This is the most anticipated moment of the year for League of Legends players and punters. Starting on October 2nd and concluding one month later, on November 10th, LoL Worlds brings the best teams in the world together. The tournament begins with the play in-stage and continues with the main event, where the 4 qualifying teams join 9 champions and regional finals winners. This provides excellent LoL Worlds betting opportunities on the outright winner, individual matches and special markets.

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League of Legends World Championship Betting at a Glance

For an entire month, the top League of Legends teams will compete in best-of-one and best-of-three series, in their quest for the grand final. During the play-in stage, the League of Legends Worlds betting options are limited to the winning team and special markets. Each squad plays two games in the group stage and the top two advanced to the elimination round that decides the name of the 4 qualifying teams.

Where to place your LoL Worlds bets?

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The LoL Worlds odds on the 12 play-in matches are already available at leading bookmakers such as Arcanebet, Pinnacle and Unikrn. Clutch Gaming, Splyce and Damwon Gaming are the main favorites to advance, with Hong Kong Attitude and Isurus Gaming being the most likely candidates for the fourth and final, eligible place. Because the games are played in a best of one format, punters can’t bet on LoL Worlds spreads. On the bright side, they can bet on special events, such as first blood, first Dragon, first tower and first Baron, as well as the total number of kills.

How does Ante-post LoL Worlds 2019 Betting Work?

The most important esports betting sites have already published the odds for the outright winners for those who want to bet on LoL Worlds champions. There isn’t a consensus about the main favorite and instead, we have three teams who stand out from the crowd. FunPlus Phoenix is a strong and in-form team that also has the easiest group at the main event. Their sheer quality and the lax League of Legends Worlds schedule for the Chinese team explain the odds of 7/2 offered by Bet365 on them to win. The Bet365 review will highlight the fact that punters who bet here can also wager on esports in real-time.

SKT 1 have consistently topped LoL Worlds power rankings and they are credited with the first chance by several bookmakers. places them second to FunPlus Phoenix, but that is mainly because the South Koreans have an incredibly difficult group. This should be factored in when LoL Worlds betting, as the odds on them to win the event will shrink when the playoffs begin. On the other hand, G2 Esports are the main favourites at Betway esports, with odds of 3/1 mainly because of their easier group. Punters can expect similar League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting odds on their triumph after the group stage.

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Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Best-of-One Series

One of the main challenges of LoL Worlds betting is that most of the early games are played in a best of one format. Punters have a single opportunity to predict the winner and the odds are rather low, especially during the play-in. LoL Worlds betting on the favorites makes little sense at this stage of the tournament, as the odds are ridiculously low. Instead, punters should focus on the potentially decisive matches between the teams competing for the second place in competitive groups. As mentioned above, Clutch, Splyce, and Damwon must be avoided and punters can focus on Hong Kong Attitude and Isurus Gaming.

League Of Legends World Championship Betting

Another way of navigating this early phase of the tournament is to resort to League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting on special markets. Unikrn esports review details the LoL Worlds betting opportunities presented by the bookmaker on the key objectives that teams try to secure in game. Aggressive teams who tend to finish games sooner can be trusted to take down the first Baron or claim first blood. Betting on the first tower and Dragon depends more on chance unless teams have junglers such as Olaf that are better suited at killing dragons, respectively efficient pushers on the bottom lane to destroy towers.

LoL Worlds 2019 Betting on Playoffs

Bet365 and Betway were among the first bookmakers to publish the odds on play-in matches, as well as the outright winners. This made it possible to engage in LoL Worlds betting even before the tournament has started and take advantage of the biggest odds in the market. The main event odds are also likely to pop up here soon, most likely even before the play-ins have concluded. This is possible because the names of three out of four teams in each group are already known, as well as the League of Legends Worlds schedule for the main event group stage.

Lol Worlds Betting Guide

The most exciting League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting opportunities will be provided by the playoffs matches. During the knockout stage, the teams will compete in best-of-five series, so punters can bet on the winner, as well as the exact score. At this point of the event, players will have a lot of information regarding the form of each team, as well as the manner in which they perform against specific rosters. This opens up LoL Worlds 2019 betting on spreads, to mitigate the risks or increase the return on investment, based on their appetites towards chance.

At the end of the group stage, the quarterfinals will be decided randomly and teams from the same region can compete against each other. The chances of having lopsided matches with odds that are not worth the risk are slim to none and this is traditionally the most lucrative time for LoL Worlds betting. Pinnacle is one of the bookmakers offering the best odds on traditional sports and video games, so it should definitely be considered for League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting.