Weibo Gaming vs T1 Prediction & Odds: LoL Worlds Final

Published: Nov 18, 2023 - Last Updated: Nov 19, 2023

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The League of Legends World Finals have arrived! Despite the doubts cast upon them, T1 has ascended to the top! It’s the ultimate showdown: Korea’s finest against China’s bets—a classic clash. In this post, read our analysis of this much-anticipated match to guide you with the LoL Worlds betting insights. The final will be played on Sunday, Nov. 19.

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WBG vs T1 Analysis

T1’s commanding performance in the semifinals has taken the community by surprise, making it clear that Weibo Gaming faces a daunting challenge ahead.

Weibo Gaming‘s rise to the finals has surprised many analysts, as they were only the fourth seed in the LPL region. Similarly, T1 was the second seed in the LCK, underscoring the fact that in League of Legends, a myriad of variables can shift the competitive landscape in a brief period.

WBG Team Strengths & Strategies

All eyes are on TheShy, the sole Korean import on this Chinese squad. With years of experience both competing against and alongside LCK teams, his legendary mechanics in the top lane are well-documented. In the semifinals against BLG, TheShy showcased his versatility by playing five different champions: Rumble, Aatrox, Graves, Quinn, and Ornn. He is poised to be the difference-maker in the upcoming match against T1.

wbg vs t1 odds lol worlds grand final
Image: Weibo Gaming via X (@WeiboGamingLoL)

Weibo Gaming‘s top priority must be to neutralize Faker, who has been dominating this Worlds tournament with control-oriented champions like Azir and Orianna. To mitigate Faker’s skillful decision-making and control playstyle, WBG should contemplate banning these champions. Allowing champions like Sylas could expose Faker to potential misplays and take advantage of the champion’s weaker laning phase.

If you’ve been observing Weibo Gaming closely, you might have recognized that Crisp is excelling in the support role. His engages are lightning-fast and decisive; he doesn’t hesitate to flash in if he spots an opening. Prioritizing strong engage supports like Renata or Ashe will be crucial for him in this matchup.

WeiWei has delivered consistent performances in the jungle, demonstrating a vast pool of champions. His success has largely stemmed from piloting supportive junglers like Maokai and Rell. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him switch tactics, potentially selecting Jarvan IV or Vi to specifically target Faker in the mid lane.

T1 Team Strengths & Strategies

T1’s strategy is centered on propelling Faker and Gumayusi into the lead. To maintain their edge, these two players must continue selecting champions that can deal sustained damage in team fights and scale effectively. Nevertheless, Gumayusi has also demonstrated a willingness to adopt a more supportive ADC role, utilizing champions like Varus and Senna.

While the mid and bot lane are focused on carrying the game, T1 has another silent protector. Zeus has demonstrated that he too can also take over the game with his Aatrox. And in the last game against LNG, Zeus showed the world that he is the best Jayce player in the world. His performance in the top lane relieves some pressure off of Faker.

weibo gaming vs t1 prediction lol worlds grand final
Image: T1 via X (@T1LoL)

Oner must prevent Faker from getting killed in the mid lane. A known strategy to beat Faker is to consistently gank and pressure him from the Jungle and Support roams. Oner must not allow this to happen. His communication and timings with Faker will be key to this match.

Keria’s picks will be another crucial factor in this match. Tahm Kench will be strong if the team has enough engage, this happens usually when Zeus is on Gragas or Gnar. However, most likely T1 will position Keria to win lane by giving him a good matchup.

T1 vs Weibo Odds

As the clock ticks down to the highly anticipated match between Weibo Gaming and T1 on Nov. 19, the LoL Worlds betting odds are telling a compelling story of expectations and support. T1 enters the fray with odds of 1.29 (-345), establishing them as the clear favorites in this encounter.

On the other side, Weibo Gaming stands with odds at 3.46 (+246), positioning them as the underdogs. While this might suggest lower confidence from the betting markets, it also speaks to the potential for a higher payoff for those willing to back them.

Weibo Gaming‘s journey to this point has been marked by resilience and moments of exceptional play, and these odds could entice those who believe in the team’s ability to rise to the occasion and cause an upset.

Odds provided by GG.Bet on Nov. 14. Odds are subject to change.

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