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EU LCS Week 3: League Of Legends Power Rankings And Betting Tips

EU LCS League of Legends betting real money
We’re through two weeks of the European LCS, and players are now accustomed to the new format changes. The usual suspects have risen to the top with a few surprises as well (including one team that is mightily struggling so far).

This week we’ll be doing an updated power ranking guide as well as providing all of our week three predictions to help you place your bets.

If you’re looking for our NA LCS ranking and predictions, they can be found here.

Power ranking guide

Our power rankings will be displayed in descending order. The number in parenthesis (next to the team’s current ranking) is how far the team has moved in either direction from our preseason rankings.

Next up will be the team’s series record, in a win-tie-loss format. Lastly, we have the team’s overall record (this includes every game the team has played this split).

10 (0). Unicorns of Love – series record: 1W-0T-3L (2-6 overall)

Given that the one series win that Unicorns of Love has picked up this split has been against Origen, you could theoretically swap those two teams without any counter argument.

However, that win came in week one when Origen was at their lowest. Unicorns of Love has just been dissected, outplayed, and run into the ground since then.

UoL’s performance in week 2 was utterly abysmal. Fnatic completely demoralized this team, winning the second game of the series 18-4. UoL followed that up by losing 4-13 and 8-19 against Giants Gaming in two consecutive games.

When you make a subpar team like Giants Gaming look that good, you deserve the last spot in our power rankings.

9 (-7). Origen – series record: 0W-2T-2L (2-6 overall)

 Let’s take a moment of silence to remember a once great champion that has been laid to rest. Okay, maybe it’s too early to write Origen’s eulogy, but their play through two weeks has looked quite lackadaisical.

Losing two key components in the offseason seems to have put a damper on this team’s motivation.

We can’t talk about Origen without bringing up the Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou debacle. Following his abrupt departure from the team (with early rumors stating he refused to lose to lesser competition), Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño has had to step into an unfamiliar role as ADC.

You wouldn’t want to start xPeke in your fantasy leagues if you’re using AlphaDraft (1.2 KDA, second lowest among ADCs), but his insertion into the lineup has at least lifted the team’s spirit.

8 (0). Giants Gaming – series record: 1W-0T-3L (2-6 overall)

This is a team that really lacks talent, but they’ve bonded together and fought hard so far. The record may not show it, but they’ve had early leads in almost all of their games. They dominated Unicorns of Love for their first win this split, which will help build some confidence at least.

Giants’ main goal this split has to be to avoid relegations once again. I didn’t think the talent level was good enough to challenge for a playoff spot before the preseason, and their performance after two weeks hasn’t dissuaded me from that decision.

7 (-3). Team Vitality – series record: 0W-3T-1L (3-5 overall)

 It’s not time to panic yet, Vitality fans, but it hasn’t been the best start to the split. Through two weeks of play, this looks like an average team. Losing to ROCCAT stings, and they’ve had to really battle back just to tie series.

I still feel like this is a competent playoff team. This position is perhaps too low, but their performances through two weeks warrants it.

They should get a win next week against Unicorns of Love, and if they can take the series against H2K it would be huge. We’ll reevaluate this team in a few weeks when we know more.

6 (+3). FC Schalke 04 – series record: 1W-2T-1L (4-4 overall)

 The next three teams are all essentially in the same position, overachieving through two weeks of play from early preseason expectations. All three of these teams have only one series win, but considering the struggles of teams currently ranked below them, this is a great space to highlight their strong start.

FC Schalke 04 created a lot of hype after tying H2K in week one, but they weren’t able to carry that momentum over to week two. Losing a series to Splyce stings, and so does tying Origen after controlling both games. This is what we expected from S04 though, a team that has talent but will have some inconsistent performances this split.

5 (+3). Splyce – series record: 1W-2T-1L (4-4 overall)

 Just like the team ranked above them, Splyce’s current position is quite surprising.

They’ve been competitive in every series so far, including their loss to G2. We’ll see if they can continue their current level of performance over what will be a very long, and grueling, Summer Split.

Journeyman jungler, Jonas “Trashy” Andersen, has played a large part in Splyce’s early success. His 82.8 percent Kill Participation is second only to Jankos (83.2 percent) in the entire EU LCS. He’s also top three among junglers in assists (67) and KDA (5.6).

If he can continue to play at this level, Splyce could be a surprise playoff team this split.

4 (+2). ROCCAT – series record: 1W-3T-0L (5-3 overall)

This has been one of the most exciting, and surprising, teams to follow this split.

I was skeptical following their strong performance in week one, but they followed that up with another stellar week 2 showing. That included a dominating win against Team Vitality and a tie against G2 eSports (the only game G2 has lost this split).

You can’t say enough about how much Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi brings to his team. He’s filled up the stat sheets through two weeks, including top three in Kill Participation (77.3 percent), Damage Per Minute (666), and CS Per Minute (9.4). He’s also been huge in daily fantasy leagues.

3 (0). Fnatic – series record: 2W-1T-1L (5-3 overall)

 For Fnatic fans, the start of this split has been much smoother than the start to their Spring Split. They’ve beaten the teams they should (ROCCAT and Unicorns of Love), tied a tough competitor in Vitality, and lost to a far superior team at this point in the split against H2K.

The loss to H2K is nothing to worry about at this point, unless it carries over to next week.

The return of Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim has been a huge upgrade at the support position for Fnatic. He currently ranks in the top three for supports in assists (91), KDA (6.4), and Kill Participation (82.8 percent).

2 (-1). H2K – series record: 2W-2T-0L (6-2 overall)

Week one was a bit rough for H2K, splitting both their series with ROCCAT and FC Schalke 04. After their week two performance, we can just chalk that up to a bumpy start. H2K completely dismantled Fnatic in two games, a team we had high expectations of heading into this split.

That win puts them solely in second place in our power rankings.

Replacing FORG1VEN with Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek has proven to be a great move after what transpired with Origen. I expect their play moving forward to resemble more of what we saw in week two instead of week one. They’re strong contenders and should prove to be formidable competitors for G2 eSports.

1 (+4). G2 eSports – Series Record: 3W-1T-0L (7-1 overall)

Reigning Spring Split Series winners, G2 eSports, are off to a hot start again this split. Following the debacle surrounding the Mid-Season Invitational, the team seems recommitted for Worlds. Their offseason acquisitions have improved the individual talent on this team, and they should be considered strong contenders for the remaining Summer Split.

Moving forward, Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek will no longer be with the team. G2 eSports had started the split by playing both Kikis and Dae-Han “Expect” Ki in the top lane. That didn’t sit well with Kikis, and the team stated they would not guarantee him a full time starting position.

We’ll see how yet another roster change impacts G2, but I don’t anticipate a falloff in play. They still appear to be the best team in the EU LCS through two weeks.

Week 3/Day 1 betting predictions

ROCCAT (2.99) vs. Origen (3.98)

This is a huge series for both teams. Origen is looking to recover after a rough start. Meanwhile, ROCCAT is off to a hot start and a win here would add even more credibility to their fast start.

Both of these teams are statistically very close. Despite ROCCAT being 1-3-0, they’ve spent the least amount of time with a gold advantage (2.3 percent of their games they’ve had a gold lead).

That’s quite a remarkable stat but also a worrying one for ROCCAT moving forward. Origen is not much better, ranking second to last with an 8.2 percent gold lead.

I expect two slow games, with crucial teamfights in the mid-to-late game determining the outcome. ROCCAT has proven successful so far this split in this area, but Origen with xPeke can not be discounted. I feel that both teams will be able to find a win in this series.

Prediction: 1-1 Series Split

Fnatic (2.03) vs. FC Schalke 04 (7.03)

FC Schalke 04 had a great start in week one, but their performance in week two showcased the struggles we were expecting from this team. At this point in the Summer Split, Fnatic is a far superior team.

Vision has been a huge factor in the early parts of this split. Three of the top four teams in our Power Rankings have placed the most wards through two weeks, with Fnatic tying H2k at 3.7 WPM (Wards Per Minute).

Fnatic is also tied for second with 1.4 WCPM (Wards Cleared Per Minute). S04 ranks in the bottom two in both WPM (3.2) and WCPM (1.1).

While those margins may look small, it equates to Fnatic placing and clearing an extra ward roughly every two minutes compared to S04. That’s dominating the vision game and one of the main reasons Fnatic will win here.

Prediction: Fnatic 2-0

Team Vitality (2.55) vs. Unicorns of Love (4.85)

This is a series between two struggling teams that haven’t seen their Summer Split start in the most aspiring of ways. The Vitality struggles are a bit more shocking than UoL’s, and this will be a great series for either team to finally pick up a win.

Unicorns of Love can point to their early game as one of the main issues this split. Through 15 minutes, UoLs has been down an average of 1,282 gold (second worst in the EU LCS). Vitality should be able to take advantage of that and take this series.

Prediction: Team Vitality 2-0

H2K (4.12) vs. G2 eSports (2.90)

This is our Series of the Week. H2K finally showed some teeth in week two, making this matchup even more intriguing. Now we’ll get to see how good H2K with Freeze really is.

Both teams are extremely competitive in the early game and have been phenomenal at getting out to early gold leads and retaining them. G2 has the biggest advantage after 15 minutes (+1,895 gold) but H2K isn’t that far behind at +924. Both teams are also tied for first in the least amount of time spent behind in gold (2.8 percent).

Whichever team gets off to a quick start in either game could be all it takes to determine a series winner.

Prediction: 1-1 Series Split

Splyce (2.20) vs. Giants Gaming (6.07)

This will be a much closer series than the current odds show. Statistically speaking, both teams are close across the board. That means we have to look at individual matchups.

Both teams have new junglers this split, but Splyce has a clear advantage in this position. Trashy is statistically a top four jungler through two weeks, meanwhile Maxlore has struggled. Maxlore is currently ranked in the bottom two for junglers in KDA (2.1), total deaths (24), and total kills (4). That clear advantage leans this series in Splyce’s favor.

Prediction: Splyce 2-0

Week 3/Day 2 betting predictions

Unicorns of Love (12.76) vs. G2 eSports (1.57)

Our top team in the power rankings versus the last team in our power rankings. These odds are justified. From what we’ve seen so far through two weeks, this is a no brainer.

If you’re going to be doing any real money esports betting on this matchup, go for G2 all the way.

Prediction: G2 eSports 2-0

ROCCAT (3.43) vs. FC Schalke 04 (3.43)

These two teams have different play styles but similar outcomes. ROCCAT has issues in the early game, falling behind quickly and struggling to overcome gold deficits. S04 has been able to run out to quick leads, but their lack of vision control has punished them in the late game.

ROCCAT’s lack of early game dominance will be the reason they lose one game this split. On the flipside, if they can stay close through the first 20 minutes in either game, they should be able to come away with a win.

The outcome? A series split.

Prediction: 1-1 series split

Splyce (8.67) vs. Fnatic (1.83)

Splyce has had a great start to the Summer Split, but no one is confusing them with Fnatic. Fnatic is better in the early game, better in the mid game, and just better in their individual matchups.

Take Fnatic here with confidence.

Prediction: Fnatic 2-0

Team Vitality (5.45) vs. H2K (2.36)

Team Vitality is still looking for that staple win, and this series presents another such opportunity. They’ll have to make objective control a priority if they want a chance. H2K currently holds a 70 percent Dragon Rate through two weeks, second highest in the EU LCS behind G2.

Vitality has controlled roughly 57 percent of the Dragons in their four series. While that’s a respectable number, they’ll have to close the gap even more in this series.

Vitality has also struggled thus far building and maintaining gold leads. They’ve currently only held a 52 percent or higher gold lead in 12 percent of their game time. That ranks in the bottom four.

I expect H2K to take advantage of both of these deficits and take the series.

Prediction: Vitality 2-0

Giants Gaming (6.70) vs. Origen (2.08)

There is still definitely a strong Origen fan base, as these esports betting odds are way too far out of proportion. Origen has shown nothing through two weeks to have me confidently pick them in any series, even against a subpar Giants team.

Origen currently has a 30 percent Dragon Rate, the lowest among all teams in the EU LCS. Origen also has a -1,155 Gold Difference at 15 minutes, bottom three in the LCS.

Their 8.2 percent Gold Lead in games is also second lowest. Those aren’t stats that make you want to confidently pick a team. Giants Gaming is good enough to tie this series.

Prediction: 1-1 Series Split

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