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Posted on October 27, 2022 - Last Updated on October 28, 2022

We’re in the closing stages of the League of Legends World Championship and, so far, it has been a dramatic tournament. From overwhelming upsets to underdog victories and from a world-class Worlds theme song to high viewership figures, it has been an event to remember. However, the biggest matches of the entire competition are yet to be played, and just four teams are left to play them. Today, we’re going to help you enjoy the exhilaration of these closing fixtures, teaching you where to watch LoL Worlds 2022.

If you’re in the market for a little esports betting, the League of Legends World Championship event cannot be missed. It’s one of the most popular and valuable esports events, and every year, it brings in millions of viewers. There are more betting opportunities for this tournament than almost any other esports event out there. It’s the most important event for organisers, competitors, and of course, the many esports betting sites out there covering the action.

Without further ado, let’s break down the tournament and figure out where to watch LoL Worlds 2022 live.

LoL Worlds 2022: What’s The Schedule?

At present, the tournament is approaching the end of its six-week window which ran from the 29th of September and will end on the 5th of November. Admittedly, the full LoL Worlds schedule seemed a little complex at first, especially considering that this year, the tournament took place in four cities over the course of the event. There are four key stages in this tournament: Play-In Round 1, Play-In Round 2, Group Stage, and finally, the Knockout Stage.

And it’s the Knockout Stage that we’re now in – this is where the most popular LoL Worlds streams will begin to surface.

At the end of this tournament, the victor will stand tall, looming over twenty-three teams that failed to make it to the final post. There’s a massive $2,225,000 prize pool to be distributed among teams, but in some cases, that monetary prize is second to the knowledge that the winning team is the best League of Legends squad on Earth.

Right now, that team will be one of the following:

  • JD Gaming
  • T1
  • Gen.G Esports
  • DRX
where to watch lol worlds stream
Which team will lift the trophy at the League of Legends World Championship 2022 event? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Here’s the breakdown of the schedule that has unfolded. If you’re looking to find out where to watch LoL Worlds, you don’t have long left!

  • Play-Ins: 29th September – October 4th
  • Group Stage: October 7th – 16th
  • Knockout Stage: October 20th – November 5th

There’s a dense concentration of talent simply beaming from within the League of Legends Worlds teams this year, and all the squads that have qualified are bringing their all to the tournament. If there’s one question on everyone’s minds, it’s who will win LoL Worlds this year. It’s a tough competition to call at the best of times, but this year, all competitors are fused and primed for the fight of their lives.

Sadly, twenty teams have already been ejected from the competition, despite putting up some remarkable fights.

Where to Watch LoL Worlds Live

Primarily, fans will flock to Twitch to enjoy the League of Legends World Championship event. It’s arguably the top platform for esports streams, sitting some way ahead of YouTube as the industry standard. Typically, Riot favours Twitch when it comes to streaming – for example, the Valorant Champions Tour has been dominating Twitch since it kicked off in mid-2022. While fans are more than welcome to watch the gameplay on YouTube, Twitch seems to be where the action is.

For those spying on the hottest LoL Worlds betting promotions, it makes sense to use Twitch to watch the tournament. Even if you’re not aware of it, almost every esports betting site that features a streaming function uses Twitch as an embedded platform. So, for those interested in esports betting, LoL Worlds will be live and in your face on Twitch, whether you know it or not!

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the top platforms you can use to pick up a LoL Worlds stream:


As we’ve highlighted, viewers and fans can use YouTube to tune in to the gameplay. There might be just as good an experience, and ultimately, it’s the same content, it’s just being broadcasted elsewhere. Traditionally, League of Legends Worlds brings with it ‘drops campaigns’ to Twitch primarily. This means that, in exchange for tuning in and watching the competition unfold on Twitch, you’re rewarded with exclusive content.


However, while LoL Worlds on Twitch offers a better experience overall, there’s still nothing wrong with watching it on YouTube. Here are the links you’ll need to grab a LoL Worlds stream on the platform:

Where to Watch LoL Worlds Replays

If you’re eager to step back and check out the matches that have already been played, you can view the LoL Worlds replays in two primary locations. Firstly, there’s the official website – lolesports.com – where all of the past streams are embedded. However, these streams are embedded directly from YouTube, which serves as the other location in which you can see LoL Worlds replays.

There’s plenty of content to be found relating to the League of Legends World Championship, but remember – the most highly anticipated fixtures are yet to kick off.

Watch and Bet on LoL Worlds 2022

Now that you’ve figured out how to watch the LoL Worlds live stream, you’ll need to look to the betting side of things. If you’re already watching the tournament and are eligible to partake in esports betting, why not do so on one of the many best bookmakers for LoL Worlds out there? Every year, millions of League of Legends fans participate in online esports betting, and at present, LoL is one of the top three games in the market, where betting is concerned.

how to watch lol worlds live
This year, the tournament will take place across four major cities (Image Credit: YouTube – LoL Esports)

This year, the League of Legends betting opportunities are lighting up like never before. As a result of ongoing marketing and PR efforts, there’s so much buzz surrounding this event. As the twenty-four teams involved descend on the grandest stage in the space, there’s a staggering amount to play for. That applies to both the competitors and the fans, as everyone with at least a simple betting strategy has the ability to make money betting on LoL Worlds.

Remember – the tournament wraps up on the 5th of November, and the top betting sites are bursting at the seams with markets as we speak.

We wish you the best of luck with your League of Legends World Championship bets.

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