LoL Worlds Schedule 2022: Check Out The Worlds LoL Schedule Here


Looking for the LoL Worlds schedule? You just found it. We’ve prepared this handy guide that shows you the 2022 Worlds LoL schedule so that you know exactly when all of those key games are happening.

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From the opening game of the Play-In Stages to the Grand Final itself, LoL betting will become a whole lot easier with our Worlds schedule. So join us to see when your favourite team is playing in our LoL Worlds schedule!

LoL Worlds Schedule: Overview

1Play-InsArena Esports Stadium at Artz PedregalMexico CitySep 29 - Oct 4
2.GroupsHulu Theater in Madison Square GardenNew YorkOct 7 - Oct 16
3.QuarterfinalsHulu Theater in Madison Square GardenNew YorkOct 20 - Oct 23
4.SemifinalsState Farm ArenaAtlantaOct 29 - Oct 30
5.FinalChase CenterSan FranciscoNov 5

lol worlds schedule

Why it pays to check our Worlds schedule

By looking at our Worlds schedule, LoL gamers will instantly get an overview of the event’s structure and the key games in the tournament. Not only is this handy for passive spectators, but it also means that you can be a little more organised regarding LoL Worlds betting.

This is because you’ll need plenty of time to do all the research essential for successful esports betting. So you’ll get a prior warning of all of the big crunch games in the Main Stage, such as when Edward Gaming take on T1 in Group A and when DWG KIA compete against JD Gaming in Group B.

Above all, our schedule is perfect for seeing when your favourite team is playing in this amazing esports extravaganza. So whether you’re backing a clear favourite like T1 or one of the rank outsiders such as MAD Lions, you’ll find all you need in our LoL Worlds schedule for 2022.

How long is Worlds LoL scheduled run?

This year, LoL Worlds runs from 29 September to 5 November 2022. This means that you have well over one month to sit back, fire up a LoL Worlds live stream and enjoy the best in esports betting entertainment.

There will be 24 teams from the 11 competing regions taking part, and it promises to be an awesome spectacle as these teams battle to be the next to lift the Summoner’s Cup. This year’s LoL Worlds takes place in North America, with the games being played in cities such as Mexico City, New York City, Atlanta and San Francisco. So join us as we see how this awesome competition will unfold in our LoL Worlds schedule.

When are the Play-In Stages in the LoL Worlds schedule?

The Play-In Stages for this year’s LoL Worlds run from 29 September until 4 October. All of the games will take place at the 100-capacity Arena Esports Stadium in Mexico City. It’s important to note that this stage is actually held over two rounds, and the first game between Beyond and Chief Esports Club will kick off the 2022 Worlds LoL event at 2100 GMT on 29 September.

The Play-In Round One stage begins on 29 September and finishes on 2 October. This features 12 teams who are drawn into two groups that have six teams each. From here, it’s a round-robin contest where each team plays the other once in a best-of-one match. The top team from each group will then qualify for the Main Stages, but the second to the fourth-placed team will go onto the Play-In Stage Round Two.

lol worlds 2022 schedule play-in stage

The Play-In Round Two stage starts on 3 October and closes on 4 October. This is a knockout round where the matches are best of five. The third-placed team has to play the fourth-placed team for a chance to beat the second-placed team in the final. From here, the winning team will book their place in the Main Stages. Here is a quick rundown of the teams competing in the Play-In Stages:

  • Group A: Fnatic, Beyond Gaming, DetonatioN FocusMe, Evil Geniuses, LOUD and Chief Esports.
  • Group B: DRX, Royal Never Give Up, Saigon Buffalo, MAD Lions, Istanbul Wildcats and Isurus.

The LoL Worlds schedule for the Group Stage games

Now this is where things start to get interesting. There are four brackets of four teams each in the Group Stages where sixteen teams compete in a double round robin format. All of the games will be best-of-one matches, and the top two teams will make it through to the knockout stages while the bottom two teams will be eliminated. The Group Stage games are held at the 5,600-capacity Hulu Theater in Madison Square Gardens in New York City. 

The whole of the Group Stage runs from 7 to 16 October, and it is where we start to get a good idea of which teams could go all of the way and which will probably fall by the wayside.

lol worlds 2022 schedule group stage

The first round of the Group Stage games runs from 7 to 10 October. The games scheduled in the first part will only be unveiled once the Play-In Stages are settled. After a short break, the second part of the Group Stage runs from 13 to 16 October. By the time the final game is concluded, we’ll know exactly who is playing who in the knockout rounds. Here is a quick overview of the groups in the Group Stage:

  • Group A: Cloud9, T1, Edward Gaming and one team from the Play-In Stage.
  • Group B: JD Gaming, G2 Esports, DWG KIA and one team from the Play-In Stage.
  • Group C: Rogue, Top Esports, GAM Esports and one team from the Play-In Stage.
  • Group D: Gen.G, CTBC Flying Oyster, 100 Thieves and one team from the Play-In Stage.

The knockout stages in the Worlds LoL schedule

This is the point where things get seriously tense. After all, the remaining League of Legends Worlds teams will have managed to survive somehow and now must raise their game in the knockout rounds. Here’s a rundown of what to expect.


The quarterfinals of this year’s LoL Worlds take place between 20 and 23 October. Each of these four contests will also take place at the Hulu Theater in New York City, and they all take place on different days.

The quarterfinals will feature eight teams who will be put in a single elimination bracket, and they have to win their best-of-five match, or they will be eliminated. It works so that the first-placed team gets drawn against the second-placed team from a different group in the Group Stages.


Next, it’s the two semi-finals which take place on 29 and 30 October. The semifinals take place at the 21,000-capacity State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Here you’ll see two gripping best-of-five matches where everything is at stake.

This was the case in 2021 when DWG KIA narrowly beat T1 by three to two to book their place in the final. We also witnessed Edward Gaming pulling off an amazing 3-2 victory over Gen.G to progress to the last round. Watch this space to see who’ll be playing in the semi-finals of this year’s LoL Worlds.


Finally, it’s the grand final itself which takes place on 5 November. The showpiece of LoL gaming will be held at the 18,060-capacity Chase Center in San Francisco. The winning team here will get to lift the Summoner’s Cup and will earn the title of being the League of Legends 2022 World Champions.

Last year saw the Chinese team, Edward Gaming, defy expectations to lift the Summoner’s Cup, and previous winners of the LoL Worlds final include Damwon Gaming, Samsung Galaxy SK Telecom T1, Samsung White, Taipei Assassins and Fnatic. Keep it here to see who’ll be aiming for glory in this year’s LoL Worlds finals.

What about the LoL Worlds schedule for the Worlds Draw Show?

It’s already happened! As usual, this took place after the end of the LCS championship games, and this year the League of Legends Worlds group draw took place on 11 September 2022. This tells you which teams made it to the Play-In Stages for this year’s Worlds and which teams fell by the wayside.

Don’t worry if you miss this year’s Worlds Draw Show, as we’ve got this handy guide right here that shows you the Worlds brackets for League of Legends . So with this brackets guide and our Worlds schedule LOL gamers will have all they need for an awesome esports betting experience!

When can I bet on LoL Worlds?

If you’ve made it to our site, then the chances are that you are already into esports betting. Well, the good news is that you can bet on LoL Worlds right now. That’s right, lots of esports betting platforms already have lots of LoL Worlds betting odds for you to try your luck on.

This means that you can check out one of our featured betting sites and see the match-winner odds for those key games like the one between Fnatic and Evil Geniuses in the Play-In Stages. Plus, you’ll even be able to bet on things like the outright winner of the whole competition. Just so you know, it looks like T1, JD Gaming and Gen.G are among the favourites to be the League of Legends Worlds winners right now, but all of this will obviously change as the tournament progresses.

Image credit: LoL Esports

Other popular betting markets that you can bet on right now include the region of the overall winner, as well as the winner of each group in the Play-In Stages. There should also be bets available for the winner of the Group Stages.

Speaking of timings, we should note that all the best bookmakers for LoL Worlds should let you bet live on each individual match in LoL Worlds 2022. This gives you a great way to find value in the ever-changing odds, and you may even get a chance to watch a live stream from within the live betting page. So be sure to pick up one of the latest LoL Worlds betting promotions and try your luck on this awesome esports tournament!

Keep it here for updates to our LoL Worlds schedule

This is obviously a resource that you’ll want to keep checking back to to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important games in this year’s Worlds. After all, there are dozens of games to look forward to, and no one will be able to keep the whole Worlds LoL Schedule in their head!

Plus, we should remember that there might be sudden changes in the scheduling of the games in this esports tournament. But with our constantly updated Worlds schedule, LoL fans will always know when the big games are happening. So check back here to ensure you get the latest updates from our LoL Worlds schedule!