and BRION are the three teams with the worst chances of winning the Spring LCK.

To be honest, we completely agree with that. None of these teams have the capabilities and determination to string more than a couple of wins together in order to reach the top six and a spot in the playoffs. There is not much any of these teams can do due to the fact that they are not bringing much to the table. Yes, we are going to see flashes of individual brilliance, and that is all we are going to see from these teams.

So, what to do about these three teams and why are we mentioning them? Let’s talk about this from the betting perspective. Everyone likes to have one match that is labeled as an accumulator booster, right? If you see these teams competing against top LCK teams, there is a high possibility that they are going to lose, so use that to your advantage.