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PUBG – which is officially named PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – is considered one of the founding fathers of modern battle royale games. Today, it has grown to become one of the leading esports platforms, with tournaments worth millions of dollars. But who are the best PUBG players in the world?

When PUBG first launched in 2017 on PC, it was slightly under the radar. However, the release was quickly followed up with an Xbox One launch, and a year later, a Mobile variant was developed. The platform continued to expand, and by 2020, it was named one of the highest-grossing and most-played video games ever.

It can be argued that PUBG Mobile is the most successful variant of the game. Since it launched, it has been downloaded more than one billion times by players all around the world. There’s a staggering amount of money circulating around the PUBG Mobile platform, too.

This addictive and exhilarating battle royale title took the world by storm, without a doubt. Now, we’ll highlight the best PUBG players in the world, and celebrate their achievements.

1. Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur

Image Credit: Baltana

MortaL, otherwise known as SOUL MortaL, is a national champion when it comes to PUBG Mobile. He’s one of the most professional players there is, and he has an enormous social media following.

He doubles up as a content creator, working hard to stream and produce YouTube content surrounding PUBG Mobile. His fans know him as a stylish playmaker that constantly puts out intelligent tactics and maneuvers.

As a player, MortaL is a born leader, and he regularly pushes a remarkably high KD that floats around the 4.0 mark.

Platform: Mobile

Earnings: $40k

2. Bagas ‘Zuxxy’ Pramudita

Image Credit: WallpaperNest

Zuxxy is often referred to as the most popular PUBG Mobile player in all of Indonesia. Like MortaL, Zuxxy started out as a content creator, before becoming a professional PUBG player.

When you’re looking up the best PUBG players in the world, you have to list Zuxxy. He’s one of the best IGLs in the game, and he has led his team to international success.

Zuxxy is also a recipient of the Esports Mobile Player of the Year award, and he dominates the landscape with his brother, Luxxy.

Platform: Mobile

Earnings: $200k

3. James ‘TGLTN’ Giezen

Image Credit:

TGLTN is the first non-mobile gamer on our list, and he’s extremely deserving of a spot. Since he launched his PUBG career, TGLNT has accumulated an estimated $350k in earnings. He’s a remarkable player with some huge wins under his belt.

It’s said that TGLTN’s in-game confidence and charisma are unmatched. He’s able to pick apart enemies with swift accuracy and is the leading force behind his team, the Susquehanna Soniqs. In March of 2021, he worked with this team to win the PUBG Global Invitational, picking up a $1.2 million grand prize.

Platform: PC

Earnings: $350k

4. Aadi ‘Dynamo’ Sawant

Image Credit: GamersPoint

Dynamo wins some massive points where popularity is concerned. He boasts a massive social media following, and he’s one of the most prolific PUBG Mobile players there is.

Although, Dynamo stands out on this list for one clear reason. As of yet, he hasn’t fully entered the professional PUBG scene, but he is considered the world’s best PUBG player where content creation is concerned… He both owns and plays with a team in India known as Hydra, which is yet to enter any major tournament.

That being said, Dynamo is still a fantastic player with huge potential. He is an older player, however, having been born in 1993.

Platform: Mobile

Earnings: $2k

5. Park ‘Loki’ Jung-young

Image Credit: Game Haus

When we say the name ‘Loki’, we’re not talking about the Master of Mischief, but the Master of PUBG. In this case, Loki is referring to the highest earning player in the PUBG esports scene.

Park Jung-young is an extremely gifted player that either ranks highly or wins every tournament he enters. He’s world-class, and has amassed almost a million dollars in earnings. In 2019, he fought to win the PUBG Global Championship, with a prize of $2 million.

There are so few players capable of achieving what Loki has in a relatively short period of time.

Platform: PC

Earnings: $950k

6. Made ‘Luxxy’ Prabaswara

Image Credit: FairGameMag

With his brother, Zuxxy, Luxxy works hard to dominate the PUBG Mobile scene with relative ease. He’s an Indonesian superstar with a considerable amount of wins behind him.

When he’s in-game, his tactical decisions are flawless, and he’s a crack shot with any sniper or rifle. Since 2018, Luxxy has played for Bigetron RA, a huge esports organisation that has earned more than one million dollars.

As he’s one of the youngest players on this list, Luxxy’s future is relatively unexplored. He’s fully expected to go to the highest heights with his PUBG career.

Platform: Mobile

Earnings: $200k

7. Cha ‘Pio’ Seung-hoon

Image Credit: Gen.G (YouTube)

Pio is another PUBG master hailing from South Korea. Since his PUBG career launched, Pio has seen a remarkable amount of success, particularly under Gen.G Esports. This organisation is one of the biggest in the PUBG landscape, and it’s a multi-million dollar venture.

Pio is integral to the team’s ongoing success, and he’s even gone on to represent his nation in PUBG. In recent years, Pio’s incredible skill has enabled him to win the PUBG Global Championship, the PUBG Korea League, and the PUBG Japan Series Invitational.

One of the best PUBG players in the world? You bet.

Platform: PC

Earnings: $850k

8. Zhu ‘paraboy’ Bocheng

Image Credit: WTM Today

Paraboy is, without a doubt, the most prolific Chinese PUBG mobile player in the world. He competes under Nova Esports, a massive Chinese organisation that features some of the best players in the country.

There are many who regard paraboy as the world’s best PUBG player, but do his achievements reflect that fact? They certainly do – in 2021, he picked uppart of a $700k prize pot for winning the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. He’s a huge earner with an even bigger skillset.

In the 2019 Global Invitational, paraboy was the top fragger, with his abilities going almost unmatched.

Platform: Mobile

Earnings: $600k

9. Ivan ‘ubah’ Kapustin

Image Credit: Gaimer

At one point in his career, ubah quite literally powered FaZe Clan’s PUBG team. From 2018 to 2021, ubah was an absolute force within FaZe, arguably one of the biggest organisations in esports today.

He’s been competing on PUBG since day one, and is regarded as the world’s best PUBG player on keyboard and mouse. There are few accomplishments for ubah left to achieve, and he’s thought of as the best PUBG EU player out there.

Like many others on this list, ubah has also represented his country, Russia, at the PUBG Nations Cup – which he won.

Platform: PC

Earnings: $400k

10. Wu ‘Forever’ Zheng

Image Credit:

Forever has found remarkable fame in the PUBG PC scene while playing under Four Angry Men. He has been a starter for this organisation since 2018, and he quickly rose to be a real star on the scene.

Although he isn’t the biggest earner on this list, Forever has almost unlimited potential for the future. He’s a regular recipient of MVP and Most Frags trophies, and behind Pio, is considered one of China’s best players.

There’s no question that Forever is one of the best PUBG players in the world.

Platform: PC

Earnings: $320k

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