Top Brazilian Gaming Streamers: Who Are The 10 Best Streamers in Brazil?


Twitch is the most popular gaming and streaming platform in the world. Today, streamers are known as dynamic and diverse content creators that play their favourite games in front of vast audiences. Typically, each streamer will have a following, be it grand or humble, with the best among them gaining millions of followers. This list is dedicated to the top Brazilian gaming streamers, a popular bunch with some remarkable attributes to their name.

If you read on, you’ll learn about the hottest content creators from the country and what they’ve done to deserve a spot on this list of the best streamers in Brazil. Just for reference, all of the statistics gathered in this article were taken from the awesome platform,

The Top 10 Brazilian Gaming Streamers in 2023

The following table shows off the top streamers in Brazil since the start of 2023, with Hours Watched as the main variable:

# RankIDNameFollowers GainHours Watched
1PaulinhoLOKObrAliffe Henrique de Carvalho
2GaulesAlexandre Borba Chiqueta16,8047,547,037
3loud_coringaVictor Augusto 169,9637,285,564
4BaianoGustavo Gomes19,2423,193,288
5alanzokaAlan Ferreira99,1122,823,239
6LuquEt4Lucas Gagliasso107,7672,742,340
7YoDaFelipe Noronha11,2302,320,415
8gabepixieGabriel Baptista49,2702,258,720
9CellbitRafael Lange 38,8432,064,123
10blackoutzPatrick Garcia da Silva35,1961,247,080

All data was gathered from SteamCharts on February 16th, 2023

1. PaulinhoLOKObr

Image Credits: Twitch

Honestly, our number one spot is someone who remains relatively unknown to the community. Climbing rapidly in the past few month, the streamer’s influence on platforms have skyrocketed his influence in the Brazilian community. With his main title as Grand Theft Auto V, the young male has managed to score both the most followers gained and the most hours watched thanks to his consistent streaming schedule. Heading into the remainder of 2023, we’re curious to see whether or not he, Aliffe Henrique de Carvalho, will manage to maintain this pace!

2. Gaules

Image Credit: eSports

Gaules is a phenomenon that can easily be classified as one of the best gaming streamers in Brazil. In fact, Tribo Gaules, as he’s otherwise known, serves as one of the most popular streamers in the world, having gotten started back in 2017. He boasts impressive data, having amassed more than 15 million hours watched, with a grand total of 340 million unique views since he kicked off his career. His streams pull in an average viewership of more than 11,000 – a considerable number. Ultimately, his record was set in June 2020, when his livestream hit about 390,000 consecutive viewers. Gaules stands out in the broadcasts of major CS:GO championships, however, he also broadcasts Valorant, Among Us, and Valorant.

3. Loud_Coringa

Image Credit: GTA RP Servers

Victor Augusto, or Coringa as he is known, is a content creator for the LOUD team – he’s also one of the best gaming streamers in Brazil. With over 2 million followers, he totals over 34 million views and an average of 47,000 simultaneous viewers on his channel. He is second on the list in hours watched, totaling about 8 million hours. Coringa excels in Grand Theft Auto V, Free Fire, Forza Horizon 4, and CS:GO broadcasts. He’s also a fantastic CS:GO player, and can be considered one of the best esports players from Brazil.

4. Baiano

Image Credits: Baiano

Breaking the trend of thethree streamers listed before him, Gustavo “Baiano” Gomes is the first League of Legends streamer on this list. Ranked as one of the top casual competitors in the scene, representing the team of ILHA DAS LENDAS, he manages to secure an average viewership of 15,099. While he hasn’t gained as many followers as others in the past 90 days, his immense hours watched show the level of engagement he has with his community.


5. Alanzoka

Image Credit: Live Streamer Setups

Continuing along with the list of the top Brazilian gaming streamers, we come across Alonzoka. This popular individual started streaming way back in 2012, marking himself as one of the longest-standing Brazilian streamers. By today, he has amassed more than 5 million followers and is fifth on the list with the most hours watched, at 2.7 million in total. In September 2020, Alanzoka reached his simultaneous view record, landing 149,000 consecutive viewers. His average viewership floats around 18 thousand, a staggering number in any respect. Finally, Alanzoka is a varied streamer, playing the most diverse collection of games on this list, constantly following new game releases!

6. LuquEt4

Image Credits: LuquEt4

Coming in at number 6, we have Lucas Gagliasso as another GTA V streamer in the Brazillian community. Boasting some of the most impressive Followers Gained since the start of 2023, he’s on track to continue with further growth as long as he keeps putting in the effort. In addition, his number of new followers in the past 30 days has exceeding 100,000!

7. YoDa

Image Credit: FD Comunicacao

YoDa first became known through the competitive scene of League of Legends, where he competed in several professional championships. In 2013 he made the decision to start streaming, ultimately opting to abandon his competitive life and dedicate himself only to broadcasting gameplay. Before he quit, he was one of the finest choices for esports betting in Brazil. With over 2.4 million hours watched, he ranks as the fourth-placed streamer on this list. YoDa’s two million followers consistently bring his average to around 12,000 viewers per stream. His all-time high came in November 2020, when 137,000 people tuned in live. In addition to League of Legends, the content creator logs plenty of hours on New World, Age of Empires IV, and Mortal Online 2.

8. gabepixie

Top brazilian gaming streamers
Image Credits: gabepixie

Ranging between GTA V, Roblox, VALORANT and FIFA 23, we have one of the youngest Brazilian streamers in the community at our number 8 spot. Scoring 2,257,720 hours wathced since the start of 2023, the peak viewers of 33,475 is especially noteworthy considering that the likes of Gabriel Baptista is only 9 years old – there’s a bright future for this youngster!

9. Cellbit

Image Credits: CellBit

Stepping away from mainstream titles, the likes of Rafael Lange, or “Cellbit”, gaining 40,000 new followers since the start of 2023, prefers playing other titles. Specifically, his entertaining runs through titles such as the popular Hogwarts Legacy have been preceded by titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. His diversity has earned him a spot on the list of top Brazilian gaming streamers.

10. blackoutz

Top brazilian gaming streamers
Image Credits: blackoutz

Fortnite rounds off our top 10 thanks to the efforts of Patrick Silva under the name of “blackoutz” who also happens to be a professional Fortnite competitor. Representing the likes of Cloud9, the young Brazilian is known for his talented Fortnite skills, as he actively competes in competition with an average of a few thousand visitors. Bearing this in mind, as an accomplished competitor, he stands as a potential option for betting on streamers, which you definitely can do. As a youngster, he’s out there competing with the best esports teams in brazil!

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