LoL Worlds Betting Guide 2022: How to Bet on League of Legends Worlds Championship

The League of Legends Worlds Championship (LoL Worlds) is the largest global esports event by viewership and audience numbers. Every year millions of fans tune in to witness the best team in League of Legends lift the Summoner’s Cup and earn millions of dollars along the way. Being one of the biggest events also means that during LoL Worlds, we are in one of the top esports betting periods of the year. All bookmakers (with no exceptions) offering LoL Worlds betting will feature odds and extensive market coverage for the event.

Our guide serves as a starting point for both novice and professional bettors. We cover all things related to LoL Worlds betting, all the markets, betting options and LoL Worlds betting bonus offers that help you turn your fandom into profit.

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LoL Worlds Betting in 2022: How to Get Involved

If you are new to LoL betting or wagering as a whole, you need not worry. LoL Worlds follows the same standardized betting markets as traditional sports. You can simply guess the event’s winner or a single match and still have a quality betting experience.

However, those that are really into League of Legends know that betting LoL Worlds options are some of the best they can get each year. The pressure is higher, the gameplay is more intense, and the stakes of success are dramatically heightened, which means that there is a much greater margin of error. Thankfully, with our guide, you’ll be perfectly prepared to take full advantage of what the best esports betting sites have to offer.

It can be all too easy to get sidetracked by all of the drama and emotions that surround LoL Worlds. Not only is there an endless amount of LoL Worlds songs to get stuck in your head, but you’ll have to try and avoid those misleading opinions and predictions on Reddit and all of those other forums.

Simple LoL Worlds 2022 Betting Guide

To keep things simple for both novice and expert bettors, we will stick to the bare essentials in our betting guide. We will cover essential choices like outright winners and LoL Worlds favorites, and the basic wagers you can place during this event.

We subdivide our simplified version into three main betting categories: Outrights, Accumulators and Exotic Bets.

LoL Worlds Betting on Outright Winners

Selecting the winner of Worlds ’22 before the tournament kicks off is a unique blend of expertise, fandom and sheer “Chadness”.

One of the favorite markets for most novice bettors simply requires you to select who, out of the 24 League of Legends Worlds teams will win the event. Accompanying outright markets include selecting the teams to make it out of the Play-In, Group and Knockout Stage and the two teams that make it to the final.

You can use your gut feeling, expertise, fandom or our Worlds power rankings to select your team and place your wager. We call outright markets the gateway into esports betting for the sheer ease of placing a wager and following through.

worlds lol 2022

Accumulators and System Bets for Worlds ‘22

Most bettors will use these two types of bets during the event. With over 80 matches scheduled in the LoL Worlds schedule, there is plenty of opportunities for these type of bets.

  • Accumulators (multi-fold) refer to selecting multiple match outcomes for a single bet slip. The LoL Worlds betting odds get multiplied with each match you add to your bet slip. If you wish to select all the winners on a single day of play and guess correctly, you can expect 10-fold or even larger returns on your initial bet.
  • System bets are similar to accumulators, featuring multiple selections (between 2 and 16), giving you the option to predict incorrectly and still be a winner. You can select how many of your selections need to be correct from the total amount, and if you guess correctly, you will turn a profit. The formula on how winnings are calculated here is a tad convoluted, so refer to our types of bets article to learn more.

We will cover both options in our daily predictions in the esports betting news section.

LoL Worlds Betting on Exotic Markets

Exotic markets are a special treat for all League of Legends players and fans of the sport. Some providers have really wacky selections you can guess and utilize to spice up your viewing and betting experience. You can guess anything from LoL champions that get picked and banned the most to the number of wards placed, barons killed, and types of dragons spawned.

Pretty much anything you can think of happening during a LoL match has its own unique market. Most of these markets can’t be combined into accumulator slips, and you have to make single bets on them, but they sure will keep you engaged with the betting site for hours on end.

Before you start, select one or several providers you wish to utilize for your Worlds betting experience.

Selecting your LoL Worlds bookmaker, Bonus Offer and Unique Promotions

Step one for LoL Worlds betting includes selecting one or several esports betting sites to place your bets at. Choosing one is hard, so we will attempt to ease your selection by identifying some promotional offers and bonuses that caught our eye.

Simply head over to the betting site, make your deposit and claim the promotional offer or bonus for Worlds ’22:

  • GG.BET is the premier esports betting site and a featured partner in many esports tournaments. Their outrights section is the most extensive, and are expected to run a unique promotion for LoL Worlds betting shortly.
  • Betway Esports regularly runs bonus offers and promotions for various esports tournaments. LoL Worlds is no different, and you can expect plenty of special odds boosts and unique offers during each event stage.
  • Bet365 is a premier betting operator with in-depth betting markets and great odds. Both their traditional sportsbook and esports coverage are unparalleled and should be one of your top picks during Worlds ’22.

LoL Worlds Betting is where the fun is this October

Make the most of Worlds ’22 by placing a few bets and cheering for your favorite team. There are plenty of providers with enticing offers and promotions for you to enrich your viewing experience.

Remember that League Worlds betting is an accompanying activity to your entire experience and not the sole purpose for watching the event. Make the most out of it and turn a profit, but do remember to do your Worlds missions and claim your daily drops.

Your favorite bookmaker may host a LoL Worlds live stream, but jump onto Twitch and Youtube occasionally and spam those emotes.

Finally, remember to check back with us daily. We will give you the freshest Worlds predictions and match analyses every step of the way.

It’s that time of the year, the one & only Worlds 2022.