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Published: Sep 12, 2019 - Last Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The best esports betting sites Australia has to offer

If you are looking for decent esports betting sites, Australia has lots of great options. But how do you know which esports betting site will give you the best odds for your esports bets?

We will provide you with our pick of the best esports betting sites Australia has. This means that you get an easy way to find some great esports odds to use the next time you try CSGO, Overwatch, Dota 2 or even League of Legends betting.

Plus we will also unveil some of the best esports betting tips Australians can put to use. So keep reading to see our shortlist of the greatest esports betting sites Australia has to offer.

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Esports betting sites: Australia’s best bookmakers

Australia is a country that has a great reputation for enjoying gambling. But it’s not just in the casinos and at the sports bookmakers where you can enjoy a fun bet.

This is because the nation has also seen the arrival of many great esports betting sites. Australian gamers can now experience the excitement of making some decent winnings on a massive amount of esports.

Some of these brands like Bet365 have their roots in the European betting scene. But you can easily use the Bet365 esports betting service to enjoy great odds on games like CSGO, LoL, Dota 2 and much more.

There has also been the rise of some great offshore esports betting sites. These can also offer you a fun way to bet on competitive gaming. So be sure to read our Pinnacle review to see how sites like these can help you find competitive esports odds.

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The rise of esports betting sites in Australia

Esports has only been with us for less than two decades. Since it first captured people’s attention in South Korea, it has grown to become a world-beater. The entire esports industry is expected to bring in revenues of over $1 billion in 2019, and there will be an expected 495 million global esports fans by 2020.

Australian Esports Betting Sites
Melbourne Esports Open

Such impressive figures have meant that many traditional sports bookmakers are starting to offer betting odds for the biggest esports tournaments. Although the concept betting on video games might be strange when compared to sports like cricket and rugby, esports betting has grown to become a big hit in many countries all over the world.

As a result, you should be able to enjoy a broad choice of esports betting sites. Australia has many licensed websites that offer you a safe and easy way to compare odds for legendary Australian esports teams like Renegades and DarkSided, as well as top streamers like Muselk.

Is esports betting legal in Australia?

Considering that over 80% of adult Australians are thought to gamble, the nation has some pretty strict laws when it comes to online gambling. Australia currently makes it illegal to use any ‘interactive’ gambling site which means that casino games like poker are prohibited.

Thankfully, online sports betting is fully legal in Australia. This means that you can go to a traditional sports bookmaker’s website and find a safe and easy way to bet on a variety of esports.

However, we should mention the fact that Australia’s authorities have made the move to outlaw live betting. This means that it is illegal to bet on any sports or esports competition after the event has kicked off.

This is a big setback for esports betting in Australia. Many esports betting sites in Europe have found plenty of success in offering in-play esports bets, and being unable to do this will harm the growth of esports betting in Australia.

Despite this, it’s clear that if you want to place a real money prematch bet on anything from League of Legends to Counter: Strike – Global Offensive, then you should find a fully licensed esports betting site in Australia who can give you some fair and competitive odds.

Great esports betting tips Australians can put into action

Once you have found your preferred betting site, it’s time to think about using some decent esports betting tips. Australian sports fans will know that plenty of research is key to wagering success, and esports betting is no different.

This is why it always pays to research the past form of esports teams and players. Although esports betting is notoriously unpredictable, there’s a wealth of statistics out there that can quickly identify when certain gamers are looking like they could deliver a surprise result.

It always pays to shop around different esports betting sites to make sure that you are wagering on the best odds. Even a slight odds difference can add up to big profits in the long run.

We should also mention the fact that most decent esports betting sites will put on some great bonuses that can be used to boost your profits.

Something as simple as a matched deposit bonus can give you plenty more to bet with, and there’s nothing stopping you from picking up different bonuses from different sites. Just remember to fully read the terms and conditions so that you don’t accidentally invalidate your bonus.

Where will esports betting in Australia go from here?

The outlawing of live betting will certainly make esports betting more restrictive when compared to some other countries. Despite this, it’s clear that Australia’s esports betting scene is thriving and there are many great betting sites who give you a safe and easy way to bet on esports.

Things will undoubtedly improve in the future as competitive gaming becomes more commonplace across the nation. Recently we have seen the unveiling of many high-profile esports tournaments such as the Fortnite tournament that was held at the Australian Open.

The Summer Smash featured the largest ever prize pool in Australian esports, and the fact that it attracted record numbers of gamers won’t have gone unnoticed by the country’s bookmakers. So although the Australian esports betting scene may have been slow to start, it seems as though it is looking forward to a bright future.


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